humans were not designed to be as thin as the media tells us we should be. the standards of “beauty” today are blatantly against the nature of how we are built.





effort is not laziness. effort will not betray you. effort shows you see us humans.

now stop sending me anons

I frequent one particular mexican resturaunt. Not only is their food great, but the staff is absolutely amazing and very sweet to us. Last night I went with my coworker. There was a 5yr old little hispanic girl pretending to wait tables with our waitress because her mom is a cook there so she hangs around the resturaunt. She was a sweet little angel with her little apron and notepad, playing pretend. And then these two corporate CEO’s (old, white, wealthy) men walk in and sit down. I was so pissed.
Upon being dickheads the whole time… One of them yelled at the little girl, “You know what you need to do? Bring us another bowl of chips.” And I saw the light in her eyes disappear as she ran away from them.
First of all you arrogant shit dick, you ask nicely. Second of all, she’s 5 and she’s playing and your rudeness just ruined her fun. Third, don’t you dare condition women to submit to your every demand. Waitresses are not your slaves.
Like. What. The. Fuck. Is. Wrong. With. You.

just got back from camping with stylinsonshmylinson and some pals. good news is molly didn’t get tick paralysis, the bad news is Ashely forgot the poles for the tent.

needless to say it went a bit like this 

followed by a bit of this

pro tip: bring tent poles with your tent otherwise you will sleep spooning in the back of the car with your 4 (newly minted) besties, 

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Have you guys had any unusual/extreme weather? Like snow or storms? How did you first deal with it?

We do get a lot of snow in winter but we mostly get really heavy rains. Rains and flooding came as a huge surprise. It never happened on Skyloft so the first time our cabin flooded we really panicked, and most of the furniture I carved got ruined. We didn’t quite know how to handle it. We actually had to move, and built a new cabin elsewhere where it wouldn’t be as affected by flooding, mostly on taller hills or plains farther away from rivers.

DNA - Fourth Density

Your DNA is a filament; a scientist would describe it as a connective filament. Scientists, doing the best they can up to this point, have found certain codings within certain portions of the DNA. They have also found superfluous portions of the DNA. In other words, there are portions that they cannot translate or figure out, so they think these portions of the DNA are just there for the ride, and they call them “junk DNA.” They are off track.

We have talked about how all of you were built by the creator gods. You were built like houses that were going to be expanded or added on to in the future. You are now at that juncture when those who designed you are adding on to who you are. What the scientists call “junk DNA” has been dormant in your body for a long time, and it is now becoming activated. In our teachings, we always emphasize the importance of oxygenation, because oxygen feeds the coding and awakens the junk DNA in your body (which certainly isn’t junk at all).

What scientists are calling “junk” houses the perceptions deep inside of your body that will allow you to become an entire perceiver, a fourth-dimensional being. This awakening DNA will allow you to change your eyesight, change your hearing, increase your life span, and so on. This dormant part of the DNA that has baffled the scientists is now coming to life.

You are mutating so quickly now that certain scientists call the process a disease. Some are very concerned about it. They have persuaded the government to invest billions of dollars to research DNA. What is occurring in your body is certainly not a disease: you are being naturally mutated and rearranged. This mutation occurs most often while you are sleeping, so you may be waking up in the mornings noticing that something feels a little different in your body. You can expect that the changes will begin to show themselves and that you will develop new abilities. You will automatically know many things.

Barbara Marciniak - Bringers of the Dawn

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Hello! I was wondering of you have any tips or references that would be helpful for someone trying to draw human anatomy?

Hi there, anon artist!

(I struggle with anatomy myself! Are you absolutely sure you sent this to the right askbox? ^^)

First of all, and on a general bases: Draw A LOT. Doodle away whenever you have the time. Quick sketches trying to grasp movement - someone running,for instance - are just as important as more detailed drawings.   

Study skeletons. Ok, I know that might sound macabre, but hear me out. They don’t have to be *real* skeletons ( so don’t go and dig anybody up or rob a museum), *drawings* of skeletons are just as useful.  Honestly, knowing some basics about how the human body is built up is incredibly important. We all have more or less the same skeletal framework, so for an artist it will always come in handy to know a thing or two about it.

And here are some reference sites for you!  Whatever you want to draw, you should find some helful poses there.   

Posemaniacs (realistic style)

Cartoon fundamentals (animation/cartoon style)

anatoref (an entire tumblr blog dedicated to providing anatomical references for all styles)

Have fun arting! ^^

Okay let’s get something straight.
Jimin is not fat.
He may weigh more than some members, but muscle weighs more than fat, and we all know how built Jimin is.
It’s obvious how much weight he’s lost since debut, idek if there’s any more fat on his body to lose?
So anyone who wants to call Jimin “fat” can fuck off.

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hey so remember yesterday, how we was talking about all hanging out and shit, well i kinda built like a following on tumblr called XpressCrew today, they just gonna support everything me and my crew does, we gonna do like meet ups, and parties, and vlogs, and i would love for you and your friend to be apart of it :)

melaningold & I would more than gladly love too be a part of it 😊👌🏼

In art, at a certain level, there is no ‘better than.’ It’s just about trying to operate for yourself on the most supreme level, artistically, that you can and hoping that people get it. Trusting that, just because of the way people are built and how interconnected we are, greatness will translate and symmetry will be recognised.
- Frank Ocean
📷: @cameronade534
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Do u ever stop and think about humans as a whole and how amazing it is that we’ve learned so much about how everything works and built infrastructure and a society and religions about all seeing creators. We went from barely using tools to touch screen tablets and even know what enzymes to use to make clothes white? Its amazing. But then the harder you think you realise that this amazing species is just cruel, and that we ignore everything weve learned about the earth and each other and are just so horrible all the time. And then you wish you were born a squirrel.