Licensing Payment Breakdowns

The amount of money a music license can generate varies greatly on many factors. The main factors are; how the music is being used, where the commercial, TV show, or film is going to be broadcast, and for how long - commonly known as Use, Territory and Term. 

With music licenses, there is usually one up front fee paid by the licensee (Ad agency, TV or film production company etc).  This term depends on the Use, Term, and Territory, as well as the licensee’s budget. The fee could be a minimal amount (such as $250) or it could be $1 million (if it’s being used in a commercial all over the world). 

However, the money doesn’t stop there.  Each time the ad or TV show/film is aired anywhere in the world, the PRO will collect money from the TV stations, radio stations and cinemas for the music, and pay it back to the songwriter and publisher as royalties. The PRO splits the royalties into two portions; writers share, and publishing share.

All Performance Rights Organizations and most licensing catalogs/libraries pay their members quarterly. You will get only one check from the licensing catalogs/libraries for each license, but the PRO’s checks can keep coming over the span of a few years depending on the Use, Territory and Term.


Will do art for food

Here’s the deal; I don’t have a job and don’t have money. I need help with bills so I can move out with my boyfriend and hopefully be happy. I don’t expect much, but I will say that LITERALLY every little bit helps because we are in a bad situation.

I can do all kinds of art, including character designs, portraits, some tattoo designs, some furry/fetish art (ask and I can send refs), sketches, etc.!
I am a mainly traditional artist, and can send all original copies to the buyer as requested. I can do some digital stuff, but nothing too complicated because my laptop is broken and I can only use mobile.

I use all different traditional media, mostly markers, but I also use pencils, watercolors, acrylics and more.

Commissions usually range from $10 -50 dollars, depending on what you want. I’ll try to be posting some newer art soon for some more examples, but as I said before everything helps.