Hello bbs! So recently I received this beautiful vintage t-shirt from a new favorite, Electric West. They are a total boho dream; vintage tees and maxi dresses, floral minis and kimonos…basically, it was so hard to pick, everything is so lovely. But, I wanted to do a styling how-to on vintage/band tee’s, because I know how hard it can be to pair! Here are the outfit details…

1. Cuddly & feminine - Brandy Melville plaid skirt, Urban Outfitters white fluffy scarf + patterned cardigan, grey high socks, heeled combat boots. 

2. Edgy - Vintage jean jacket with felt collar, Urban ripped jeans, heeled combat boots. 

3. Funky (how I would personally wear it hahaha) - Abercrombie floral patterned pants, Urban leather jacket, Forever 21 brown heeled boots, Scaramanga brown leather satchel. 

4. Old School - Vintage flannel + jean skirt, Forever 21 tribal necklace, brown leather belt, Urban Outfitters brown lace up booties.

All looks were styled with a vintage tee from Electric West, which you can find similar here :-) Don’t forget to check out their site and Instagram


Hey everybody! I made a video! It’s very informative. Thanks so much to Rawr and Uberchain for helping me with this one! Enjoy!

Rawr (Video intro and fuckery): YouTube, Tumblr.
Uberchain (Thumbnail and banner art): YouTube, Tumblr.