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For all you Strange Magic fans out there.

This is a detailed history that proves coffee has been consumed since before the 15th century.

I’m not saying that Bog and Marianne would have to pull an all nighter to plan out a Council meeting… and I’m not saying that Bog would offer her some… and I’m not saying that Marianne would be bouncing off the fucking walls from the sheer amount of caffeine

But yeah. That’s what I’m saying. 

The Mayo Clinic notes that when you satisfy your body’s need for water, you’re able to successfully flush toxins, deliver nutrients to cells and maintain moisture in your ear, nose and throat tissues. Taking in water also allows your body to replenish the supplies it loses when you breathe, sweat and excrete waste products. Drinking water may even help your skin look healthy and vibrant. According to physicians at the University of Wisconsin, drinking eight glasses or more of water per day may give your skin a “radiant glow” or at least prevent it from becoming dry, flaky and tight.

Weight Loss
An added benefit of drinking plenty of water is that it can help you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. According to physician nutrition specialist Dr. Melina Jampolis, staying hydrated helps keep your metabolism operating at a healthy rate. It can also help your body accurately distinguish hunger and thirst, which are two separate signals to which the brain reacts similarly. Thus, if you drink water before meals and with meals, you may satisfy your body’s need for hydration and eat fewer total calories as a side effect.

Avoiding dehydration is one of the most important reasons to drink water regularly. Mild dehydration can make you feel tired and sluggish and can impact your mental and physical capabilities. More severe dehydration can cause your metabolic rate to plummet and can even send you to the hospital.

Your body can and does get water from most foods and drinks, but the most effective way to provide it with enough is to drink plain water. Every person’s needs differ, but a good guideline is to try to drink about 64 ounces of water a day. When you’re properly hydrated, your urine should be nearly clear. If you have concerns about your specific water needs or suspect that dehydration is affecting you, see your doctor.

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How can I get down to 150 if I'm 200+. Fairly quick. I was going to the marathon workout like you did and low carb diet.

Alright, i’m gonna be nice and give you a fat loss ringer here:

1.) Invest in CLA tablets or Fish Oil approximately 1000 MG or a triple strength. That’s gonna turn your fat into energy and turn your genes that hold on to fat off, and turn the ones that burn it on.

2.) Invest in some Hydroxicut SX-7 and some Garcenia chews.

3.) Grab a probiotic and a 8 hour release multi of some sort to fill in nutritional gaps, and create positive bacteria in your stomach, balance out bad bacteria and increase digestion.

4.) Multiply your weight by 67% and that’s how much water in oz you need to drink DAILY.

5.) Eat 4 - 6 meals DAILY if it sounds extreme, lessen them but no less than 3 per day. Your carb ratio should be around 25/45/30% . 1 or 2 days out of the week practice carb cycling.

6.) SLEEP your 8 hours. IDGAF about netflix or how your nightmares keep you awake, take your ass to sleep.

7.) Stay away from eat 2 hours prior to bed.


Now let’s talk about movements

For my marathon runners and overall slackers who want to increase endurance and strength as well as lose weight you gotta get on some circuit training, you gotta hit your marathon fasted cardio in the mornings occasionally, and throw a little HIIT in there.

As far as the circuit training though, try 5 exercises, 4 rounds. 1 Minute each with a 30 second rest between each movement, if that’s too heavy, adjust the rest period.

1.) Burpees 

2.) High Knees (Hip flexor movement, real nice)

3.) Jumping Jacks 

4.) Squat Jumps

5.) Lunges


Water forms one of the most integral components of our body and constitutes for about 1/3rds of our entire body weight. Drinking around 12 glasses of water every day is known to keep our body away from terminal diseases such as heart diseases as well as stroke. Choosing to drink water can be a sensible decision as it has not negative effects on the body. So, here are some of the major reasons why you should be drinking as much water as you can:

  • Maintains Your Fluid Balance:Around 60% of the human body is made up of water. Drinking adequate amount of water is known to help maintain your fluid balance and helps your body to transport all the nutrients from one place to the other.
  • Controls your calories: Drinking water is known to help fight against weight loss as well. Many studies have been able to find a major connection between body weight and water consumption. It doesn’t hurt, does it?
  • Clears Your Skin: Our body does have certain toxins which cause the skin to become inflamed and results in clogged pores and acne. Water helps to flush out all these toxins from the skin and can reduce the risk of pimples to a great extent.
  • Better Kidney Function: Our kidneys are known to process around 200 quarts of blood daily. They do so, sifting out the waste and transporting all the urine to the urinary bladder. Your kidneys need enough fluids going in order to clear away all the toxins and wastes that our body no longer requires.
  • Boosts Your Productivity: Did you know that in order to focus well, it is recommended to drink a glass of water and stay refreshed.
  • Helps with the Hangover: Yes! Though Coffee is known to be one of the most common cures for hangovers, water too comes in handy! Drinking a glass of water is known to keep your body well hydrated and stops that entire pounding headache.
  • Prevents the Pain: Drinking a little water can go all the way! Aching joints and muscle cramps can be easily healed on their own if your body is well hydrated.
  • Boosts your Brain Power: A recent study has been able to find that people who drink more water are known to have better grades and more productivity as compared to their counterparts. Water is known to promote clearer thinking.
  • Fights against sickness: Water is known to help greatly with decongestion and dehydration. It can help your body to bounce back when you are feeling down due to the change of weather. 

Summer, along with hot, sunny weather has officially arrived! It is important that while you are outside taking advantage of the beautiful weather Mother Nature is giving us, you take a few moments and properly prepare yourself and your little ones before venturing out for a day of fun in the sun.

Whether you are going biking, hiking, kayaking, swimming or doing any other outdoor adventures, you need to remember the sun can be brutal on your skin. Always apply sunblock! Even on hazy or partly cloudy days, the sun’s damaging UV rays are still apparent, and your skin still needs protecting. Children’s skin is more sensitive; don’t forget to pack a hat for their little heads. If you and the kids will be swimming or partaking in any other strenuous, sweaty sport, be sure to take the time and reapply sunblock periodically in order to stay protected while having fun outdoors.

If dangerous UV rays aren’t enough, we have pesky mosquitoes to deal with. Those little guys can pack a big punch! Not only do their bites make us swell and itch, but some mosquitoes carry the West Nile Virus. Also, summer is when the ticks and fleas come out to play as well. Make sure to use repellent to keep those annoying bugs away. When choosing a bug repellent, there are many types available, there are natural repellents made from plant extracts and those that contain the natural ingredient “DEET.”  Choose the one that works best for you and your family. 

Hydrate! Always be sure that when you are outside exerting energy, you drink plenty of water. Kids may have to be reminded since they are commonly having way too much fun to think about water. Keep in mind that the smaller bodies of kids dehydrate much faster than an adult’s. Make sure before heading out on the day’s adventure you pack a bottle of water for everyone. Also, take frequent breaks since overheating can cause heatstroke as well.  Stop into Fisher Auto for some fun, summer shopping! We invite you to browse through our huge selection of new, used and Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. We are located at 6025 Arapahoe Avenue in Boulder, Colorado. For your convenience, we are open six days a week.

Have a hard time getting all your water for the day?? What about not even knowing how much water you should drink??
I’m in the same boat! Water is sooo hard for me to pay attention to.
hidrateme solved that problem!

They are now ready to start a preorder for their smart water bottle that comes with an app that syncs and tracks your intake, sets daily goals based on your personal stats/activity levels, and it will encourage you to drink water! Just what I need to keep my water intake up!
The preorder rate is $37 (compared to the $50 for the official launch)

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I’m having a hard time deciding between the white or the black!
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How freaking awesome is this @funfit_ca water bottle!!! This gives you the motivation & friendly reminders about how much water you should be drinking each day and by what time!!! Staying hydrated just got easier! And as a #tntsummerready giveaway sponsor some lucky attendees will be winning one of these!! RSVP is a must to attend our live workout session (Link in the bio) limited tickets remaining !! #fitness #drinkup #stayhydrated #drinkwater #healthy

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"Wow, that is a lot of leg."

Felicity grumbled something unintelligible as she buried her face deeper into her pillow. Using one hand, she tried to pull the sheet back over her overexposed body.

She groaned as she failed at moving the sheet, pulling her hand back to press it against her head.

“How much did I drink last night?”

“How much water is in the Gulf of Mexico,” Tommy asked with a laugh as he reached down to adjust the sheet over her. “There’s ibuprofen and water on the nightstand for you.”

Felicity lifted her head from the pillow to look at Tommy. Her skin was paler than normal, she had black smudges around her eyes from sleeping without taking off her makeup–something Tommy had learned early into their trip was very serious business– and he wasn’t quite sure how she was going to brush the bird’s nest that was her hair. And in no scenario of this situation should he be thinking about how beautiful she was.

But the small smile she gave him as she reached for the medicine was enough to make his heart pick up pace. Because she was gorgeous.

“You’re thinking too loud,” Felicity said as she placed the water bottle back down. She hooked one of her hands under Tommy’s shirt, tugging him down into the bed next to her. Her body easily moved against his, her head finding her favorite place on his chest. Another Felicity Fact he learned rather quickly was that she was a big fan of cuddling when she didn’t feel well.

“What time is check-out,” Felicity asked after a moment, tilting her head up to look at him.

“About twenty four hours from now. I got us another night. You didn’t really look up for a day of driving.”

Felicity sighed as she closed her eyes, her arms tightening over his stomach. “My hero.”

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"What's he doing?" Armin whispered. Mikasa shook her head in bewilderment as they watched Eren filled a cup with ice cubes and then put it in the microwave. "Eren... what are you doing?" Armin called out gently. The brunet sniffed, mesmerized by the microwave countdown. "Water," he rasped, gently swaying on the spot. Mikasa and Armin shared a long look. Armin's mouth opened, only to snap shut again, lost for words. "This is the last time I'm letting him go out with Jean," Mikasa murmured.

Lmao, what is going on? Where did he and Jean go? How much did they have to drink? Does he know how water is made? Omg I must have answers! :D

Say hello to my little friend!

Yes, that’s a gallon jug of water and yes, I drink one of those at work each day. I got lazy about drinking my water and decided to step it up. I fill this up in the morning at work and then refill my water bottle from the jug. This gives me a better idea of how much water I’m drinking versus remembering how many times I’ve refilled my water bottle. I have another jug at home for the weekends.

I woke up late and managed to squeeze in a partial workout:

Warm-up: transferring laundry from the washer to the dryer (hey there’s squats and bending involved)

Deadlift x 10 at 20lbs, x 10 at 50lbs, x 10 at 50lbs
Dumbbell row with 10lb dumbbell x 3 rounds

Biceps curls with 20lb barbell x 10 reps x 3 rounds

Single leg deadlifts with 8lb dumbbells x 10 x 3 rounds

Walking lunges x 10 per side x 3 rounds
Step-ups into knee lift onto bench holding 15 pound plate above head x 10 per side x 3 rounds

Alright, last day of the week. Let’s get R done!