how do people fall in and out of love with so many people a year?
i see it happen a lot like some people have a constant stream of “new loves of life” every couple months
how … it takes me a year to let someone know me enough for me to think they are my friend ..let alone trust them enough to maybe let myself like them or possibly love them . thats if i even meet someone i find appealing enough to do any of that with in the first place

i dont love people easily . at all. maybe that makes me shit but its the way it is

“But it did happen in the books, only to a different character! And since she’s not in the show it makes total sense that it would happen to Sansa instead!” ah yes because completely different characters with completely different roles in the story are interchangeable like that

(what am I saying, of course they are on this show)

Never mind that D&D are cutting plotlines left and right, even ACTUALLY FUCKING IMPORTANT ONES, so they could easily cut this one. Oh wait, it contains RAPE, of course they couldn’t.

But what makes me hate it so much is not even rape itself, but how this whole storyline shits all over Sansa’s character arc. It is just so unnecessary and redundant. Oh look, our little bird is yet again stuck among the most horrible people of all Westeros! And they are doing horrible things to her! Do you feel sorry for her yet? But she’s ~getting stronger~ for it, so it’s all okay. Endure 10 rapes and get a level in badass. Or something.

Never mind that Horrible Things are not the only thing driving book!Sansa’s development? She doesn’t just magically turn into hardcore Darth Sansa as soon as she gets to the Vale - her growth is a slow and ongoing process, and her interactions with Sweetrobin are an integral part of it, because for once she is in charge - of someone even more helpless than she ever was, someone completely dependent on her, but also someone she could use to her own ends. And this is a situation that gives her an opportunity to grow, until she is finally able to turn the tables and become a player in this game. Not just getting repeatedly shoved into the role of a victim and hit on the head with Horrible Things until she snaps. Even if her current arc in the show ends with her brutally murdering Ramsay and becoming a Queen in the North, it would be so crude and totally missing the point of Sansa’s character that it’s not even funny.

It also wouldn’t be the same thing that happened to Jeyne Poole, so what’s the point of shoving Sansa into her role in the first place? And if she does end up like Jeyne… Oh god, please no. 

literally who allowed tooru to be so cute.

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GROUP PROJECT SPICERPUFF/RH ONE DAY IDEA! Artists and Colorist check this out

SO, I figured I needed a break and if this works, We can do it more often. 

I have a script for a Spicerpuffs scene right here. It’s called “You Remind me of the Bae” 

I’ve already sketched the first panel but I had this idea of each panel drawn and colored by different artists? To show what a talented fandom we are. 

Here’s how it’s gonna go. 

Message the blog here saying if you’d like to be an artist or colorist or both with some of your work and I’ll give you the part of the script (plus the first panel and a doodle of their outfits for reference) I want you to work on a panel for (or the panel to color) 

I think this could Easily be done in one or two days so what do you think? 

If we can do this then maybe we can get some people interested and pumped for the idea of a show again! 

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Do you think sandy hook really happened? I know a ton of people this is was all faked but I don't see how something so big could be faked that easily

i believe sandy hook definitely happened, yeah. i think that people create conspiracy theories about things like this because they cant accept that one person is capable of such an extreme act, and they need to find a bigger influence to blame it on because the thought that it could be one person is terrifying.

i do sometimes find it odd that compared to columbine, theres barely any information available about sandy hook, but then i remember its been sixteen years since columbine and not even three years since sandy hook, and more and more information is getting released so there will one day be similar amounts of information available. i think people forget that columbine happened in a time when the information age was just beginning and so information was both readily available and easier backed up and spread, with little to no regulations. now, with investigators aware that once something is on the internet it’s never going away, information is released a lot slower and a lot less freely. im sure with patience we’ll see more and more evidence being released.

the conspiracy theories are interesting and definitely fun to entertain, but all the major facts have been disproved and evidence is still stacking up against the conspiracy theories. im always gonna remain openminded, but until there’s solid proof that it was faked, im gonna go where the evidence is and say it’s real.


Okay, okay. I haven’t been able to keep a username/theme/layout/whatever to save my life, so I’ve finally decided to try my wife’s way of doing thing and just creating side blogs. Everyone will be followed back from this blog, because that’s how it works, but here are my three blogs now: 

xsouthernx - This one, obvs. I’m going to revert it strictly to nature/witchcraft. (And yes, that does include paranormal interaction and what not.) 

necrologies - My dark black and white blog. There’s no porn or graphic gore posted there, but easily scared people might wanna stay away. I do not trigger tag on that blog because we’d be there all day.

kaisousha - My personal blog. For personal stuff and mental health and all the other things that don’t really fit anywhere else. (Hannibal, The Beatles, RHPS, whatevers.) 

Anyway. Yes. Feel free to follow if you want. 

Well well well look what finally arrived in the mail! 

I’ve seen a few other people do this so why not? So happy to buy this movie and give it my support; if any movie in history deserved a better deal than it got it’s this one. It’s easily one of my favorite animated movies ever.

Only thing I can complain about is the cover art; I just like the movie poster art a bit better, but oh well. Doesn’t change how good the movie is. I’d love to do a double feature of this and Moulin Rouge sometime… that would be one hell of a movie night.

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Why do white people think they know something racist better than a black person? You said Swift appropriated black culture and I love her, but it's true. As a white person, I am not part of black culture so I can't argue for it because it's not my place. And people are like how did she do that? Erm, Google is free. I found multiple answers that way. Asking a black person how do they know something is racist is like asking a gay person how they know something is homophobic. It's annoying

It’s been like that for so long. Oppressed groups are expected and demanded to teach others about their oppression. Of course you can easily find out that information on Google or in library. Black people are expected to teach non-black people about white privilege, systematic racism, etc. Disabled people are expected to teach others about ableist terms, inappropriate commentary regarding their disabilities. Trans-people are expected to prove the acts of violence committed against them and I can go on. They will look online for math equations or even symptoms of illnesses they think they have, but they’ll ask you to prove you’re oppressed because they don’t face the reality of it.

If oppressed groups are explaining their oppression, don’t be a dick and try to counter it because it makes YOU feel uncomfortable. When a trans-person says “Hey, what you said was transphobic”, I’m not going to argue with them or get angry, I’m going to listen. That’s what a decent person does. This is includes “My black/gay/trans/disabled friend it’s okay!” Shut up. Hush your face.

Oppressed people are not required to educate you about their oppression. If they want to, don’t be an ass and try so desperately to argue against it.


Come So Far, Further To Go: A 22 Month Check-In

Come So Far, Further To Go: A 22 Month Check-In

There’s alot of people who take that motto “Never look back” to heart. I, however, definitely do not; I do the opposite. I LOVE looking back, because you can see how far you’ve come since then. When I think about how much time has passed since I started exercising, it’s alot to wrap my mind around. Sure, when I wrote about having done this one year, it was big then, too. But I can easily remember…

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gavin tears the wolf packs apart for what they’ve done. how dare they. how dare they do this to him and his people.

he left the reef, yes, because staying there wasn’t for him – he wanted to do more and wanted to be more and he thought it would be okay. they showed mercy to the fallen, they gave them a home when they could have easily killed them and this is how they are repaid? only to learn what’s happening after he is nearly attacked? after he hears all the whispers because the message didn’t get through? 

it’s what fuels him to destroy those packs. even if he does it alone. even if he does it with his fireteam. he’s still going to do it. he’s going to find the source of it all, the one who decided to turn their fallen against them – the cause of his people’s deaths.

he’s going to be the one who kills them. whoever they are. 

(and maybe it’s a bit morbid, maybe it’s a bit too much, but he’s going to bring their god damn head back to lindsay to hang up, to put on a spear, as a warning to others who even think about defying them.)

I feel as if I am surrounded by so many people carrying on with their daily routine while I’m in the middle just standing there watching everyone go by. I feel alone. I feel detached from reality in a way. I can’t explain it. I feel paralized. I feel like I’m being held back. I feel sad, depressed, angry, and frustrated. I snap at the littlest things because they mean something to me. All I want right now is just complete solitude.
—  I don’t know how to deal with myself // 1:40am

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H-hi... so, uh, I've had sex with my boyfriend a couple of times and it's been okay. But I went to his house last week after we saw The Avengers and when we were having sex I got really into it and uhm, that was the first orgasm I experienced with him. He got really grossed out because I squirted and I was so embarrassed that I just threw my clothes on and left. He told all his friends about it and I'm afraid to go on facebook because of all the messages I'm getting. I'm not sure what to do

First off, I’m sorry you had to experience that with someone who was judgmental like that. That’s so rude of him.

I can’t even express how disgusted I am that he would go around and do that behind your back. I want to express my honest apologies that you have to deal with that.

I think you honestly just have to wait for this to pass. Young people are easily distracted, so once something else comes along, they’ll forget about all this.

You shouldn’t be embarrassed that you squirted with him. That’s just a natural thing that happens sometimes, and personally, I think it’s pretty hot, along with a lot of other people. You just unfortunately got paired with someone who was rude and judgmental about it rather than appreciative. 

Just take a deep breath and remember that this WILL pass. Everyone will move on to bigger and better things in their lives and they’ll forget about it.

Just don’t be ashamed.

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In your explanation of how ouija boards aren't portals, you said that you have opened up your home to the spirits so they can easily pass through. Is this an easy thing to do? Should every day people who are interested in spirits and the like open their homes up as well? How would one go about doing this? Thanks for your time:)

It took some spellwork but I basically let the spirits know that my home was a safe place for them, and they could be allowed to come and go safely. My only stipulation was that they didn’t bother me. 

There’s lots of little things you can do. Open some windows and say that if any spirits need a home, they can come in. Light a candle and announce that if any spirits need comfort in its light, come forward. Talk out loud to spirits if you feel them near you. Welcome them like you would any living person.

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Sorry, I haven't gotten much experience around gender fluid (I am not opposed to it, I support you) and I'm wondering: do you tell your friends what gender toy are each day or can they tell? For people using different pronouns/names how's that work??

I personally have a wig I wear when I’m a girl so they know which gender I am easily. I use D.J as a gender neutral name other then want I planned on doing, which was Dany’ll for female and Ty for male. but then there was the inbetweener and the neither, so to end confusion I just stuck with D.J
Same with pronouns

   Though I do have friends that tell me their gender in the morning so I know for that day.

And poor Natasha oh wow they did her so dirty. How do you just forget that Nat doesn’t get close to people like that so easily? Just because Bruce also has trust issues doesn’t mean that that negates the fact that she has them as well. She shouldn’t be like ‘ I have issues, you have issues, that means we’re even! :DDD’ like it doesn’t fucking work that way. She can empathize with Bruce and even crush on him/sleep with him but she’s not all of a sudden gonna do a 180 and leave so much of herself up to him. 

And wow that line where she says to Fury ‘You assigned me to him; when you sent me to get him, did you always know?’ disgusting. Like Clint, just no fucks given for their actual canon characterization.

We could die at any second.
How easy it is to forget that..
So why do we waste so much time doing mindless things? Worrying about problems that can be easily fixed with a shift of perspective ?
Why do we waste our time with people who don’t make us feel good?
Why do we forget to cherish what we have?
Why do we forget to appreciate those who show us love in a world that seems to love hate ?
I could die today, and I know I wouldn’t be satisfied with the way I lived. Would you? You would be satisfied with the legacy you left behind?
The impressions you left with your last conversation?
If I die today I wouldn’t want anyone to say “I wish I could have known her better”
Because you have the chance to.
We guard ourselves out of fear and that gets tiresome
I’m tired of building a wall between people.
I express myself through my soul. I will not apologize for that. For overflowing the brim with my affection. It’s who I am. It’s in my bones. Life is too precious to be careful.
I don’t want to be careful.
I don’t want to play it safe
It’s not a life for me.
I want to live on edge. In every aspect of my life I want to be free. We don’t have time to live life comfortably.

I have to remind myself sometimes that I am not invincible to death. I will live passionately, and I won’t be sorry for it. I will live with curiosity and the desire to learn from the world around me.

I’ve been worrying about things that don’t really matter. And forgetting to live, really live. And that’s what I lost moving here. I’ve felt a little lost lately and this is why. I just need to fucking live life and enjoy the ride while I can.