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do you think that you could maybe make character profiles of the ninja in this au? so that the important information (like what they did before everything happened/age/height/interests/family/traits/etc.) about each of them can be found in one place? it could make it easier for people to get the characters right, when people want to do stuff for this au. you don't have to do it, but I think people, including myself, would appreciate it. this au is just so incredible! I love it :D

I have been planning on that actually! I wanted to finish drawing references first but I suppose there’s written info I could put up.

Been thinking about compiling a wiki-like collection of info. You know like, everything easily accessible and nice and organised, Everything you’d need for writing or drawing for the AU. Maybe even a log of the story and a list of “fanworks”. Idek how I’d go about doing that.

If someone could help me figure that out I’d very much appreciate it.

Anyway, thank you! Glad you’re enjoying the au! :3


Charlie & Duncan | 2.14

"There’s been a little delay."

Here’s a tutorial on how to do the headband updo. It works on all types of hair, and many lengths! My hair is MUCH longer than this and I can still easily do this hairstyle. You just tuck your hair around the headband (sometimes I use some bobby pins to anchor the headband. I place two bobby pins in an X shape so it holds it) What’s also great about this hairstyle is it’s a no-heat way to curl your hair! If you do this with damp hair, when you take it out you’ll have loose waves!

[source link for image that also contains other hairstyle tips]

[and here’s the link on the image. I suspect buzzfeed stole this from her website]

You know, I see a few people including myself wondering where Louis is in all of this, and then I realized that he can’t be doing all these big gestures like harry is, not yet at least, but he HAS been doing things..wearing Harry’s shirt ALL DAY the day that Eleanor showed up for example, and then refusing to be publicly seen with her. that’s what he can do right now. she is still pretty clearly in the picture no matter how strained it is, so as long as she’s around, I wouldn’t expect Louis to be dropping massive hints the way harry is. WE can put two and two together pretty easily, but could you imagine how obvious it would be to everyone if Louis started acting the way harry is? I don’t think they’re quite there yet. I would expect it as time goes on though, but I feel like the process has just begun.

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you say you don't hate trans people but if you gave half a shit about us you would listen to us and understand

Oh my good golly gosh. I don’t hate trans people and anyone claiming that I do for not putting the word “cis-” if front of the word “girl” when saying I like what’s between a girls thighs to some creep is practically a nazi. You guys are almost going out of your way to be offended. Almost as if your looking to over analyze something to offend you so you can argue about it. Calm the down. How specific do I have to be about my preferences, how much detail do I have to put in so as to not offend the easily offended??? Don’t call me a trans hater, you seriously don’t know me at all, and you’re all completely taking things WAY out of proportion. Smoke some fucking weed and relax.

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What the he'll is with capricorns?? They can be goofy and fun. But when it comes to showing that they give a Shit about you you never do! Do they not know how to show emotion? Or how to empathize?? Or show people they matter?

You came to the right person because imma Capricorn!

Well the thing is we can display goofiness and fun generally pretty easily because it’s something that isn’t as hard on understband. But more serious feelings we go “wtf is this. Is this love?!? OMG nope nope I’m just gonna get hurt, shit wtf. But their so beautiful and amazing I cant help it. ” so what we do is we just kinda sit there with still bitch face syndrome bcause that’s the way we can cope with our feelings. Plus we’re really shy and anxious and always think worse case scenario about people thinking were idiots, rude, annoying, bossy, bitchy, etc. So that why were really quiet and sorta just sit there. Trust me, we might come off as shy, distant and aloof for a little bit, but I promise you we are the most loving teddy bears with hearts of gold that would just to cuddle the shit out of you when your sad, and sweetly kiss you because we think your so darn cute and awesome. 


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One thing that annoys me honestly is how everyone always makes fun of people for getting easily triggered. Anxiety is super common and as someone who suffers from panic disorder, the littlest things can set me off and they seem really stupid but its very unpleasant to have a panic attack. With that said, I do hate how people on tumblr are so against facing these triggers!!! One thing they teach you in therapy is that you need to face them if you want to move on!

Same! I hate how so many Antis pick on people with very real triggers who can be triggered very easily. 

Like, yeah, tumblr’s completely taken triggers and twisted them, but that shouldn’t mean we scoff at people who are easily triggered by legitimate things. 

However, I strongly disagree with the last two sentences of your message. Some therapists do encourage controlled exposure, but “controlled” is a key word there. Tumblr is not a controlled environment and being shown images or text of what triggers you at random can be incredibly harmful.

-The Native One


If someone is talking about you in a BAD way. Making you feel UNWANTED. Not being a TRUE friend or lover. Makes you STRESSED instead of happy. Pretty much doesnt CARE about you? Leave them.Seriously like delete their number and cut all contact, itll still hurt but you dont need that type of crap in your life, you need to be happy and surrounded by people who do so. If you try fighting for it but theyre not? You did your best now you can move on with your head held high because you TRIED. Like in my situation ive learned my so called best friend literally hasnt been who I thought they were and everyday shows me just how foolish I was. If someone can drop you and replace you so easily like do not stoop to their level. Dont try and get them back like make them jealous or something. Not worth it dude. You deserve better. 

Read: Mathew 22: 37 - 39 “Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’

God has truly been teaching me about this the last couple of weeks. It’s amazing how as people we face so much on a daily basis we aim for so much instead of getting in a sweet space with our heavenly father.

Loving Him is the greatest command & yet so easily we can throw it away when we allow other things to fill our time, just when we need to be with Him the most.

Even if we spend 5 minuets with our maker. many times more can happen in a short space of time when we love our God with all our heart & believe rather than always thinking if we do this or do that & tick boxes in our head then we’re good.

When the truth is we aren’t & how can we truly love our brother unless we truly Love God first with all our heart and all our soul. Don’t ever wait or delay spending time with your God, He loves you & desires to bless you.

So tap in today.


Devotional Series: With All (#wtsdevo everydaylife)

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CHRISTINE you are great and important and i admire practically everything about you and you have such interesting important thoughts and i just! admire that a lot! also you are SUPER FUN TO HANG OUT WITH 10/10 would recommend

i’m crying the meme said be gay not make me blush wt f!!!!!!!!! 


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Hello. I honestly don't know how to react to what you wrote and i also don't know what to tell you dear but I don't hate you nor do I think all white people are bad. I'm not like those who do this with the muslims. I see you as a friend.

But am I? Or am I just a sleeper terrorist.. am I just like what we accuse your people of? I could easily have been that guy, or that cop, or the people that snatch those students. I could have been the Columbine kid. I could be evil, and could do great evil. I want to so bad sometimes. I freely admit that I hold hate and prejudice inside. Look how I mock and hate NaruSaku’s instead of trying to understand them. I’m no better than the hateful man who shot those three muslims. For this reason I will eliminate myself from this world. One less scum filth taking up precious, time, space, energy and resources in this world.

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When I look in the mirror

When I look in the mirror,
I hate what I see,
When I look back to the past,
I feel sad,
I don’t feel pretty,
I feel ugly,
I started creating self portraits,
To make myself feel pretty,
Because in reality,
I felt ugly,
I just want to feel beautiful,
Although I believe,
Beauty comes from within,
Inner beauty is important,
And I see others as beautiful,
I judge myself not others,
I’m very critical of myself,
And I don’t want to step outside,
When I feel this way,
I don’t want people to judge me,
I feel sad,
My hair is not as long as it used to be,
Even though I didn’t cut it short,
I don’t feel like myself unless my hair is very long,
One day I felt sad so I decided to trim it.
Sometimes I look back at my self portraits,
And I think I don’t like how I look,
I’m becoming even more of a perfectionist,
I feel fat and don’t feel good unless I’m super skinny,
Because I remember a time when I wasn’t and how horrible I thought I appeared.
Why is it so hard to step outside I wonder,
How do others so easily live their lives?
I seem to struggle to keep going day to day,
Sometimes I don’t understand,
Why I can’t get rid of the sadness,
Unless I’m with you.
Poetry created by: Suzana Poljak

I sometimes find myself wondering whether Father Forthill - or if not him then someone close to him - is working for the Fomor. Think about it: Harry has always guided people who can’t protect themselves to Forthill, expecting him to take care of them and make sure they get the help they need. Many of these people are vanilla mortals, but some have Power. Where do they go afterwards? What does Forthill do to help them? How much can we trust the Church, knowing they allow the Denarian coins to escape so easily? It makes me paranoid about sentences like this:

"I don’t do it for you," [Forthill] said, "but for the boy. And from obedience to our Lord. But you’re welcome." (Proven Guilty, when he promises to help Nelson)

He says “our Lord”, the way the Fomor say “our Lord” in Bombshells and Aftermath. A sentence or two later he says “the Lord”. I mean, he’s probably just talking about God and that would make sense. But what if…

OK, OK, I’m only being semi-serious and I know that Forthill’s help is probably no more than an easy way for Jim to put one-off characters on the bus instead of simply killing them, but something about Forthill and the entire Church just doesn’t seem right to me…

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Am I a bad person because I don't seem to care for all of the boys equally ? I always see posts about how much people love every single one of them so much and genuinely care for them so much and I'm here having so much love for harry, too much that it spills over so easily and can make me ad sad as it can make me happy ? Is it wrong that I like don't love love the others ? I mean I care for them all, I really do but I'm not like I'm not in love. This is weird but I feel so bad ? It's stupid

Oh, I do not care for all the boys equally. I love them all and want the best for all of them, but I definitely have a…very strong favourite, and then a very strong next two favourites. There’s nothing wrong with that! Never feel bad for where you place your affections. You’re allowed to like one more than the others. You don’t choose that, it just happens. For me, Harry tugs at my heartstrings in ways the other boys don’t, and Louis and Zayn also tug more than Liam and Niall, and there’s nothing wrong with that. 

A little thing I hate about watching youtubers... A rant.

I am fully aware I will most likely never get to meet them. If I do, I will be just another person in line at Playlist Live or Vidcon, and it will be for a few minutes and will mean nothing to them. I get a look into these people’s lives, but what I really want is them to be in mine. I see all these awesome people doing awesome things, and I love it, but there’s something depressing about thinking about how much you actually matter to them. You are just another subscriber that could easily be replaced. I’ve invested so much of my time in Dan Howell, Phil Lester, Charlie McDonnell, John Green, Hank Green, Hannah Vancover, Tom Laywood, Thomas Sanders, Connor Franta, Zack Arad, Tyler Oakley among lots of others, that it sort of crushes me that they exist outside of my life where I’ll never get to know the people when the camera is turned off. I just keep burring myself in videos. I keep watching, but they will never hear me.