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I mean this seriously, and am asking for advice.... I want to live my dreams, and what you do, traveling, surfing, photography, is what I hope to do one day.... How did you not have an education yet have all this money to do all these things? I WISH SOS HELP

who the hell said I don’t have an education? You can learn a lot in life you don’t always need to sit inside of a classroom to learn something

  • teacher:why weren't you at school today?
  • me:do you ever think about how much stick must have damaged matt emotionally? i mean here's a kid who's maybe 11 or 12, recently blinded and trying to cope with the death of the one person who really loved him. he's completely overwhelmed by his senses to the point of agony. can you imagine having everything too loud all the time? feeling like everyone's screaming? even soft cotton sheets are too rough for him. he's beyond vulnerable, and finally he meets someone else who's like him, someone who can show him how to control his abilities. so he does what any regular kid would do - he reaches out to the one person in his life who seems to care about him at all. and what happens? stick abandons him, essentially punishing him for showing any kind of healthy emotional attachment. how do you think matt reacted? did he refuse to get close to anyone or form any friendships because he believed if he loved someone, they'd leave him? given his experience with his father and stick, that wouldn't be a big leap. do you think matt had any real friends before he met foggy? and was he resistant to bonding with foggy? did foggy have to keep trying to be his friend until matt finally caved? why did foggy keep trying? did he sense that matt needed a friend? is this why matt has never had any long lasting romantic relationships? when will matt learn to accept love?

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hey i really like your sponsors sidebar. how did you do that?

Man I have no idea. I was on skype with criedwolfs for like 45 minutes as he walked my computer illiterate ass through the process

Seriously Orihime haters
  • Rukia:was attacked by a hollow who was possessing the empty shell of Kaien Sheba, who first tried to manipulate her into hurting her friends by playing on her irrational guilt, then forced her to suffer an intense flashback.
  • Rukia:killed it by running a sword through it’s head.
  • Fandom:She's badass!
  • Orihime:was attacked by the hollowfied version of her brother who tried to manipulate her into getting eaten by him and letting him hurt her friends by playing on her irrational guilt, after ripping her soul out of her body, knocking out her best friend, and fighting her other one .
  • Orihime:Ran up to the hollow and gave it a hug, and with love, woke up his human side, which lead to him willingly submitting himself to a zanpakuto.
  • Fandom:She's useless!

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headcanon that vivienne, solas, and dorian find lil ways to teach mage lavellan new magic or different tactics because their clan's resources were limited. mage lavellan asking one of em "hey... i thought it was really cool when you built that ice wall... how did you do that?" and vivienne pleased and saying "well darling i'm glad you came to me!" and dorian saying "i thought you'd never ask! careful though, i make it look easier than it actually is" and solas going on and on yes team MAGES!


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How did mama's announce their pregnancies to their families?

We were so excited we literally just called and blurted it out haha next baby I definitely wanna do something cute!

Ladies? How did you announce your pregnancies?



Graduations (April 17, 2015 & April 25, 2015)

To graduate from college is goal that most of us aim for. It is the moment when our parents become proud of us for all the hard work we put into school to be able to be in this moment. To graduate is the ultimate assurance that we truly value the work our parents put in to be able to send us to school. Most of us only experience this long-awaited once, but my friends and I were fortunate to have been through it twice in a single month.

We were originally studying Mass Communication at Emilio Aguinaldo College-Manila– but in the midst of it, an opportunity to take up another degree, specifically Journalism, presented itself and we just could not say no. It seemed like such a great deal to be able to graduate with two degrees in a matter of four years and we felt like it would be nonsense to let go of that opportunity.

How did we do it? You wonder. Well, we spent our summers studying for our Journalism Degree at The Manila Times College and we took up some of our subjects during the regular semesters there too. What I love about our Journalism subjects is that they are very hands on and we are really sent out of the classroom. And it did involve a lot of writing even though it was literally draining to write so much it was so much fun!

Fast Forward to the present, we finally graduated with two degrees! I am really thankful for all the blessings I’ve been receiving lately. To graduate alone is already a huge gift but to graduate twice and with flying colors is something I never imagined would be possible. 

Seeing where I am now makes me a bit teary-eyed. Four years ago, I entered college feeling excited but unsure of what path to take. I choose a course that I thought I would eventually grow in and learn to love since really had no clue of what I wanted to do –but things never turn out the way you plan them. Six months after I entered college, I took a break from school. I decided that I wasn’t happy with where I was anymore and that it was time to do something about. 

My break from schooling lasted for another six months. During those months, I started to get even more depressed. I was always alone at home. I couldn’t go out with my friends because they were of course busy with school. Even logging onto Facebook made me sad because I could see everyone doing something with their lives and there I was stuck at home and out of school. 

I was so lost during those times. I had no idea what I wanted to do or what school I wanted to go. When the time came to decide where I wanted to transfer to, it was too late to apply to the universities I wanted to get in to. I was so desperate to get back to school during that time that I didn’t think about it so much anymore. I just went with my gut and landed in the school and the program where I just graduated from.

Happy was  the initial reaction. I was so relieved to be going back to school but I have to admit, there were indeed times when I felt lost again– like I wanted to quit again and transfer schools. I did try to transfer again but I couldn’t bring myself to do so. I realized that if I quit again, it would never end. I couldn’t keep on running away from everything. I had to finish what I started.

Everything did not exactly make sense during those times. I keep on wondering why I landed in this place and in this course. I kept on telling myself that if I had tried better to get into another school maybe I wouldn’t be here right now or if I chose a better course before college maybe things would’ve turned out better. 

Looking back at those times, I now see that everything happens for a reason. It all makes better sense now. If I had not made the choices that I did, I would never be where I am today. I would never have received all of these blessings that I have being receiving lately. It all makes sense now and I am very thankful for everything that I have gone through because all of those experiences are what make me who I am today.

I’m not a religious person but I can definitely say that God never truly leaves you. All you have to do is have faith in him and be thankful for the blessings that he gives you. Never in my wildest dreams did I dream of graduating with so much honor. All I wanted was to graduate but I have been blessed to finish two degrees. One in Mass Communication which I graduated as Magna Cum Laude and one in Journalism which I graduated as Summa Cum Laude. I never expected all of these blessings and I am forever grateful for everything.

A few years ago I was lost, with no direction in life. I felt regret for the poor choices I made and I couldn’t understand why I had to go through all of those mistakes. Here I am now, still a bit lost but with a better perspective of what I want in life. It all makes sense now. I needed to make those mistakes. It was the wrong turns I took that eventually led me to where I am now. Sometimes it’s okay to take a detour and get lost. Sometimes that’s exactly what we need. 

He thinks, “I really, really like you”


..often when it’s just the two of you, doing nothing but talking. It starts off boring at first, with you asking questions and him giving half-hearted responses. This was only because they were the general questions of: What did you do today?.. How are you?.. and so on. He didn’t mean to sound rude, and you knew that. But then, the conversation shifts towards more interesting topics. Once, he talked about his favorite songs. To give you a better understanding, he shifts over to reach his phone and opens up the music player so you could hear that exact song. He hands you his earbuds and watches as you put them on. Your expression shifts from uncertain to interested to a genuine smile. He likes it when you acknowledge his taste in music. He loves your little head-bobs and lip-syncing tendencies as you really get into the song. Your actions reminded him how compatible the both of you were. He looked forward to sharing something new with you every time.


It’s during the day he finally realizes his feelings for you. The both of you have been hanging out for weeks now. At first, it was nothing but friendship on his end (and yours as well), but lately he’s started to notice the little things about you. He’s been caught staring at you more than once as you tuck your hair behind your ear when it gets in your face or when you rub your eyes when you’re feeling especially tired. To him, observing you is the most interesting thing in the world. He finds you the prettiest when you’re just doing your things. But he denies his feelings for as long as possible. He doesn’t want to ruin this friendship. When his friends tease him about you, he brushes it off and says the both of you are friends. Even to his ears, it sounds off, but he’s stubborn and feeling a bit more cowardly than usual, so he sticks with this lie for as long as he can. It works out fine until you come over to his house and fall asleep on his bed as he’s doing homework at his desk. He turns over to see you facing him with your eyes closed and your head tucked onto your arm. He moves his fingers to tuck your hair out of your face and says, “Damn. I love this girl.”


…after months of teasing you about the silliest things. He doesn’t realize it at first, that he’s fallen for you. It started off as curiosity. You were different compared to the people he usually hung around with. He liked that you didn’t care that you were silly; you embraced it wholeheartedly. He admired your ability to make friends easily; that was how he noticed you. You had gone up to him and said, “Hi,” like it wasn’t the weirdest thing to do ever. As a stranger, he felt like a deer caught in the headlights even though he replied back. It was awkward at first to tell you about himself, but then he warms up to you, and now teases you like no other. This was his way of showing that he cared, and it wasn’t like you didn’t do it back either. He looked forward to your interactions. It always led to him laughing a lot. And then it dawns on him one day. He’s texting you goodbye because you were finally going to bed, and you send him a smiley-emoji. He laughs and thinks about how you were the best, ever. 


At the end of your date night, you were walking hand-in-hand. The goal was to walk off the meal you had enjoyed. He was keeping you company because that’s what a good boyfriend would do. Plus, he didn’t have anything better to do. You break off as the both of you near the park. You say that you haven’t been there for ages, and he smiles charmingly at how excited you were. You head straight for the slide and attempt to slide down smoothly but end up stopping multiple times on the way down. When you reach the bottom, your disappointed expression makes him laugh aloud. You pout and rush off towards other parts of the playground. You move towards the monkey-bars. He leans against the pole holding it up and looks on curiously as you gallantly attempt to lift yourself towards the next bar. This continues on for a couple of minutes before you finally settle on the swings, moving your feet back and forth slowly. He’s sitting next to you, and casually moves his swing towards yours. You face him, your face expressing confusion and he just thinks about how he really, really likes you. 


He’s thought so since the first day he met you. Every time he sees you, he wants to tell you, but you’ve always had a boyfriend before he could gather up the courage. He thought, this was just his luck, being unable to say anything because ruining a good relationship was not what he wanted at all. Some time after he first laid eyes on you, you became friends. It was okay with him for the most part, until you broke up with your boyfriend and complained about all the crap you had to deal with to him. But he saw how upset you were and how much you still loved that jerk, so he would nod quietly, feeling a bit unhappy himself. He waits the appropriate amount of time for you to get over the break-up, but he chickens out of telling you every single time. And so, the cycle repeats. You get a new boyfriend and he’s still on the sidelines, wanting to be a good friend, but also feeling angry at himself for being unable to tell you exactly how he felt. He feared rejection and ruining the friendship you both built. So he tells himself that the next time you’re free, he’ll try his best to say something. And, eventually, he does.


..before realizing he’s said it out loud. You blush furiously as his eyes widen. You punch him in the arm and say, “Whaaat?!” But instead of taking it back, he just nods solemnly and says, “You heard me!” When he realizes that you weren’t going to respond back out of shock, he frowns, “Why are you surprised?! We’ve been on more than a few dates already!” You shake your head and your mouth opens and closes a few times. He laughs loudly. You clear your throat and say, “I-I just didn’t expect you to say it like this.” You gesture to your surroundings with people walking past you in a hurry, down the street, towards some particular shop. He thinks about it for a few moments before, “Well, it’s a good a time as any. Why not say it now?” You bite your lip and he looks at you curiously as you attempt to form an answer. “I..don’t know..” you start off, “but, I guess, I always just pictured it..differently.” He presses on and asks what you thought would happen, but you refuse to answer, feeling extremely embarrassed as it is. 


Aside from his own friends, you were the one he was always with at school. When you became friends, it was easier to get to know you, but still he never tried anything with you. By the time you realize you like him, you felt disheartened, thinking that he would never feel the same way; if he did, wouldn’t he have said something by now? You try to keep the feelings in, but being the type of person to dive into a situation headfirst, you end up telling him how you feel one day on accident. He had invited you to the movies, and you thought it might’ve been a date but then you see that his friends had tagged along and you realize that it was probably just a regular hang out. He asks if something’s wrong. You refuse to tell him at first, but as the trailers are ending and the movie is starting, you blurt it out loud (in a whisper of course) and then refuse to even acknowledge him as the opening scene plays. If you had, you would’ve noticed his silly smile and bright red face as he took in the extent of your words. He glanced over a few times, trying to catch your attention, to tell you that he felt the same, too.

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I'm curious, how did you become an anarchist? And do you think that you've radicalized gradually?

I always felt oppressed by any form of authoritarianism and the very concept of obedience. I felt that the rules were made to be imposed by the strongest to weakest (and I speak about family, government, school, economy and basically everything), not as rationally as possible, in order to build a network based on solidarity, mutual aid and sustainability (as it should be).
I began then to study on my own, trying to understand the reality around me, but I think it’s always a gradual process. The more you learn, the more you get you can’t just ignore how it’s all fucked, and you should take position against the repressive system we live in.
We should question everything, even the reason itself why we’re doing it.


The Dewey’s 24 Hour read-a-thon was a success for me! I read over 600 pages across 4 different books. How did you do?

Critical Linking: April 28, 2015

       Our daily round-up of bookish links. Tastes great with coffee.

Put your literary knowledge to the test with a literary quiz using trivia tidbits about seven classic books. Can you name them all?

I’m always a sucker for literary quizzes, like this literary IQ test. How did you do?


The decision by PEN American Center to give its annual Freedom of Expression Courage award to the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo has prompted six writers to withdraw as literary hosts at the group’s annual gala on May 5, adding a new twist to the continuing debate over the publication’s status as a martyr for free speech.

I think you can defend free speech without having to celebrate all speech. Tricky issue.


Playwright and poet Federico García Lorca was arrested and killed on the orders of rightwing military authorities in Granada, according to newly released documents that shed light on the death of one of the highest-profile victims of the Spanish civil war.

Even though this has long thought to have been the case, still jarring to see it confirmed.


Book Riot Live is coming! Join us for a two-day event full of books, authors, and an all around good time.

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((dadbert mun how did you do the thing with your neck and the cut and the smoke?))

(( Lindsey here! Hello friendo! I used PhotoShop to draw over each frame! I’m no animator so the consistency is laughable until I find a smoother way to edit but! I do a LOT of digital painting so I have a lot of brushes at my expense! :D  It’s honestly just painting over my gifs. The hand removing was the hardest cause I had to redraw my shirt but.. yes! Also if you do use photoshop– there were a few questions about the quick movements I have been doing. That’s motion blur on ps! and if my painting looked different quality then the gif I added noise. Hope this holds some insight!))

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So you started with paper and then from there your connections grew and you got freelance jobs thru connections? Or how do you find freelance jobs? Also what are you currently doing for KCD and how did you originally start freelancing for them? Thank you! :)

yup! i didn’t know anyone @ paper i just emailed my resume and got lucky :-) i started getting freelance jobs from kcd and from there the people i’d meet on set working w kcd (for instance i worked a photo shoot for elle bc i worked/became friends w the assistant stylist for that shoot while i was doing marc by marc FW in september) and now it’s just like wherever i am i make sure to really talk w the people i’m around bc we could have something to offer / learn from each other. i got the internship turned freelance work @ kcd by sending an email/resume like i did for paper but fate is cool and the coordinator at kcd used to intern @ paper + so after seeing that on my resume she asked my coordinator about me and she said nothing but good things and i got an interview.

rn for kcd i just freelance for their production team project to project so i assist the fashion manager on fashion shows, events (like the met gala coming up !!) parties/dinners whatever requires production, i’m doing behind the scenes stuff which varies depending on what it is. 

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Tell me about your ex. What is your relationship like with them now? How long has it been since you two were together. When did you last saw them and how often do you two talk? Is there someone new in your life?

We don’t speak. The last time we were in a relationship was my freshman year but that last time I saw him was last semester. I caught him in a life and now he doesn’t acknowledge my existence. Currently I’m talking to a few guys, getting to know them, but no one serious. 


Ultron according to Tony Stark:

Imagine a bunch of aliens just rolls into a club, but can’t seem to pass the bouncer somehow? 

Explain yourself Tony Stark, how did it go from this to that? Do you even know the first thing about bouncers? they stop a bunch of aliens rolling into a club, not go on a world destroying spree.. 

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why do u follow the sufi creed when it clearly goes against quran, the prophet pbuh, and his sahaba? nuh keller along with hamza yusuf preach things that go against islam. why do you follow them? secondly, how did you learn about the sufi path? :)ty!

That is like asking a lover why he loves. If you’ve never experienced love, no words will suffice.

I can not make you understand what honey tastes like if you’ve never tasted it.