This is just a little something I’d want to discuss about. If you go to 2ch and read some of their posts there, there are times where they refer to Kaneki or Arima (or both) as ‘kings’. Here’s a small explanation about it.

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Anyone want to come over and have black bean and mushroom enchiladas? I made a big pan of them. There is plenty to share.

I am bored. I did not get called into work tonight. Maybe I will take myself to the movies later. I haven’t gone to a movie in ages.

I am half in the hole of depression and half trying to claw my way out. I have this incredible desire to just send the words “You got off way too easy” to the asshole. I don’t understand how I could not comprehend how cold and callus he is. I can’t believe that a year later I still have to stop the tears that pop up about it. It isn’t the not loving me. It is the I don’t even care enough about you to be a man about this. I am just going to destroy you and walk away like you never existed.

Anyway I totally have a full bar, a pan of enchiladas and a gift card to the movies if you happen to want to go. Or not, I am totally used to being alone. I find it much safer than letting people in. People are dangerous and painful.

Anyway happy Saturday people who live in my phone and don’t hurt me.

how did my life get this fucked up lmfao i gotta stop associating myself with people who don’t give a damn about me SERIOUSLY

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Being focus on the present moment means accepting your emotions as they come? For example, yesterday I felt sad and instead of pushing the feeling away I just embrace it and I let myself cry and feel that emotion without hurting myself like I used to, and after a while the sadness was gone. Is this the right away to act when you feel something negative?

I would say yes, from my experience, yes. How did you feel when the emotion receded?

To just feel them you can allow yourself to not be controlled by them and you can get to the stillness and peace underneath the emotions. I say the same thing for thoughts as well. Question the thoughts, feel the emotions. Feeling are truly just feelings and thoughts are just thoughts; they don’t have to run our lives and control us.

Nothing makes me more uncomfortable than seeing people be all “I got a bird!” And it’s a macaw or something similar. It’s different of they have or have had birds- hell even having a budgie makes me feel slightly more comfortable. But then I see the comments and it’s like, they have no idea. Like at least when I made my stupid ass mistakes I took some god damn responsibility and changed my whole life and still to this day am constantly researching how I can be a better parent but still. What I did was stupid, and you’re repeating my mistake on an even bigger level, one that even if you do step up you probably won’t succeed without huge amounts of help.

Sorry rant over. I love it when people get birds because I love birds but I hate when I see people get them who clearly aren’t able to take care of them. I hate it when I see myself a year ago in someone else’s body making an even worse mistake. Baron literally was the stupidest thing I’ve ever done and we both got lucky. I see that and I recognize that and I wish other people could learn from my stupidity and not repeat it.


okay, so i’ve had this blog for like four days and there are already over a hundred of you??? y’all have no idea how much i adore this fandom and pretty much everyone in it. you’re all so welcoming and kind and accepting and supportive and wow i sound like i’m married to y’all. aNYWAYS, thank you for following me and sticking with Shane and myself while we get this blog up and running. sidenote. if you aren’t on this list, i am so sorry. in no way does it mean that we don’t love you or want to write with you. it probably just means that i’m a forgetful little shit and i’m sorry.


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“I wish you could see the way I look at you is different from the way I look at anyone else.
I wish we could be something together, something that we’re not, something we will never be.
I wish I could change this, they way I look at you, the way I feel for you, the way I think of you.
It’s like a rainy day when you have your glasses on and they get covered in drops of water and everything gets blurry but you can’t be bothered to clean them because you know they will get wet again. And let’s be real, it’s nice not to see what’s really going on around you for once. It’s nice to pretend. It’s nice to feel.
I wish I didn’t make up this imaginary world inside my head.
How did this happen? How did I fell for you when I don’t even know you? Your thoughts, your fears, your feelings.
How did I let myself get tangled in this made up path of roads that always lead to you? When I first wake up, when I get ready for the day, when I feel under the weather, when I am happy, when I’m about to fall asleep.
It’s you.
And I don’t know why.
And I’m scared.”

“Like A Rainy Day” - by glttrpixie 

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery.

So last night for one reason or another I let my headspace get back to that negative space. The last couple of weeks I’ve built myself back up, mentally that is. But last night I just peaked through that metaphorical door and let a bit of the negativity out. It got me down, especially because these last few weeks I’ve felt like I was getting on track. Over the past couple weeks I’ve stopped letting the anxiety win, stopped the depressive thoughts, stopped the constant stream of shit that led me to hurting myself physically and thinking of ways out of life. And I’m determined to continue that and not let last night become a common thing. The fact I fixed myself and did it all on my own these past weeks tells me how strong I am. I’m not gonna let myself get back to who I was a few weeks ago. I’m better then that.

Today is a new day. Today I make sure that I don’t let people get in my head and bring me down. Today I focus on me.

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When did you start drawing and why? How did you find your style?

I started drawing seriously around 14, it was mostly because I was frustrated seeing terribly illustrated dragons in any dragon book I could get my little hands on and wanted to draw my own, but well. My mum also really encouraged me to do art and creative things at a young age too, so I choose drawing as a way to express myself. It’s funny to me that you ask me about my style, because I don’t see it in my art Ouo; I actually feel I don’t have a particular style, which is one of the reasons I constantly draw to try and figure out how the heck I like to draw. I do feel semi-realism and a sense of fluidity are a part of my work though, as is a liking to vibrant colour or clean or diverse inkwork. I suppose I found these tendencies appearing in my art because I wanted to enjoy the process of making my artwork as much as the results. Fluid movements with blending, lines and areas of detail and colour help me do that c: I learned how to cartoon from admiring a myriad of disney, manga, and anime artists, imitating them and aiming to add a bit more realism to my drawings. I loved animals as a child (i still very much do!) and read and drew so many animals that I learned basic anatomy through muscle memory and practice and such. I grew to be able to bring my observational skills to my more imaginative tendencies and thus I think my style has a solid foundation on subverting real-world animals and objects.

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Hello Shiny! I had a question or two if you wouldn't mind. I recently found out about your blog, but before that I actually discovered you through your pokemon mystery dungeon comic. I'm trying to start my own fan comic based in a mystery dungeon verse of some kind and ran into yours along the way (very good btw; im currently reading it from the start!). So I'm curious; what exactly did you do to even get started or figure a plot? Or even for advertising it? I'm in a mess of character ideas rn!

I did absolutely 0 advertising whatsoever all the way through chapter 2 or so. Kind of a personal experiment to see if I could build up my storytelling skills enough for it to speak for itself. Even now, I dont really advertise it being a comic. Not loudly, anyway. Point being, I have no idea how to advertise it because I myself have done no such thing. 8) Probly promoting it, posting on forums about it, showing your friends, I dunno.

I actually tried my very, VERY hard to not make a PMD comic, but Gates to Infinity made me angry enough that I accidentally adopted it as my sole objective to tell a better story than it did. Basically, I started thinking about ways the game could have ended that would get more of an emotional response out of me, and then it just kind of snowballed and grew from the idea I had for an ending until it became mostly my own thing.

So yeah basically I just tried to avoid it, found out it was impossible, and worked backwards, starting with really big things and filling in details after having a chance to process it. \o/

As far as characters go, I started with a very basic idea of what I wanted. Wrote some bullet points for each one’s past(including Avis) and try to incorporate their experiences into how they interact with each other. Can’t really go into too much detail as far as examples go, but there’s an idea to start with. If you dont know what you want, write down ideas and decide which ones ultimately work best for the kind of story you plan to tell… I dunno, haha, I just kind of wing it tbh

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