So me and my friends were doing Tactical Alert to try to get the Buzzkill Mod and SOMEHOW, despite that my friend chose the Tactical Alert mission, the squad came to a devoid Orokin Derelict Sabotage mission. Literally there were zero enemies here.

So after much confusion we went ahead and said “Fuck it” and proceeded to get all the Grineer Caches with super ease and nothing to stop us.

When we were going to get the portal open is when things REALLY got strange. Look at the screenshot below. This is not a hoax or photoshopped picture. This is a legit thing that happened. 

So after a few laughs here and there and being confused as hell we decided to proceed to the boss when the Portal Power was at 100%. My first thought(and my friend pointed it out just as I thought about it) that if the enemies were as high as 3212 and while not impossible, would take forever to kill, how would the boss be?

We had to abort because they literally downed us in one shot. I have NO clue what happened or how this occured. Have anyone else gotten this?

(I will forward this to Forums, but I’m still confused as hell.)


BRB watching that gag reel of The 100 Season 2 literally five hundred thousand more times


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