GET TO KNOW ME MEME[1/10] pairings → andy + april

“The only thing that matters is that we found each other, right now, and it’s the best.”


What is this? That? Stop stalling. Well, obviously it’s a list of colleges. Right, but this is a list of schools that only brainiacs go to. Yeah, so?

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Summer showers~

Rain just has a kind of life and romance that instantly makes any small act of affection more meaningful… I love Mormor in the rain…


What do you think you were doing?

“happiness in intelligent people, is the
rarest thing i know” — ernest hemingway
oh, old hemingway, i bet you’ve heard about him and his stories a million times
and you’ve probably heard this quote too
and now i want you to forget about it
write it down on a piece of paper and then burn it—
burn the paper and burn the memory of this quote
(do it when you’re done reading this poem, because i might mention it again, so it’d be useless doing it already)
stop romanticizing sadness; stop
thinking that being happy means you’re stupid
when your friend tells you a joke: laugh,
laugh until your stomach aches and your insides are fluttering and shaking and you’re dizzy
shoot water at your little brother; hit your cousin with a pillow — battle for fun and laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh
every day. stop thinking that being happy means you’re stupid
“happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing i know” — ernest hemingway
be the exception for that rule. no wait,
ruin that rule
you can be intelligent and happy; you can see all the downsides and difficulties with our culture and society and
world, but also be able to see the beauty of life
plants. stars. oceans.
go out and smile, go out and
laugh, go out and
and now go burn that fucking quote
—  (l.o.)