This Is How It Starts

Once, I listened to an acoustic version of Sex by The 1975 on repeat for a very long time. This is what happened. It’s nsfw, sff and like 3Kish words. Feedback/constructive crit would be great but you know, do what you want.

(Also, monday night uploads when I’m semi drunk, should this be a regular/weekly thing or nah?)

This Is How It Starts

Nearly a hundred miles from the low-hanging glow of Los Angeles. And the bright buzz of Vegas is nothing but a blurred neon memory and a blurred neon dot on the horizon. For the past few days they’ve overdosed on golden sky and bright lights, but the road ahead is dark. Thick night air looming up on either side of the car’s weak headlights. And everything about tonight tastes of danger. As though the air within Grace’s lungs is somehow flammable. 

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remember that one thing with the space suit stuff i drew a loooong time ago?? yeah me neither. hm idk.. this is old ok

what if i wrote a thing about this tho?? *laughs so hard i pass out*

it’s really frustrating, as a writer in fandom, the way fans on a platform like tumblr consistently undervalue fanfic

to post things we’ve labored over, things we’ve put our hearts into, to share these things because we love the characters and the relationships and we want others to engage with us and our feelings for them—and then to watch our labors of love die out with a mere handful of notes, while we see beautiful fanart and gifsets go viral, thousands upon thousands of other fans sharing and resharing and expanding upon our works with their own thoughts and feelings…

it’s really discouraging

stop just liking fic posts. reblog them more. show writers that you care, and show them how much. share their work with everyone else, so they can experience it too.

Storm Warning

So voiceactresskurutta reblogged a list of OTP prompts maybe a week ago and… things happened.

A huge thanks to dragonnutt for beta reading and encouraging me to actually post things, as well. ^^;

Xiaolin Showdown | Raikim

Prompt: At a ski lodge and somehow got stuck outside in the middle of the storm but hey look there’s a conveniently abandoned cabin I guess the logical thing to do is go in there and snuggle for warmth for the night…


“Ohh, no. Not a chance. No way am I— HEY!”

Kimiko’s hands flew to cover her eyes as a blush overtook her.

Raimundo chuckled as he stripped his outer robes and sash and let them drop to a pile on the ground. “What?” he asked, grin knowingly teasing. “New robes, remember? Undershirt. And don’t worry, pants stay on.”

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Two whole years.

Nearly two years clean
and I miss the bottle
more than you sometimes,
taking deep swigs
after midnight
was always just what I needed.

Closer to you,
to godhood,
with your hand pressed
to my lower back
I could talk to anyone,
I could conquer anything.

I am trying not to miss
you but it feels like
my hands are tied
and I am tired, so tired,
of being too dizzy sober.

It’s not your fault.
I am afraid of always being
without you,
when I never had you
in the first place.

It is not my fault.
It’s not.

It's no wonder my sleep schedule is borked

2:00 a.m.

Me:  Wellp, time to get off of computer. Do a little reading, maybe.

3:00 a.m.

Me: That seems like enough reading. I’m pretty tired. Bedtime!

3:30 a.m.

Me: Hm… I’m pretty tired. Maybe I’ll fall asleep soon…

3:50 a.m.


Me: Whut?

4:00 a.m.


Me: *goes to write many things*


4:50 a.m.

Me: …fuck.

  • me:i should read more books
  • me:i'm gonna read more books
  • me:*reads half a chapter*
  • me:what's the capital of india
  • me:i'm gonna go crazy unless i google it
  • me:*googles it*
  • me:ahh new delhi of course
  • me:i was supposed to read this book
  • me:focus
  • me:*spends hours reading random wikipedia articles*
  • me:i'm not good at reading am i

I’m pretty sure it’s still yesterday in America, but i’m going to celebrate Sarah’s birthday anyway, even though she isn’t??? This is super confusing. Like it’s her birthday today in Australia, but she lives in America and it’s still yesterday, so technically it’s not her birthday yet for her. 

Dear Sarah,


love u nerd xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

It was calm. 

He felt relaxed, something he hadn’t felt in a long time. Kaneki thought he could lay here, listening to the delicate stings of a viola. “It’s beautiful.” 

The melody slowed then stopped. 

Short Story where there is Shuuneki fluff and love 

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  • I wish i could tell you how i felt but i can never seem to find any words that accurately describes how i feel... and now you're off with a clouded mind and believing I'm happier without you... And it kills me to know you don't know how i really feel...

I’ll smoke on the roof with new friends

pin up art in my new apartment

use the water in your kitchen to brush my teeth

cut the ends of my fingers trying to find stability through money

drink with exchange students who eat eat what I bring

fuck in hand me down sheets

shake and sleep on a mattress that doesn’t belong to me

I’ll stay in a new place

I’ll get a new job

I’ll find a new ring

I’ll give it to a new fiance

it’s all so brand new

but your words are still etched in my throat when I breathe

you are still a stain that bleeds

a smile that will never stop breaking me

you’re at home in the back of my head

overcoming everything that tries to lead

and nothing feels new anymore