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For the decision meme - HTTYD 2 scene: Battle of the Bewilderbeast or Two New Alphas.

Decision meme

AHHH this is a cool question! And honestly I find this one incredibly difficult to answer.

I am going to answer “Battle of the Bewilderbeast” but will explain what I love about both.

Battle of the Bewilderbeast

The reason I vote for Battle of the Bewilderbeast is because it is nine minutes of awesome - nine minutes that feel so short because so much occurs. It gave me a greater thrill overall in terms of action with greater impact the first time I watched it in theatres, and it still does a stellar job of keeping me in top attention with subsequent rewatchings. It feels almost more like a climax and higher action point than Two New Alphas because it is so monumental.

Yet action alone does not sustain me. Beyond the greater action of “Battle of the Bewilderbeast,” there are some amazing character moments. For many characters. These moments show how the characters think, show the characters changing, show the characters at their strengths and weaknesses.

Like basically everyone.

Ruffnut, Snotlout, and Fishlegs with the fall and rescue.

Valka entering the battle with the alpha. Man that is awesome and memorable. Then she goes and fights Drago, showing amazing boldness. And then she goes off to an even more dangerous situation, trying to stop two mountain-sized dragons from brawling. This shows so much about the bravery and capabilities of her character as a bold dragon vigilante.

Stoick showing his tender love for Valka by watching her back. Stoick standing up, whirling his axe, and fighting Drago. Even though Stoick wanted to avoid Drago the entire film, he knows when he needs to stand and fight. This is the part of the movie where Stoick’s great love for Valka and Hiccup mesh perfectly with his bold warlike, chiefly capabilities.

Hiccup and his characterization. Showing him at his weakest. His ideals are great… but his actions are almost naive, certainly not pragmatic, as he tries to talk to Drago. Hiccup the dragon master is not even able to handle his own dragon; he backs away in fear, eyes widened, because Drago is so much in control.

And Drago. This is the biggest scene for Drago. His full power, his might, his capabilities, they are all revealed at last. After hearing about Drago and seeing glimpses of him… here is the moment this man is revealed. He is even more horrible and dangerous than Stoick warned Hiccup he was. Gah. I could talk about this moment with Drago forever.

Then there’s Toothless.

And him turning against Hiccup.

And Stoick saving Hiccup.

And Stoick dying.

This is the scene that makes the movie so incredible. It reveals the full love of Stoick’s sacrificial love. It freaks characters and audiences out. It throws Hiccup into the worst personal Hel of his life, a lowpoint that is essential for reforming him into the hero and chief he must be.

The movie could simply not function without Battle of the Bewilderbeast. 

You could argue this is the most important plot point in the entire film.

So yes. Battle of the Bewilderbeast all the way.

And have I talked about how the cinematography, animation, and music are out of this world?

Two New Alphas

I think Two New Alphas falls a bit under the shadow of the massive action I described above, but one should not degrade the importance of this scene. So many critical character moments happen here too, as well as pure awesomeness. Hiccup says one of my single favorite HTTYD lines of all times here - “This is what is to earn a dragon’s loyalty! Let this end now!”

Hiccup and Toothless come to their potential this point. This is their top moment, their moment of heroicism and leadership. Toothless is dramatic, blue, glowing, and formidable - the exact type of dangerous dragon that I adore seeing. And then Hiccup, too, is stronger, bolder, and more intimidating here than at any other point in all of the DreamWorks universe. Hiccup is imposing here as he sits on Toothless’ back and shouts belligerently at Drago that he will tolerate no more.

Hiccup applies “a chief protects his own” here, Toothless “the alpha protects them all”. This is an amazing, glorious moment of actualization for both of them.

Oh yeah and then there’s the whole Toothless Found moment and Hiccup almost dying in ice moment coming right before it. Those are key points I love for eternity, too. I’m trying not to write a book about it right now.

“Two New Alphas” is great in its own right for sure. 

I’m just going to vote “Battle of the Bewilderbeast” as favorite over it because that moment is stellar, too. 


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^language warning^ No one wants to rescue the sheep that was stolen by whispering death dragons… also Hiccup is taking no shit from Snotlout today (audio from This is the End)


Oscar nominees for Best Animated Feature 2015; Inspired by pindaboom’s gifset

So the oscars have struck again. As expected, they didn’t care about the nominees, only this time they even stoop so low as to belittle nominees with ignorant slander. Honestly at this point, I’m not surprised that the majority of the judges are complete morons, especially after what they did last year. They’re in such a high pressure job they just got to bullshit, right? Wrong! It’s because of these awful judges that there are constant wars amongst fans over who deserves the title “Best Animated Feature” the most. I believe everyone earned that title, because winning isn’t everything, it’s being appreciated for the merits that’s really important.

As an animation enthusiast, I am greatly offended, no, disgusted that they don’t care about animation at all. It’s not a genre, it’s a work of art like any other movie. It’s not just for kids, it’s for everyone! To those who have done their voting job wrong, first off, how dare you?! Second, the fact that you continue to belittle these beautiful magnum opuses is no surprise from all the crap you’ve done before, but to openly bash on two films, one in particular that you make an ignorantly racist comment, and claim nobody watches them in favor of “the movie that successfully and culturally hits all the right chords and does that kind of box-office” just goes to show that you don’t even know what animation is really all about! Princess Kaguya is not some “Chinese f**kin’ thing that nobody ever freakin’ saw,” Baymax, Toothless and Eggs are not “childish nonsense,” and you need to get off your high horse because what you do is disrespectful to those who worked their butts off to make these dreams come true, even Big Hero 6! To think that such a prominent name would stoop so low astounds me so much, I question that a lot.

I can honestly say that the oscars really need to start giving a damn about animation and stop overly pegging them as “kids stuff,” otherwise I won’t even stick around for next years show. That’s lazy voting on their part and they should be penalized for it. Please note that I bear no ill will to Big Hero 6. It’s an incredibly marvelous film and this along with the other nominees deserve so much better!