Luffy recruiting his crew members.

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People keep telling me that it’s ridiculous that fans are cancelling their preorders and unfollowing Louis… But I understand why they’re mad tho because everyone really was impressed and proud that Louis would show his support for lgbqt community and to have him (or 1d’s management) slap it in their face that it wasn’t what he was doing and saying he’s straight when no one accused him of being gay is quite upsetting. I also find it ironic that this happened right after the livestream that was supposed to be for THE FANS but was obviously for damage control on all the rumors about Harry and Louis. They didn’t give in when they did have the opportunity to deny EVERYTHING but they didn’t so management turned to twitter instead which is just low, especially attacking someone that found what Louis did admirable and decided to write an article about it…just disgusting. So do what you want about this situation, if you feel personally hurt by this than by all means LET THEM KNOW. Rant over.

Why Did You Start Watching The Walking Dead

Whether you are a fan of the comic book or will watch anything with Norman Reedus in it, blog why you started watching The Walking Dead:

I was tagged by the fabulous liddym2113.

Well, besides a general awareness of the show coming out, my first exposure came in my Trusts & Estates class in law school when one of my professor’s kept working it into hypotheticals because he was watching it with his son.  My take away was: ugh, zombies, no thanks.

That feelings stayed for quite some time and then tumblr happened.  And by tumblr, I mean leigh57.  See, she started reblogging a lot of stuff.  It began with Norman Reedus stuff and I was like “eh, whatever” because, while sometimes I find him incredibly hot, other times I’m like “eh, your eyes and hair are just not doing it for me, sir”—unpopular opinion, I know.  Anyway, time ticked by and then Spring 2013 happened and the perfect storm occurred.

For a series of boring reasons I’ll ramble about in the tags, I don’t follow a lot of people on tumblr, so the first part of this perfect storm was when extraordinaryfearlessness decided to give up tumblr for lent, which meant a solid 40% of my dash became leigh57 and Carol Peletier.  It was a slow and gradual fall at first.  I started watching through gifsets and became more and more intrigued with character, specifically how a person grows, adapts, and changes in that world while trying to maintain the social constructs of the pre-apocalypse society.  It was though Carol that I realized that the show was more than just fighting walkers.  Still, I wasn’t ready to watch.

Then trial prep started, which included a number of glamorous things that are the opposite of glamorous.  The Monday after ‘Inmates’ aired, I got home from work around 9:00 and saw a gifset leigh57 had reblogged of Carol being reunited with the girls.  I had already learned a bit about the backstory through tumblr, but I was particularly drawn in to Lizzie, her dynamic with Carol, and the entire concept of treating mental health issues in a society without any structure or even basic stability.  So I downloaded the episode and watched just those scenes.  That was the beginning of the end.

The next weekend, I spent hours trapped at the office and decided that The Walking Dead was perfect background noise since I could work through (i.e., ignore) the walkers and the vast majority of the characters since at this point my only interest was learning more about Carol, so I was only interested characters in her periphery.  Through a series of snarky public posts about a character who shall remain nameless and rambling messages to leigh57, I got more and more hooked on the show but continued to claim that I wasn’t going to fall in too deep.  Ha. 

Then ‘The Grove’ aired.

By that point, I had caught up to the current series and was desperately in love with Carol, but was still claiming that I wasn’t in full fangirl spiral.  The episode gutted me for the reasons others have explained much more eloquently than I ever could, so I’ll spare you that ramble.  But, suffice it to say, from that point on I was at a DEFCON 1 full out fangirl flail over Carol Peletier and Melissa McBride.

So here we are.