how to paint a galaxy

DIY Best Galaxy Painting Tutorial Ever from Gloriously Chic here. Most galaxy painting tutorials just skim over the details and are really vague - but NOT this one. Very detailed and loads of photos. I really like Gloriously Chic’s bog (and am so glad she initially messaged me!) because she is not a “cutesy” blogger and offers really good advice based on her DIY experiences. For more Galaxy DIYs go here (like copyright free NASA galaxy photos):

Tutorial - how to paint a galaxy

I got a lot of questions on how I did the David Tennant galaxy painting, so I made you guys a tutorial!
2. If you’re doing a portrait I suggest drawing your outline in pencil first so you know where you’re putting your water
3. You only need a teeny tiny bit of paint because it will spread and bleed 
4. Add colours where you want them and make sure your paper is always wet!

5. To add stars, use a light colour (like white or yellow) on an old toothbrush 
6. Use your index finger or thumb to spray the paint onto your galaxy
7. do any touch-ups (ex: extra stars, more blue paint, more pink paint, etc.)

TUTORIAL: Be sure to check it out and see how I created it! You can also see all the products I’ve listed in the video description

So. Space. I like space. I like it so much I decided to put it on my face. (That rhymed!) 

I’m going to be entering into the NYX Face awards with this video! So wish me luck! 

Thanks to everyone who sent me galaxy pictures for inspiration! It really helped!  


If you didn’t know, Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday and almost every year I struggle with finding a costume that’s cheap, comfy, re-useable, is in character, and flattering. (Also easy,because I don’t have time to sew and customize.)

This year, after watching Guardians of the Galaxy for the 3rd time (UNF Chris Pratt), I realized…. hey… I think I can pull of that Star-Lord costume! 

So, if you’re like me, and want to dress up as the Legendary Outlaw here’s where you can find a cheap way to do it and get a pretty dope outfit:

Faux Leather Moto Jacket - $18 (Currently $15 in the store) 

Classic Long Sleeve Top (Blue) - $6 

A pair of jeans

Chocolate Boots - $40

Bonus points:

Orange Headphones ($20) - Cheaper version (Black Headphones with Orange Foam replacements ($12)

Mask - $90 (I’m personally not getting the mask because $$$, but if you wanna.) 

Star-Lord Blaster - $30 (I’m a maybe on getting this myself because what the heck would I do with it after Halloween?) 

Still on the hunt for a GOOD wig that’s under $20, but that’s also optional at this point. 

DIY Painted Galaxy Jeans Tutorial from Prudence and Austere here. Another good tutorial if you want to try this trend. Another absolute favorite galaxy tutorial I posted is from Gloriously Chic here. For more Galaxy DIYs go here (like copyright free NASA galaxy photos):

I can’t speak to “the validity of the struggle” like most folks can but I will say this, oil painting manicures and magenta ombre hair is a ton of fun! Especially when your client’s willing to hold out each finger for you.

Progress and a detail shot of the Nebula Dress that’s currently on the easel.


For those who didn’t know! I’ve got a tutorial up on my Black Light Galaxy look! If you liked the look, be sure to check it out! <3


Groot Fan Art

BUY as poster, case, pillow and more!

Some progress shots. I used overlay and multiply paint modes and started with a colourful base and gradually built up to more realistic colours before drawing the finer detail on top.

"Is it true that the stars go ‘round and ‘round in the sky?"
"I think so…"
"Is it even prettier here than where Levi came from?"
"… I dunno… it’s been so long since I’ve been able to look up at the sky like this."

so… ACWNR chapter 7 ripped out my heart and I kind of barfed all my feelings onto a drawing. I drew it going off of this panel and was inspired by this song :)


So these are the worst procedural photos ever. I did the last bit really fast and didn’t want to stop. I might set up a camera next time and do a timelapse if I have the patience to do it in one sitting.

I sketch out the basic shape with a really watered down white. Then lay down some deeper base colours (you can see the purple) then I keep building it up with brighter, less diluted colours.

I use a dry brush after a few strokes to soften the edges. It also makes the cloud look more naturally random.

A few sprays of blue and some stars dotted around. 

Not unhappy with it.

I wish I was there
when God painted
the universe.
How beautiful it must’ve been
to see the hands of the Maker
rolling oceans of stars from fingertips
that had every star accounted for,
and the way your skin glows,
and radiates, and shimmers
like the reflections of the stars
on the shiny sea

I wish I was there
when God painted
our galaxy.
How sprawling it must be,
stretching out and out
like a beautiful meadow of stars,
and lights that shine like your
glittering milky way eyes.

I wish I was there
when God molded the stardust
that eventually became
you and I.
He broke us into,
with a different plan,
down the same path.
Separated by lover’s hands,
molded together with maker’s glue.
Wet sands in maker’s hands.

I wish I was there
when God created the Earth.
No straight lines,
humans who forget,
and animals who
worship and kiss
his special lands.

I wish I was there
when God painted you
from a pallette of stardust
and colours that burst
into me from you.

I wish I was there
when God painted you.
A masterpiece of a heart,
a glowing like a star soul,
yellow from the sun,
brown for your eyes,
and skin like the sky
that glitters like distant starlight.
Tiny kitten hands.
Leonardo Da Vinci
couldn’t have made
anything as beautiful as you.
I wish I was there
when God painted you.

—  Letter for my Queen XIII.( I wish I was there. )

Meet Gravity, one of the cutest corgis around! This sculpture was done for the wonderfully talented koisnake of her adorable pup! Gosh, I had so much fun with this one, I really think corgis are becoming a specialty of mine. :D

I particularly like how the base turned out on this piece, I painted it with a starry, galaxy type look to match her name.

Gravity measures about 3” tall and 4” long, not including the base. She is made from Super Sculpey/Sculpey Firm polymer clay over a wire and foil armature, painted with acrylic paints, and sealed with Krylon Matte Finish.