how to make a post on your least favorite characters!


30 days of Rizzoli & Isles
Day 5 | Least Favorite Character(s): Dean & Jones

AU: In which they meet and it’s love at first sight!

anonymous asked:

Make a list of at least one protagonist, one side character, and one antagonist (though you could choose more) from the last show you watched, your favorite anime, your favorite cartoon, and one other show of your choosing. Number them at random and post how many are on the list total. Then ask for scenarios like "one and five try to prank seven but ten stops them" or something like that. Save them until you think you have enough, or set a time limit, or ask friends to help then post the results

Oh, this should be interesting. The shows I chose are all wildly different.

There are 16 characters that I’ve chosen (2 protags, 1 side, and 1 antag for each)

So… send me scenarios, I guess.

I’ll stop taking them whenever.