He raised his eyes. “Sister. See. This time I knew you.”

Asha’s heart skipped a beat. “Theon?”

His lips skinned back in what might have been a grin. Half his teeth were gone, and half of those still left were broken and splintered. “Theon,” he repeated. “My name is Theon. You have to know your name.”


Favorites of Theatre - Laura Osnes


Day 4, favorite pairing! this is probably the gayest thing i have ever drawn 

On a more serious note though (I’ll try to keep it short), this pairing really means so much to me. I absolutely love both Yosuke and Souji themselves with all my heart, but together the dynamics of their relationship work so well. Whether it’s platonically or romantically, their relationship betters the other (e.g. Yosuke learns to be more accepting, thoughtful, less rash and Souji opens up to others more and has someone to tell him when he’s being “too Souji”). And of course, I’m an absolute sucker for the best-friends-turn-lovers trope.

I also really love Yukiko and Chie though so here’s a planner doodle :’)


hate thor all you want. whatever. i don’t understand how you manage it, but go right ahead. but if you hate thor for the sake of loki, do not ever trivialise the [admittedly unhealthy] level of co-dependency they share. do not ever say that loki would be better off if thor were dead. if you know anything about loki, you’d know that, despite everything, the last thing loki wants is for thor to really die. in fact, i’ll give you a direct quote from blood brothers (the synopsis, but no less canon) ”The idea of a world without Thor is bleak to him. What would he live for?” there you go. there it is. everything magnificent and endlessly fascinating and tauntingly vulnerable that exists in the universe? no, doesn’t interest loki. doesn’t matter. if thor isn’t there, loki sees no reason to stay alive. there are so many things in the nine realms that loki could occupy his time with. so many things that would fascinate him for eons; and yet if thor is not alive, even as his enemy, loki cares for none of it. the concept of a universe without thor is unthinkable to him. without thor, loki has no reason to live. that’s it. that’s what it all boils down to. people harp on about how there is no loki without thor. but they say it because they mean it. if thor is gone, loki truly and honestly sees no point in existing.


He could have simply put a finger under her chin
and kissed her on the lips the way he’s done before.
But he didn’t. He couldn’t.

Beck knew that just because they got back together
doesn’t mean things were back the way they were.
But he tried. And he hoped.
And Jade kissed him.
And it felt like magic.

When You Are Close, I Am Gone
  • When You Are Close, I Am Gone
  • The Saddest Landscape & My Fictions
  • When You Are Close, I Am Gone

The Saddest Landscape & My Fictions - When You Are Close, I Am Gone

We are all scared. We are all stuck. Dreaming of better days that will never come.

We will always find new ways to let each other down. New ways to scare ourselves. So if this is what you hold onto I will protect it. We burn with friendly fire. 


so, Anon-chan asked me this question and to be honest, it’s really hard to answer. But at the same time it’s quite simple: Just draw.
Keep in mind I’m still a learning artist myself, I make a lot of mistakes and I have so much to learn. That you asked me this, actually, it made me really happy. I like helping people and I did my best.
The upper picture was just the beginning, now here is the ACTUAL thing.
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I’m talking from my own experience and what I see from others and friends.
There’s quite a lot, but I tried to cover most of it.
And I hope this will you.

First of all, the most important thing is to just start!
You won’t get anywhere if you just sit there, like you said. It doesn’t matter HOW it looks like for now, you can worry about that LATER. For now, it’s important to start.

it’s really simple, just set a line! and many more afterwards.

Make mistakes!
Don’t stop because it doesn’t work out at the first time!
or the second time, or the third… actually you are to except A LOT of failures
failures are good, mistakes are important.
Making mistakes means trying something new to you, exploring things and learning.
With every mistake you do, you learn, you improve, you change.
And making mistakes means DOING SOMETHING. and this is important.

I think I can explain it well with this example:
How do babies learn to speak?
They try and fail, try and fail and fail and fail and fail some more before they get the first proper words out. And they learn more and more. But they learn and learn more and starting putting words together. Soon they start their own sentences and making up stories.
I think this is how you could describe getting started with art 

Even if it’s bad,
keep doing it. Learn from your mistakes!
Over and over again, do your mistakes, change your mistakes, learn from them!
If you notice you drew something too small, draw it bigger next time.
If it’s too wide, draw it slimmer next time.

It’s not important how you do it, but that you do it!
You can draw with your feet, you hands, your nose, your mouth.
You can get a toothbrush and paint out and draw on biiig pieces of paper (that’s really fun actually, do that… but don’t brush your teeth with that toothbrush anymore… you can, but it’s not recommended)
You can use a pencil, a monolith, a ballpoint pen, watercolors, crayons… there’s so much you can use!
It doesn’t matter what material you take for art, it doesn’t matter how much time a drawing takes,
It’s only important you started it! There’s is no right or wrong.

Don’t draw for anybody else, but yourself!
Later on you can, if you want to open commissions and stuff, but that’s not your aim here!
Draw because you love it, draw because you enjoy it, because you like creating, because you want to express your feelings. Find a reason you want to draw, find many reasons. But don’t let those reasons be bound to something other than you or your feelings. And don’t let notes or popularity ever be a reason.

Finish your artworks!
Finish the artworks you’ve started.
Having 15 work in progress pieces maybe will teach you how to start, but it will get you into a really bad habit of not finishing your stuff. 
Signing up for 15 marathons, but only taking 2 steps before going back home after the signal to run was given, won’t get you anywhere!

Draw everyday!
a headshot, a hand, a ruler, a mug, a group picture, a comic strip, a walnut
Just draw! And this is one of the most important things to do.
You will see so much progress, so much improvement and you will feel so incredibly happy seeing it when you look back at your starting days!
You WILL see it, no matter how much skills you had at the beginning. you will, and you will love it

Do figure studies!
That’s how you learn about anatomy, movements, drapery and the weight of lines.
Do a lot of them! I recommend posemaniacs for starters who want to learn about how muscles work under the skin.
And don’t only do humans, do animals as well!
A good website for this is lovecastle, just like posemaniacs it offers you timelimit and drawing sessions.
Which is nice if you, like me, can’t afford that stuff.

Do Portraits and use reference, but don’t draw with reference only
This is also a part of learning anatomy, but I see a LOT of artists who don’t seem to get away from it, which is often limiting their ability to convert their imagination on paper! So those artist may have the ability to draw beautiful portraits, but when drawing without reference they fu*k anatomy up so much.

Carry a sketchbook with you!
and use it!
sketchbook’s are probably one of the most important things an artist could ever have.
The art in it does NOT need to be perfect, it doesn’t even have to be good… sometimes I draw short comics about two panties fighting each other… i don’t know why… it makes me happy

The first page in your sketchbook, is NOT the one which has to be the prettiest
it’s almost the opposite, just dump SOMETHING on it.
Because people tend to fear ruining a sketchbook by making bad art on the first page, they don’t start and keep telling themselves they will… don’t do that, just draw. And it also helps, if you sketchbook isn’t the prettiest, or the most expensive one.
If you reaaaally don’t know what to draw there, why not do some figure studies on it? or a pink fluffy unicorn because pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows

Don’t cross out your drawings!
This is probably one of those things that could actually make me cry seeing others doing.
Those artists putting a big ass cross over a doodle is the saddest thing there is.
Don’t do that, don’t you ever ever EVER do that!
If you started something, or if you finished something, you didn’t like AT ALL, then just draw it again right next to your big ass mistake!

It’s important to track your progress, it’s fun and rewarding, but how will you do that, if everything you’ve done is covered by a black circle, a huge cross or a sticker even.

Creating your style comes AFTERWARDS AND WHILE DOING IT!
You won’t go on a BMX championship, if you never rode a bike, but you have to do badass tricks and jumps.
You won’t sign up to a spelling competition ,if you haven’t learned the language
Not that art is a competition, it never is, but I think you get what I mean.
First you have to learn the basics before you get to a next level, before you start adding your own touch and stylize it.

Style is also something that comes naturally!
idk maybe this needs it’s own point as well
Even in your early artworks and sketches, something personal will always be in there.
You may not see it, but others will!
Art Style is like your handwriting. You can have a similar to someone else’s, but it’s still recognizeable as yours, right?
Stop worrying about it, just do it.

Accept critique and think about it!
And if somebody isn’t good at giving critique, they might say something similar to “The body looks a bit off” among the lines.
Don’t be rude or offended by it, but try to figure out WHY it is, they said that. They didn’t say it because the don’t like you, forget that excuse. This excuse ain’t working, ok.
Step away from your art and come back to it after a while with fresh eyes and look at it objectively. Why does the body look off? Are the arms too short? Is the body elongated?

Don’t force it!
If you push yourself too hard, you will be worn out quicker than you think and this could eventually lead you into hating yourself, or your art, or into an art block.

Art is freedom, it’s joy and love. Those art things which can’t/shouldn’t be forced

Have fun!
If you don’t have fun, you will stop soon and you will feel bad about it.
Just have fun! Don’t worry, and draw. Draw as much as you want and as much as you can.
There’s nothing here to stop you. Draw what you love and like 

And some more things you should consider/do even tho some are written above:

  • If you start thinking "this is so hard to draw, i can’t do that", THAT IS the point telling you to DEFINITELY DO IT
  • Practice drawing hands and feet every day, BESIDE your everyday artworks. You KNOW why
  • Treat your sketchbook like a pet and feed it every day. Don’t let it starve
  • Understand that everyone is different, so you learn in your own pace and your own time
  • Draw real life people in public and at home, use your sketchbook on the train or the bus or in a coffee shop
  • Be proud of creating something, but don’t brag and don’t look down on others
  • Collaborate and surround yourself by creative people go on i scribble or pchat if you don’t know any locals
  • You don’t have to be able to draw proper straight lines unless you mean to draw rectangular architecture only
  • Paint some landscapes
  • Draw with your feet
  • Don’t be embarrassed of your art
  • Watch other artists
  • Read books
  • DON’T YOU EVER STOP or i will come and slap you with an already dead fish

If you have more questions, you can ALWAYS come to me and ask me for help, advice or more explanation.

I will answer it definitely, and there are no stupid questions in art except of Can you Draw me? and Did you draw this?

I hope this helped you, and maybe others also interested.
Have a great week and do something enjoyable~