Ylvis-concert review from VG - translated


Oslo Spektrum 9.45 PM friday night: Ylvis has left the building. Probably for the best. 

Concert: Ylvis - «The Expensive Jacket Tour»
Venue: Oslo Spektrum
Audience: 8500 (sold out)

5 out of 6 stars.

The laughing muscles are tired, same as the foot stomping with the beat. The fox has said his. And the brain was probably as blown away as the Ylvis-brothers’ bank account today. Because nothing was anything less than maximum.

Bård and Vegard Ylvisåker are genuinely talented within both music and comedy. Nobody else can combine this to an arena show with a masterful light- and soundshow, with a good portion of pyro added, like what was unfolded in Oslo Spektrum, friday night. 

The mix of clumsy school cabaret, genius parody, highly ironic wit and rhythmic impact is a rare Norwegian product. If there has ever been anything similar.

Dizzie Tunes? Yeah, right.

The Ylvis-brothers embrace the arena clichés warmly. They get away with it, as long as the comedy shines through. The opening is full Spinal Tap - they are slooowly lowered down from the ceiling and slooowly undress before the introduction of “Pressure”. 

They speak English and flirt with the audience, they count down to the start of the concert exactly like Justin Bieber did and they pull up fan-Julie from the crowd during a tender version of “You Raise Me Up”, which is added train horn with tinnitus-strength. 

Just to mention something.

The brothers are a tad rusty during the performance of this little catalog of theirs (which lasted just about one and half hours), but win it all back with charm, intensity and serious goofiness. It is the recognition of the songs and skits from the duo’s TV-show which sets the audience on fire.

But even though parts of the show are driven mechanically forwards (“Stonehenge” was a huge disappointment), the highlights are of sky high quality. 

Like the Kraftwerk-parody “Tissemann” - simply genius. Like the sign-fundraising song about Averøya, where Einar Lunde, Linni Meister, Venke Knudson, Hanne Sørvaag, Glam and Gaute Grøtta Grav, among others, show up in the choir on the Spektrum stage.

Like the graphic, grotesque, slo-mo murder in “Pie Jesu”. Like Magnus Devolds tender cornet during “Careless Whisper”.

But the far most surprising performance was little brother Bjarte Ylvisåker being elevated up from underneath the stage, via ramp, singing “I Will Never Be A Star”, in a fake-tender manner, where he describes his two assholes of big brothers who never asked him if he wanted to join the family comedy troupe. 

A classic Ylvis-song in the EDM/pop-genre, and damn can Bjarte also sing!

It is insanity from one end to another, but it is hilarious insanity, healthy insanity and definitely innocent insanity. In other words, it makes you insane - sorry, happy! 



Quick translation by Idunsses, originally written by Stein Østbø, for VG. (Link)