If you wanna leave I won’t object,
I’m not gonna reject if you feel the need
I’ll even hold the door
I’ll try to move onto the next, so don’t come back thinking I was the best
Because if that was true, you never would’ve left
—  Daniel Hovdahl, Bars by Dan
I'm in the modern day jungle, the concrete trees that reign tall above me. I cannot see, where am I supposed to be? It's all blurry, the signs, the lights and constant flurry of shit. The noise, the nagging and the neon lights are flickering thick. Clusterfuck. People all around me are bickering - useless. Live life to the fullest they say - nay, all hope is gone today. All these souls in distray, so much foul play. May there be peace one day?

- Daniel Hovdahl, ‘13


I’m addicted to a feeling

A state of mind, fleeing

It’s not love, drugs, fame or money

It’s all about the peace of mind,


I’ve tried to catch it

Pickaxes and hatchet

I’ve been searching,

but nothing seems to match it

I get glimpses of the feeling, when I’m alone

When things go right, sometimes when drinking

or driving

Or just when the sun is shining, on your face

the feeling I cannot find, 

a feeling scarce to my mind

and soul. 

There is a hole, where something is missing

The sort of feeling you get, while kissing

An addiction no substance can replace

I just need that escape

The break from the fake and so called great

If I wait a bit, I might just get a little relief

from the sorrow, doubt, 

loneliness and grief 

A sense of calm

with no sweat inside my palm

Each step is light, breathing freely

and each step forward is easy

But it’s never enough, 


I wait for it, waiting and hoping

For the day the feeling comes holding, 


- Daniel Hovdahl, 2013