"I was maybe 5 or 6, and my grandmother would begin sitting me in the Quaker meeting house. I asked my grandmother, ‘What am I supposed to do?’ and she said, ‘Just wait, we’re going inside to greet the light.’ I liked that—this idea to go inside to find that light within, literally as well as figuratively." —James Turrell in Art21’s Spirituality episode

Happy birthday today (May 6) to artist James Turrell.

Seen here is the artist’s work, The Light Inside (1999), commissioned by and installed at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

James Turrell in Spirituality: Preview | Full Segment [available in the U.S. only]
From the Art21 Exclusive series: James Turrell: “Second Meeting”

BOTTOM IMAGE: James Turrell sits in his installation, Second Meeting (1989), at the home of private collectors in Los Angeles, California, 2013. Production still from the Art21 Exclusive episode, James Turrell: “Second Meeting”. © Art21, Inc. 2013.

ADDITIONAL IMAGES: James Turrell, The Light Inside, 1999. Site-specific permanent installation at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Production stills from the Art in the Twenty-First Century Season 1 episode, Spirituality, 2001. Images © Art21, Inc. 2001. Artwork courtesy of The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.


Members and supporters of Idle No More Houston participate in a candlelight vigil in a show of solidarity for the Mi’kmaq Warrior Society after their anti-fracking blockade was brutally attacked by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Learn more about the Mi’kmaq blockade

(photos by Elizabeth Brossa)


Never before uploaded onto YouTube until now:  “When You Believe - Music from The Prince of Egypt NBC Special hosted by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston (View on Youtube: Part I, Part II, Part III)

Over the past year, recording artists from the world of Pop, Gospel, Country, and R&B were all invited to be a part of this special project to create new music based on the themes from the film. The result: dozens of different songs each one inspired by something in the story that touched us in a personal way. And tonight, you’ll see eight of the world’s top artists and exclusive performances. And in addition to all of the great music tonight, you’re going to hear the stories behind the songs, from the artists themselves.               - Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston