Tell us what you think about housing in Anchorage...

Carol Gore, President and CEO of Cook Inlet Housing was a panelist this weekend at the Pride Conference held at UAA. She discussed the importance of affordable housing for stable families, educational achievement and for economic growth. 

Did you attend the session? Carol would love to get your feedback and hear what you have to say about housing in Anchorage. Quality? Affordability? Availability? Challenges? Success stories? Please share. Thank you.

In order for a family to pay bills, afford groceries and clothing, purchase school items for children and enjoy a basic quality of life, no more than 30% of income should be spent on housing. Unfortunately, many families In Anchorage are spending much more than 30% for their housing needs. Anchorage is 20th in the nation for cost of housing. 

Affordable housing matters to everyone in the community. No matter what your income or your family size, you should be able to find decent, affordable (to you) housing options in your community.

We have seen first-hand how stable housing positively impacts families, children and communities.

We invite you to provide your comments and feedback at this blog site to help shape housing policy and decisions for Anchorage. We will share industry news, local, State and Federal housing information that we hope you may find to be interesting and educational.

Be involved. Be engaged. Join the discussion.

What is your experience finding housing in Anchorage? Rental or homeownership? 

How do you rate the quality and selection of housing in the Anchorage market? Poor, Fair, Good, Excellent? 

What would you like to know more about with regards to housing?