You need to do your share of housework all the time, of your own accord, without procrastinating, without being asked, without making excuses. Recognize that our domestic habits and our internalized ideas about unpaid domestic work are hugely gendered and hugely benefit men, and accept that it is your responsibility to fight against this. If feminism is the theory, clean dishes are the practice. Over the next week, take note of how much housework you do as compared to women you live with and note where it is or is not an equitable division.

Historically, cats were considered to be desirable pets due to the fact that they were extremely willing to help with housework. However, after the advent of technology, this all changed. Cats found that it was now too dangerous for them to help with housework, and instead now choose to watch lazily as their humans do it for them. Here we have a cat’s first interaction with a vacuum cleaner, and we see his expression as he realizes helping out is just not worth it.


For some reason idk what made me delete all my Witch!AU…I think that’s cz I wanted to post it all in one post lmao….

Here are some that I saved from last year. If you dont know this, Its my favorite AU that I created. The story is hella long but in short: Levy is a kickass witch while Gajeel does all the houseworks….and Natsu is their “son”. Lucy just wants to be a witch (cz she found out that her mother was a well known witch)….so with Natsu’s help (+ Levy and Gajeel), she attends the magic school (where she meets her dreamy white prince Lisanna…..

I’m currently still working on this (cz HELL YEAH SCHOOL ENDED)….so stayed tuned for more…AU….doodle O)—<

Guys, buying the Leverage soundtrack has changed everything about housework.

Dishes?  No no, searching for a hidden device

Sweeping the floor?  No, sweeping for bugs

Putting the laundry away?  No, undercover sneaking past my cat who must not see my face.

Dunnnn dundun dun dun da dun dun…

I tell you, most neglect|cheating fics from anti-croud were way more merciful and respectful to SS than all this

Kill me now. They did it. They really did it! They REALLY went ahead and honestly admitted that SS is shit and their marriage didn’t work out (even IF it ever existed)! I am genuinely shocked right now. My head spins and my hands are trembling.

Who is this? What is this? Is this broken sad and void woman the girl I cheered for for 10 years of my life? Is this the one girl who once held promise to become the greatest kunoichi of Konoha? Also, good job, she is an apron again, doing housework again.

Seriously? It wasn’t enough that she was portrayed as a sad wreck of a woman in a broken marriage a moment ago? It wasn’t enough that she couldn’t handle righteous questions from her child, snapped and threatened her? Now they have to say that she is also dirt poor and can’t handle a situation she herself caused? Can’t handle to a point where she just falls flat in front of her child, whose house she blew up?

………….. I know, I know. I should be ready for such things already. Sakura is a sad woman in a dysfunctional family, a sore excuse for a ninja, a failure in life, an emotional wreck, a poor housewife, a complete ambition-less shadow of her former self. OMG, one can handle even a bad life scenario in a more dignified way. This is a disaster.

……….And now this child is not even hers by the looks of it. Yes, this is the end. In my wildest dreams I didn’t ask for this atrocity.

I have such mixed emotions right now. On one hand, I am utterly disgusted and saddened by this senseless Konoha, by Naruto who doesn’t smile, by these purposeless adults with no spark in their eyes. Most of all I am obviously destroyed by this image of a complete failure Sakura. They stooped so low with her. They took all her potential and all her dignity and threw it away for the sake of drama. There is NOTHING left to respect in Sakura.

On the other hand, I obviously want to sing in extasy, because BLOODY HELL SS burnes! It burns to the ground! There are only ashes in the air. The scorched smell intoxicates me. I swear to you, the most hardcore anti-fics with cheating and neglect were much more merciful to SS.

“I was disappointed with how Anastasia Tremaine was portrayed in the new Cinderella movie. I went into the theater expecting her to be a nicer stepsister who felt sympathetic towards Ella, wanting to help her with the housework. Instead all I got was a quick apology out of her before she was banished along with her sister and mother. I hope Disney realizes this mistake and write a spin-off movie regarding Anastasia’s animated character development.”

◎ 衣物柔軟精可以阻隔電視螢幕上的灰塵





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