#258 Because of the anti-housewife myth.


It is often believed that feminists hate housewives. This myth doesn’t really make sense, as feminism is about improving the rights of everyone who identifies as a woman, including housewives. However, what feminists do hate is a system that assumes, decides and forces women to become housewives. Feminists hate a system that trivialises the work of housewives and diminishes the service they provide to society. Feminists hate a system that obligates a woman to be a housewife and then doesn’t financially reward her for the time she dedicated to caring for her family. (#143 Because women are twice as likely to live below the poverty line during retirement.)

Feminism is not about criticising women who lead “traditional” lives. It is about making people aware of the patriarchal structures that for centuries have dictated the lives of women and created the current gender roles.

Feminism is about giving women the complete freedom to choose the life they want.

Feminism is about raising the status of concepts, activities, professions and behaviours that have traditionally been considered feminine or female.

Feminism is not about eradicating the concept of the housewife or hating women who choose to be housewives.

Feminism is about questioning why women want to be housewives and encouraging the individual to analyse their life choices.

Feminism is about creating a society where everyone is free to make their own choices.

Feminism is about allowing women, and encouraging them to be housewives if that’s what they really want.

Feminism is about celebrating their chosen path.

Feminism is about respecting the hard work, responsibilities and complexities of being a housewife.

Feminism is not anti-housewife. Feminism is anti-patriarchy.


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