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I try and break into your house,
and turn on the lights,
and open the windows to let some of the smoke out
But your house has gates around it
that extend farther up than my eyes can see
They reach into the heavens and block out any shooting stars that you might have gotten to wish on
Outside of the gates of your house there’s light, and a Milky Way, and fields of colorful brush strokes, but inside
Inside nobody knows what it looks like.
I can only assume it’s dark in there
I can only assume the reason you don’t let anyone in is because your house is unkept
That there’s broken glass on the floor and you’re afraid someone might come in and step on it and get hurt
You’re embarrassed of the mess, of the clutter, of how unbound your living space is
But unbound means that I can roam free inside and be released of the rest of the worlds ball and chain that I carry
Unbound means that i can set free the most important parts of myself and let them fly without reserve
Unbound means that that cares are fairy dust, that burdens are sunflowers, and worries are warm raindrops, and
Unbound means you
Unbound means what you keep inside
Unbound means what you’re afraid to share with the world so every day you add another brick to your wall
And I’ll sit outside your wall
I’ll sit outside your wall and I’ll wonder why you don’t ever have house parties
—  Erin Leigh Blaine