WaterBOB 100gal bathtub water jug.

In an emergency with water shortages people are told to fill their bathtubs to have water on hand. but most bathtubs are not clean in an emergency, and the water will evaporate when left open to the air over time.

WaterBOB solves those problems! Holds 100gal of water, fits any bathtub, and has a hand pump to pump out water as you need without wasting any. Keeps the water clean and fresh, FDA approved material and BPA free. Costs less than 20$ and available on amazon.

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The Easiest, Fastest Way To Cut A Watermelon

= home/house

아파트 = apartment building

기숙사 = dorm

= room

부엌 = kitchen

화장실 = bathroom

벽장 = closet

옷장 = wardrobe, dresser

침대 = bed

베개 = pillow

이블/담요 = blanket

시트 = sheets

알람/자명종 = alarm clock

거울 = mirror

변기 = toilet

싱크대 = sink

샤워실 = shower

수건 = towel

칫술 = toothbrush

치약 = toothpaste

샴푸 = shampoo

비누 = soap

오븐 = oven

냉장고 = fridge

식탁 = dining table

세탁기 = washing machine

사진: 북촌한옥마을, 서울 (Bukchon Hanok Village, Seoul)