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Apparently I live with #HouseArrest2 #FatalFusion members lol #Bop #BopKings #BopQueen not fa real lol 😭😂😭😂 (at Home)

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By @mrphreeze06 “😂😂LADIES KNOW IF IT AINT GOOD DONT ASK!!!!!😂😭😂😭😂 #phreezefiles #alphaphialpha #aphia #1906 #mason #phamason #HA2 #HouseArrest2 #aamu #steveharvey 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 @kingphreeze @kingphreeze @kingphreeze @kingphreeze @kingphreeze @kingphreeze” via @PhotoRepost_app

HOUSE ARREST 2: Day 11/14

Meet Poipoi.

A stuffed Poring doll I got from an online game event 8 years ago. Whew.

Poipoi, though old and torn at some places, is still alive and kicking, gracing the top of my gaming rig, reminding me that there is this kid inside me that never wants to grow up.  Everybody has it.  Only a few remember, though.

It feels good to be a kid again every now and then.

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@marjanidenise look look look @common #Rock lol he auditions for #HouseArrest2 #Blackout ninja (at House of Blues)

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I’m done with her already @marjanidenise is gone in her #HouseArrest2 pants

HOUSE ARREST 2: Day 8/14

Canned Sardines.

And no I did not buy those for my personal comsumption.  The last thing you would see me eat is fish.

I don’t hate fish.  It’s just that if you feed me a chicken dish, a vegetable dish, a pork dish, and a fish dish, the latter would be the last of my possible picks.  I still eat fish - when it’s the only option I have.

Those canned sardines are for our 3 adopted kittens.  Those bastards won’t eat anything else.  Anak ng pusa! Sosyal na mga pusakal! Hindi kakainin pag hindi de latang sardinas!

HOUSE ARREST 2: Day 1/14

So I bought a new webcam.  My very first actually. 16Megapixels at a relatively cheap price.

Well I think it’s about time I buy one and satisfy the qualms of my relatives abroad for a lovely chat with my instantaneous facial expressions gracing their screens.  I have always procrastinated the idea of buying a webcam, and now I already have one.

I may have some other good use for this.  Maybe do a strip show or something. Scary.

HOUSE ARREST 2: Day 6/14


I heard the greatest news from my orthopedic surgeon today.

  • I may or may not brace.  So I decided not to shell out Php4,000.00 for a torso contraption that limits my bending movements.  I can apply the limited-bending law on myself without it.  Imagine all the food I can eat with Php4,000!  And the brace just looks like an ordinary stretchy ab supporter, like the ones you see on workout TV, only with steel bars at the back.
  • I must not get fat.  Or else the additional blubber will force more pressure on my compressed spine.  Now I have to limit my delicious food intake.  Demmit.
  • I may go to the gym again.  Well, minus back-targetting exercises like dead-lifts and squats.  Else I would want to be the weightlifting hunchback of Notre Dame.
  • Strenghten my bones and nerves. Overdose of calcium and B complex here I go.  Kidding.  And drink my milk everyday.  I need to hire someone to breastfeed me then.
  • I may dance. Wee.  Minus breakdancing.  Jeez.
  • I MAY WAKEBOARD AGAIN!  Double weee! I heart you, doc!  If you would be wondering why on earth am I going to do again the dangerous thing that did this to my spinal column, it’s because I am a big retard.  And we should believe my doctor because he specializes in sports medicine.  His credentials say so.


HOUSE ARREST 2: Day 5/14


This is how my spinal column looks like under the MRI Scanner. COOL right?

Notice how even the spacing between the spinal discs are — except for one portion.

A product of my wakeboarding accident.  Hurray.

Doctor said I might need a brace to help immobilize that portion so it may heal completely.  The kiti-kiti that I am, I definitely need one.

The space won’t heal back to it’s original size by the way, unless special cement is injected to ‘raise’ the discs.  My only problem now is the ache caused by those said discs poking the white-like lining of nerves on the right side.


On the consolation, these MRI scans are a marvel!  Looking at these slides still amazes me [from a CD copy that the hospital gave me, OHA! Totyal!].


HOUSE ARREST 2: Day 3/14


Guitar + Google = endless song possibilities.  Very useful for someone like me who tends to forget a song’s chords after not playing it for a day.  Selective amnesia, I know.

It’s an acoustic guitar by the way, so it plays classic love songs beautifully.  I still need to grow more callous fingertips, since they hurt a lot after long hours of playing.

Practice, practice.  Let’s rock!

HOUSE ARREST 3: Day 4/14


I can’t beat my cube-freak friend’s 20-second record of completing that headache of a toy.  You have to memorize the algorithms [a.k.a. patterns combinations] by heart.  And as my friend suggested, you have to keep those colored blocks shuffling everyday or the algorithms will dwindle slowly away from your head.

It’s quite addicting, actually.

MY FASTEST RECORD: 2 minutes and 5 seconds! Lame.

HOUSE ARREST 2: Day 2/14

It has been a very long time since I held a newspaper for the sole purpose of reading it [wrapping and art decor aside].  This was yesterdays issue of BusinessWorld.

BUSINESS.  Very adult-like.  Next level na to!

Gone were the days where the first thing I would look for in a newspaper was the horoscope section.  Basking myself into the adult world of business might prove financially useful to me in the future.

Honestly, looking at the front page already gives me the headache.

HOUSE ARREST 2: Day 9/14


After spending 80% of the day in front of the PC playing, chatting, surfing, writing, idling, ogling, and all other -ings, what thing could end the day better than a nice bath.  It’s the best way to awaken the narcissism inside.

This pose suggests that I am trying to suppress such urge to be narcissistic.  Trying to.