If you thought Marc Newson’s Hourglass design for Ikepod was stunning, wait ‘til you see the video of how they manufacture it. (next post) This may be my favorite making-of video of all. At the Glaskeller factory in Switzerland, workers manipulate borosilicate glass to Newson’s precise specifications using a combination of old and new techniques; as an example of the latter, the sand has been replaced by nanoballs.

The Cherry Tree Hourglass project

Visiondivision and their helpers employed a variety of gentle techniques to mold the trees in a specific way. These include bending, twisting, pruning, grafting, braiding, and weaving. They have even adjusted how much water and light the trees receive, which in turn controls how they grow. 10 trees were used in all, 4 of which have been set aside to create two pairs of stairs.

The remaining trees are spaced equally in an 8 meter diameter circle and will be guided into their appropriate shapes by a temporary 6 meter high wood tower. Everything in this structure is made from trees, plants, and grass, and when the beautiful cherry trees blossom, so will The Patient Gardener. In a world where we frequently sacrifice aesthetics and sound ecology for speed, this amazing structure is a breath of floral-scented air! For additional diagrams and details, please visit Visiondivision’s website.

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ssshirebagginsss said:

Hey, I saw you posted about Hourglass' Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil. How do you feel about the texture/application of it?

I love the Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil from Hourglass (I wear the shade Blonde) and it’s been my eyebrow pencil of choice since purchasing it earlier this year.

It applies evenly with little effort and the slanted shape makes filling in the front part of my brows very easy. Texture-wise, the Hourglass pencil is less waxy than what I expected. If my brows are looking particularly unruly, I prefer to use a separate brow gel to keep them in place. 

My only complaint is that the pencil itself slips out and I’m constantly popping it back inside the tube. Not a deal breaker, but still mildly annoying; I would expect a $32 product to stay in one piece. 

Upon the Hour

By: Corey Duckworth

Ticking away to the sounds of the waterfalls rhyme,

Within the distance I take a leap,

A dance between both space and time,

Your heart I see within my grasp.

The bitter sting of a butterfly’s wasp.

What did the hourglass grant you, 

As it’s hands pointed to twelve?

What secrets did it ask you;

in which memories did it delve?

Think fast! Wretchedness of my own,

A fool’s youth turned into a fool grown.

Lakshmi Rai Weight, Height, Bra Size, Figure Size Body Measurements

Lakshmi Rai Weight, Height, Bra Size, Figure Size Body Measurements

Lakshmi Rai Weight, Height, Bra Size, Figure Size Body Measurements

Lakshmi Rai is a Indian film actress. She mostly appears in South Indian films. She appeared in different successful Tamil films. She is a beautiful actress. Lets see Lakshmi Rai Weight, Height, Bra Size, Figure Size Body Measurements.

Lakshmi Rai Age: 32 years

Lakshmi Rai Birthday Date: 05-05-1981

Lakshmi Rai Body Shape: Hourgla…

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