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Hey there lovelies. You've been posting some Granada Holmes lately and I was wondering if you could recommend a website to watch it online. You've made me very curious^^

We have INDEED.

Jeremy Brett’s Sherlock Holmes is to die for.  You can order the discs on Netflix (sadly, they’re not on WatchNow), and while most of the full episodes have been taken down, you can find plentiful Granada programming split into five parts by searching YouTube for Jeremy Brett and the episode title.  Local libraries, believe it or not, often carry them as well.  

If, after taking any of these steps, you are in love with the series, which you will be, boxed sets are available on Amazon of all the collections, as well as the longer two-hour single episodes like The Sign of Four, Hound of the Baskervilles, and The Master Blackmailer (Charles Augustus Milverton).

Happy watching! — lyndsayfaye


So I was trying to find a scene to paint just now and as I was looking through my folder I - 

They could have taken that out of shot. They could have taken it down. Heck, they might have put it there themselves but THE FACT IT IS THERE IS FACT ENOUGH - THE FACT IT IS CENTERED EXACTLY BETWEEN THEM ABOVE A FLIPPING FIREPLACE IS TOO MUCH.


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Sherlock + height difference