Another update on Wendy!

She has bruising on the left side of her head but her brain is fine.

She got a 9/10 on her psych evaluation and the doctor said she’ll seem just a bit ditzy for a while and gain headaches.

She has one IV in still and hasn’t eaten yet.

Her fever is at 101 now and she will randomly fall asleep at points.

She’ll mostly seem like she’s doped up on drugs for a few days so that will be fun …

She wants to thank everyone who has sent their love and all the messages and she actually started to cry which made her head really hurt so I had to leave 😕

But before I left I tried to raise the mood and I asked her who her tumblr parents were and she mumbled “Lauren and Deysi … Duh” which I’m assuming is hotrodren and momocicerone 😅

And then I asked her who Juvia Lockser is and her face lit up and she whispered “my Bae”

She’s so silly even when she’s injured.

I’m not sure when she’ll be able to get back on here or even when she’ll get out of the hospital 😕