hotfortomlinson said:

i feel so lost, ive been struggling with my disorder since 8th grade,im now a senior in high school and i feel like breaking down every day because ive started eating normally for the last few months and i feel so fragile

I’m sorry that you’re feeling this way.

hotfortomlinson said:

wait why do you not like stupidstagram

Well, I called her out once. And since at that time she had received a lot of hate, she blamed every single anon hate on me. She had all of her followers insult me etc.

I really never feel the need to send hate to anyone though. If i see bullshit, ill call them out to their face. I have no reason to hide.

I especially don’t like the way she treats her followers, or her arrogant attitude. 

hotfortomlinson said:

Hello,I just wanted to tell your friend that they are beautiful and are worth a lot. Also that depression is only temporary,even if you've had it for years like I do I still find some reason the smile and you deserve to smile too. You may not see it but there are so many people who care about your well being,including me. Try to keep holding on and feel free to talk to me if you see this message.

hotfortomlinson said:

To add on to your experience at the boys concert my cousin who is 12 and doesn't even ship Larry(although she doesn't ship Elounor either) she told me that she very clearly noticed that they were avoiding each other at the concert in Las Vegas and that they would even avoid looking at each other.

Exactly - you don’t even have to be looking for it to be noticeable.

The problem is, to the casual fan, it looks like they’re just not friends anymore. I can’t see how that would be good for the band’s image, but none of Modest’s decisions have ever made that much sense to me, so why should they start now?