BB #46 | Lando Kal | Further | Hotflush


The quality of output from Scuba’s Hotflush label during the past two years has been nothing short of mind-blowing. And now they’ve bagged the mouth-watering debut solo release from up-and-coming beat maestro, Lando Kal. That kickdrum is summat else. Oooof, Woiii, etc.



Lando Kal : Further

Hotflush Recordings : May 2011 : Further / Time Out 12"

Out now, sick tune.


Lando Kal - Further


Sepalcure - Eternally Yrs.

BB #228 | Scuba | Everywhere | Hotflush


So Adrenalin was one of the most hyped releases of 2011 but, as we crawled over the line into 2012, it was this b-side we found dominating our ears. A snippet of disco/electro magic that, for us, will outlast the a-side. On a longevity tip, today.



Scuba - Everywhere

Untitled (Original Mix)
  • Untitled (Original Mix)
  • Paul Woolford

Finally given the release today by Hotflush Recordings, this massive house track has been floating around for short while now. Will be belting this one all summer, thats for sure! The piano is just unstoppable. 

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SCB - Mace

what a longggg weekend

Sepalcure - “Pencil Pimp” (album single)

Artist: Sepalcure 
Title: Pencil Pimp 
Label: Hotflush Recordings 
Cat number: SEP001 
Format: 12” Vinyl, Digital 
Release date: 7 Nov 2011

A. Pencil Pimp 
AA. I’m Alright

Sepalcure are poised to release their eponymous debut full length through Hotflush this November. In advance of the album a key track, “Pencil Pimp”, will be released as a single, backed with an exclusive track, “I’m Alright”.

The single reflects Sepalcure’s approach to the album, where Travis Stewart (Machinedrum) and Praveen Sharma (Braille) utilize the longer format to develop their collaborative process and incorporate the diverse influences present in their solo work to their sonic mixture. Machinedrum’s much-heralded Room(s) LP and Sharma’s recent EPs on Hotflush and Rush Hour reflect the impact of the frenetic, paranoid rhythms of the modern Chicago underground on the wider electronic world and the return to vogue of another musical style that originated from that city: House. But both artists add a crucial sense of emotional sensibili

Released by: Hotflush Recordings 
Release/catalogue number: SEP001 
Release date: Nov 7, 2011 
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Paul Woolford & Psycatron - Stolen [HFT018]

Wicked release from house legend Paul Woolford. Forthcoming on the fantastic Hotflush recordings. 

1. Stolen

2. Stolen (Dub Mix)

3. Stolen (Dub Mix 2)

Release date: October 24th 

george fitzgerald presents hotflush

^ are those not just the best 4 words ever??!??!?! you can download this one at soundcloud.


1. Sigha - Something In Between Us (forthcoming) 
2. Scuba - The Hope (forthcoming) 
3. Joy O - Jels (HF027) 
4. Sepalcure - The One (Kevin McPhee remix) (forthcoming) 
5. Lando Kal - Rhythm Sektion (forthcoming) 
6. Sigha - B1 (HF029) 
7. George FitzGerald - We Bilateral (Back and 4th compilation) 
8. Paul Woolford & Psycatron - Stolen (Dub 1) (HFT018) 
9. Scuba - Action (forthcoming) 
10. Mount Kimbie - Carbonated (CNL003) 
11. Scuba - Ruptured (Surgeon remix) (HFRMX003) 
12. Toasty - The Knowledge (HF006) 
13. Sepalcure - No Think (HF026) 
14. Scuba - Dream (SCUBA003)

BB #155 | SCB | Mace | Hotflush


Now an undisputed heavyweight of the bass music scene, Paul Rose, aka Scuba, aka Spectr, releases another piece of limited edition vinyl - this time using his SCB moniker. Got a feeling this’ll sound fresh in the mix with Martyn & Mike Slott’s All Nights (BB #4).



Roska - Abrupt

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Lee Jones - Moment (George Fitzgerald Remix) [AUS1136]

‘Slick’ - a word constantly brought up when describing George Fitzgerald.

This lad has a way of remixing tracks, and this release by Lee Jones is no exception. This time around, he takes a techno track and let’s it breath, adding a steppy garage element to it; a sound he’s been building ever since his debut on Hotflush.

As per Fitz, vocal samples are perfection to. But what really makes this track for me is that you know when you hear this out, it will make your night. It’s one of those 'close-your-eyes and listen’ club tracks which I for one, highly recommend you pick up.

Out now on Will Saul’s AUS imprint, as part of Lee Jones' Moose Mingles EP; which also features a superb remix from Midland.