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He’s going to be a great father.

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When your jam comes on, but ya squad ain’t there


the fabric on my top is stunning


Molly, you’re screwed up.

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F I G U R E M Y. H E A R T. O U T.

Big toys, little custom.

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it says no sex, no drugs, no rocknroll - it's this one: polyvore com/no_sex_drugs_rock_roll/thing?id=117531643 -- and this just the morning after the "drug scandal"... gotts enjoy Lou's humour lol



I think it was a manufactured ‘sex and drugs’ scandal to create bigger headlines than a simple pap walk.

Business Slip

*Prompt: Cordelia and Misty Skype while Cordelia is away on a business trip*

The hotel room wasn’t unpleasant, but god, it was lonely.
Needless to say, Cordelia was exhausted by the time her twelve hour long conference finally came to a close. Despite being the supreme, these intense business dealings weren’t exactly her forte, and she needed to recharge.
Kicking off her heels, she fell back onto her bed, lacking her usual poise, too tired to care. The bed was cold, too well made. So obviously not her home. Not anyone’s home.
Cordelia propped herself back up on her elbows, yawning and observing the room.
It was perhaps the finest room in the finest hotel in Florence. Everything screamed Post-Renaissance, from the beautiful paintings that lined the walls to the elegant, artisan furniture. A beautiful balcony was illuminated magnificently by the setting sun.
But it wasn’t home.
She hadn’t slept alone in months, not since the last conference in Abu Dhabi, and she knew she’d have a hard time sleeping tonight, even with her exhaustion. She was going to miss Misty too much.
The clock on the wall read roughly 10 to 8, and she had no idea what time that would be back home, but that didn’t stop Cordelia from pulling her laptop out of her bag and hitting the call on Mistys Skype contact.

Back in New Orleans, it had was nothing short of a boring day. The covens inhabitants, all in various stages of boredom, were sitting around in the living room playing twenty questions (Madison’s idea, of course.)
It was Mistys turn to be grilled by the group. She was sitting cross legged on the floor, readjusting her skirt, an innocent grin on her face as she readied herself for the questions.
They began basic enough; her favourite films, fears, childhood pets, dreams and the like, but when they got about 15 questions in, things got racy, as they always do.
“So, are you a virgin?”, Madison asked, tilting her head slightly to the left and relishing as Mistys cheeks turned red.
“Eh-hng-”, Misty began to stutter, hand reaching to the back of her neck as a chorus of ooohs erupted from the group.
“That says it all!”, Zoe teased.
“Who did it? Some hippie swamp guy? Maybe a Fleetwood Mac tribute band?”, Madison asked before laughing “as in, the whole band.”
Misty was growing more uncomfortable.
“I think-I think that counts as two questions.”, she tried to stall time.
“Fine, but you’ve still gotta answer!”, Nan interjected.
The group leaned forward as Misty looked down at her knees.
“Well…I was 18 and it was-”, Misty said the first thing that came to mind “he was a singer in a band.”
From the sounds of the groups laughter and cheers, they bought it, and Misty breathed a sigh of relief.
But too soon.
It was Nan who asked the next question.
“How long have you been in love with Cordelia?”, she asked.
The group fell silent, and Misty felt the bottom drop off of her stomach.
Misty opened her mouth a few times to answer, but nothing came.
“That’s not true.”, Zoe stated flatly, looking right at Misty.
“It’s actually pretty obvious.”, Madison said thoughtfully. “You’re always looking at her like she’s the shit.”
Misty had gone as white as death.
“I think I’m gonna go take a shower.”, she whispered, still in a state of shock.
None of the other motioned to stop her as she practically ran from the room.
“The answer is about a year.”, Nan piped.

Cordelias first call went unanswered. Misty must have been out in the greenhouse or something.
Cordelia left the laptop on her bed and stood up, walking out on to the balcony. Florence was beautiful beneath her, full of colour and life. The sun had almost fully set by now, and the city had an almost ethereal quality about it.
Funny how she was always attracted to the ethereal.

Misty felt almost instantly better when the cool water hit her bare skin. Bathing and sleep, mother natures cure for everything.
She couldn’t go and face the others downstairs. Madison’s endless teasing, Zoe’s relentless pandering…it was all to much.
Stevie Nicks voice was suddenly interrupted by the sound of a Skype call.
Mistys heart flew in her ribcage like a canary. That had to be Cordelia. Hastily wrapping a towel around herself, she ran to answer.
“Heya Dee!”, she smiled brightly.
Cordelias tired face went a bright pink. “Misty you..umm..”, the supreme gestured.
The swamp with looked down to find that in her haste, she had not covered everything.
Quickly, she pulled her towel up higher.
Cordelia laughed, and with a sky wink, purred “now that’s after brightening my evening.”
Cordelia went to the second day off her conference a much happier woman.

*thank you for the prompt!! Again, point out errors!!*

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"So, I heard Metropolis has some really nice hotels..." // Couldn't resist. XD


“–Make a reservation and meet me there, pronto. I’m just going to grab a few things.”

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“I won’t let you be on your own, not when you’re like this.” Joanolo perhaps?

This is actually the second part to the prompt I posted just a few seconds ago.

Part 1


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