The signs as random hotel scenarios/don't ask questions//
  • Aries:there's only one channel that works; it plays non-stop sesame street marathons
  • Taurus:in the breakfast area, waffle-makers and orange juice are the only things that are available?
  • Gemini:hotel evacuated due to Macklemore burning popcorn at 3:00 am
  • Cancer:that friendly hobo that lives outside your room's window/balcony; he was given the name "Flowers" and won't leave you alon e
  • Leo:the weird things you find left behind from the previous people in the room
  • Virgo:the crying toddler across the hall that keeps you from sleeping
  • Libra:the really cool desk clerk who seems too cool don't trust them
  • Scorpio:the overly enthusiastic artist in the lobby who begs you to let them paint a picture of you even though it's 2015 and your running late for your meeting
  • Sagittarius:the cliche' "oh hey look you're on live news and you're wanted for bank robbery and possibly murder" person oh no
  • Capricorn:the really attractive stranger who's sort of quiet and owns a company wow guess it's your lucky day huh?
  • Aquarius:the teenagers playing mario cart, where are there parents?
  • Pisces:you're travel friend who you have to look out for because they always seem to mess up something

when the semester is over and you get to throw out your schoolwork

when u have shitty internet / everything’s so slow that there’s no point in trying to use it

when u need to level up in a game so u send your character into the flurry

when u send your friend off to watch your favorite TV show

when ur daughter’s baby is part human part vampire and it’s time for them to learn to fly

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