Hotel Remorse is a terrifying first person horror with PT-esque creepy corridors, a dread filled atmosphere and blood curdling jump scares.

You play a husband and father who has lost his mind after losing his wife during childbirth.  Throughout it’s short 10 minute playtime, you’ll discover the hotel isn’t all that it seems, and there’s a good reason why you’re checked in.  

As you explore, Hotel Remorse throws lots of visual trickery and genuine scares at you, with excellent audio and visual design that really keeps you immersed in this horrific nightmare.

Turn the lights down and the volume up, then be ready to jump out your skin.  Highly recommended horrific fun.  You can check in any time you like, but you may never leave!

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New Situations

It’d been three days since Lilah woke up and found herself chained to the inside of a meat locker in the basement of the hotel. She  didn’t remember much from the day she was actually turned,other than Wes was there she  was starving, and tried to drink from him. She did remember that before she tried to bite him it took a while for what had happened to her to fully sink in.

Since she’d woken up and tried to get free of her bonds, Wes had been visiting with blood for her and a cross to make sure that she played ‘nice’ Lilah knew he couldn’t go through with his repeated threats to stake her. If he was really going to he would’ve done it already.

Lilah spent most of the day sitting in her little prison thinking and waiting. She smiled when she heard and felt Wesley coming down the stairs. She moved as best she could in the bounds so that she was back against the wall,waiting for him to open the door.

hi who would like to have an open discussion on what my possible fic story should be
General idea I have going it its amerinyopan with aliens and stuff where al’s (human??) dad owns this huge hotel but it’s class system is like the titanic basically where the less you pay for your room the more ‘gross’ it is (but it’s still a decent place) and so nyo!hon (haven’t decided name) is a mix of an alien and human where the alien side is made of water? she can basically turn to water at will (kind of useless aha) and so she’s on her own (haven’t decided why) and she stays on the lower levels of the hotel (she doesn’t have enough money) with other not so high life aliens. She takes a job at the hotel as (haven’t decided) and that’s where Al takes notice of her? She tries to avoid him and he thinks she’s pretty so he tries to talk to her.

That’s literally all I got I have no story except that opening

when the semester is over and you get to throw out your schoolwork

when u have shitty internet / everything’s so slow that there’s no point in trying to use it

when u need to level up in a game so u send your character into the flurry

when u send your friend off to watch your favorite TV show

when ur daughter’s baby is part human part vampire and it’s time for them to learn to fly