Yes, Luke…. You can choose right pictures, really….
No, btw, I like that one. Fascinating view! I wish I could stay in this hotel room, heh.

The only question, at which we’ll never know the answer, is who took this pic. Ofc, that’s someone from 5SOS. Who exactly is? I think such pretty pacific picture could be taken only by one person. Yes, he always makes funny ridiculous videos and awkward photos of himself or others, however, he can be another with Luke. Thus, Ashton, was that you?..
How I wish Ashton could’ve sat right there with Luke near the window on this photo :’)

And I hope this bed is made not only for one person… Even tho if for one, they could share it.
Well, wait… There are two night tables with stuff on it (I don’t think Luke would’ve put his belongings on two tables…what for?), two wall lamps above the bed, one for each side. And, eventually, pillows (four? Not even two….). Idk what to think.

Maybe, that’s okay for boys and they always stay in such rooms, alone… Anyway, Ashton (I suppose so) was in Luke’s room taking this pic. Even if they were not together, that was only when they were sleeping (but even that’s not fact!).

Hope I’m right at least that Ash took a perfect shot of Hemmo. But there could be something more than just only taking a photo.