Italian woman, I am finally starting to get yas!

Today a lady who I’m kind of working for/speaking to her and her sons in English a couple of hours a week asked me, “so why didn’t you want to be an aupair this time?” Short answer: “Basta is Basta” ((very) rough translation) “Enough is enough”.

Long, flouncy answer, I wanted to really feel like I was living in Italy for myself. I have lived in France, I have worked in France and so have been able to make my own mind up about the people, the place, the ways of life. In Italy, despite having spent so much time here I really haven’t been able to truly do any of the above. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my experiences of being an aupair. And from it I came to the conclusion that the majority of people were extremely friendly, helpful, smiley all the time… which I’m starting to realise isn’t 100% true. My favourite Italian mum, Luana, always used to claim she didn’t understand why I liked Italians so much, but I’m now starting to realise, when you’re working in a family the percentage of people being super friendly with you is magnified seeing as, in general, the people you meet are also their friends and family. When they don’t know you or don’t have any allegiance to you, Italians can actually be, well, douchbags. 

But anyway, despite that negative, I’m also learning a lot more about what it’s actually like to LIVE in Italy and maaaaaan it’s HOT. Aupairing, I could never understand why the families didn’t want to be out in the nice hot sunshine ALL THE TIME!!! But I’m actually starting to get it! Surprisingly it’s actually not that fun sweating your tits off in the middle of a busy city, sat under the scorching sun, just because you should, because in England this miracle of heat and pleasant weather would only last a day,  tops 2. No, I’m starting to learn that, either you go out in the Am, or you go out in the evening, 4pm and after, not before. Otherwise you will melt and spend the rest of your time longing for the cold shower you’ll be able to enjoy when you get home. What’s more, unlike the UK, not only will the sun be sticking around for, oh, just the WHOLE of the summer… the heat stays, oh, just the WHOLE night. So you could be out and about, enjoying that stroll around the town at gone midnight if you so wished! The day doesn’t finish with the 5pm cuppa and biscuits!

Another sudden realisation, also linked to the heat is the whole “indoor/outdoor” clothing malarky. I HAVE NEVER… until now, understood why Italian women were so prone to changing their clothes multiple times during the day…. I 100% get this now! You change your clothes because anything that you wear outside, you DO NOT want to be wearing inside too a) because anything acceptable to wear outside is probably too constricting to want to be wearing while hot and sticky indoors b)if you wear what you want to wear out, in… by the time you leave… it will be wet, if you come in from outside wearing something, you’ll want to be getting that off pronto because… it will be wet. c)It’s too hot for a bra, so if you’re taking that off you may as well take the whole outfit off. 

And that leads me to realisation number 3… The “let’s let it all hang out” rule. Indoors, women do not wear bras, I mean I’m surprised they wear them anyway, as the sizings (1 degree - 5 degree) makes zero sense, but anyway, inside the comfort of your own house is a bra-free zone. Because if we’re going to be honest, bra sweat IS the worst… and what better way to avoid thaaaan, not wear one… simples! I take back all I said about Sonia letting loose, if I were in her shoes I would too! Oh hell I am right now…. only difference being… there’s not an almost unknown 19 year old foreign girl chilling in my house with me!