veradune replied to your post “oh good I’m not the only one who immediately died over Jenna Coleman…”

MY HERO (I’m dying)

THANK YOU (you’re welcome)

now where are all the other fics and the art c’mon guys. i want reams of leather kink and drag racing AUs. everyone hopped on the trash-Twelve bandwagon, i know u can get up on some Hot Rod Clara

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Name: Alex

Nickname: Junior

Birthday: July 27

Sun sign: Leo

Gender: boy

Height: 5′7

Sexual orientation: ????

Romantic orientation: ????

Favorite colour: Purple

Time and date at the moment: May 16, 2015 9:03AM

Average hours of sleep: like 3-6 hours

Lucky number: 7

Last thing I googled: fun arts and crafts

First word that come to my mind: great googly moogly

Place that makes me happy: internet and school (only bc it’s not home)

How many blankets I sleep under: 1

Favorite fictional character: B-mo

Celebrity crush: Sabrina Carpenter and Tyler Joseph (hot damn, tyler)

Favorite book: Paper Towns

Favorite anime: Clannad was pretty good/sad

Favorite TV shows: oitnb, brain gams, duck quacks don’t echo, idk man who watches tv

Musicians/band(s): twenty one pilots, fall out boy, panic! At the disco, my chemical romance, Andrew Huang, boyinaband, Skrillex

Favorite games: i haven’t played a video game in a long time. i really liked Skate, Fable, and Lara Croft Anniversary tho

Last movie I watched: La Mission (EVERYONE GO WATCH IT)

Dream holiday: idk man

Dream job: I REEEAALLLLY wanna make it as a musician. Whether I’m in a band or solo, this is what  want to do with my life

Last book I read: tbh I read the bible. I really like the story about King Solomon’s first wise decision.

People I tag: ailerom97 meapgirl and lis-kat bc you three rock

Also if you wanna get to know me, message me and I’ll give you some contact info :D

I started having a problem with my music addiction recently. Actually with the lack of really valuable good pieces of music. Honestly, I like some of the “new age” bands, but really small amount of them. And it’s really pity, because I’m ultra emotional and I have this high level of perception of the music as an art in general. And I’m open for suggestions. 

So I have really big problem with all these posers with super skinny jeans, flannel shirts, tattoos all over and good screamo technique, because that’s basically all they can do. Damn, they could rush into Hot topic, but they can’t fake personality and talent so well. Same goes about their fans and the merch, which is mostly the goal. Ya, they do have power, they do have passion, but I can say at least 10 bands without even thinking more than a second, and they’d sound exactly the same. And please get lost with bullshits like “You don’t feel it, you don’t understand”, because I do. 

And I’m really hungry for that thrill again, which only old bands can give me, when in first 2 seconds, after the first guitar of the song, you already know that it would change everything and it will keep changing it over and over again, no matter how many times you’re going to listen to it. And it would be the same 20 years later. I fucking need this. Damn.