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I noticed on host2 that under some of the guys pics it says 指名本数 no.1, 2 or 3 is that in regards to how many customers they currently have? Or how many times that month theyve been shimeid?

It means how many individual customers they had the previous month.

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Hello, love all this host stuff. I am glad I don't live in Japan. I'd be bankrupt by now. Got questions. You know when you go on the Host2 website on the hosts profiles there is this thing about "system" some of them have: prince, healing, based drink, erotic, etc Systems, what does this mean? I so want to go to Club EST. I like Natsune Yuzu of course and Sara Ichijou. I noticed you've been to EST and you weren't impressed. Is Yuzu really arrogant? Even if you flash them money only joking 😆

Hi Anon,

Instead of system, I think you mean type (タイプ)?

This basically just expresses what “type of host” he is. For example if it says “Johnny’s-kei” (ジャニーズ系)it means that that hosts appearance or actions are similar to someone from Johnny’s Jr. Some, for example say “Geinin-kei” (芸人系) which means he’s like an entertainer, perhaps funny. “Iyashi-kei” (癒し系) would likely mean that he is good a listening or making a customer feel comfortable or relaxed.

I personally feel that the hosts that I have met recently and in the past are nothing like they describe themselves to be. “Ouji-kei” (王子系), how narcissistic must you be to believe that you are like a prince? Lol

As for EST, every customer will have a different experience and a different opinion. For example, I went to shokai at Club Sexta with one of my followers here on Tumblr. I absolutely loved the place and have since then gone back 3-4 times and now have a tantou there. She, on the other hand didn’t like the place too much. Needless to say, we both didn’t enjoy EST lol. To be honest though, my worst shokai experience had to be EST. It is the only time I have been to a shokai where I was so bored with the hosts they kept rotating over to our table that I had to kept asking them to change. Also, during shokai, do not expect Yuzu or Sara to visit your table during shokai. The only reason Yuzu and J.P. visited our table was because the girl I was with requested to see Yuzu (for me lol). He is after all the daihyou of EST as well as one of the top hosts in Minami but in my opinion extremely narcissistic and kind of made us feel like we were just wasting his time. Though, I will say that he is good eye candy and that is about it. I okuri’d Reo and my follower okuri’d J.P. but we both never plan to go back there.

Aside from EST, I often here that the other clubs in their group like G-TOP and Akatsuki are quite fun. Never been there personally so I can’t really base this information on my own experience.

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www(.)host2(.)jp/shop/superstar/tsubaki/index(.)html This kid is cute. Do you think his profile about being an ex-johnnys is true?

It’s likely. It’s actually not that hard for guys to get into Johnny’s, and even if it’s not a major debut group, they can still claim they were a Johnny’s boy but by entering the company.

I don’t recognize him from any major groups or anything though.