Shokai Report: Club Valentine

So a friend and I have been trying to go to this place for some time now, but the last couple times we called the club to see if they were open and had room for shokai customers, they never picked up the phone. Come to find out, it’s because they are listed as an 1-bu club on host2 when they are actually 2-bu.

My main reason for wanting to go here is because their page on host2 is absolutely awesome. All their panel pictures are made to resemble the new comedy group that do the “ダメよ~ダメダメ!” skit.
See what I mean here:

Anyway, the place wasn’t too difficult to find, it’s in the basement of some building on Mittera, which is the street where pretty much all the other clubs are in Minami.

When we arrived, they had just opened so the place was dead aside from maybe two other customers. One of the customers had a couple keep bottles on her table and was giving out small packets of chocolate to every host that stopped by her table because it was valentine’s day. We were sat in the corner and one of the guys that escorted us to our table just decided to claim his spot next to my friend which was hilarious because our time hadn’t even started yet. One of the hosts came by and explained the shokai system to us and also mentioned something about automatic enchou (fucking hate places that do this).

Soon after they opened, customers started pouring in and there was an entire section that was packed so I guess the club does quite well. During our time there, quite a few hosts came to our table as usual in groups of two. One thing that I did find interesting, is that a lot of the hosts were over 30 in this club which is quite rare. I had some interesting conversations with a few guys and then got stuck with some noob that just pretty much sat there in silence and occasionally tried to make conversation by saying things like “your bracelet looks expensive…” I didn’t even feel like making an effort to talk to him, but eventually one of the kanbu guys, Mamoru, swooped in and was able to make things interesting again.

A couple hosts also went around the club with a tray full of tequila shots to which they called “Tequila Time” which is a first for me to see in a club. Shortly after, one guy came over and asked us to chose our okuri-shimei’s and I was also freaking out because we had been there for way longer than we were supposed to and I remember them telling us that it was automatic enchou and didn’t want to risk getting stuck with having to pay extra. After telling the guy our choices he went off but never came back so we were sat there with two new guys. The kid sat next to me is a student at Kinki University and is studying English so he was quite excited to talk to me though he looked like a 16 year old girl… His host name was also Yoshimi and I asked why he had a girl’s name and he replied “Because many people say my face looks like a girl.” He was obviously new and was trying so hard that when some guy came by to ask us for our okuri-shimei choices (again, because who knows what happened the first time) I just went ahead and picked the kid and my friend went with the guy that was currently sitting next to her which was some guy named Jo.

We did indeed stay longer than the allowed shokai time, but there were no extra charges which was nice.

Yoshimi, who I have dubbed as Yoshi keeps texting me in English which is quite adorable.

The club is overall not too bad, quite a lot of interesting hosts and I would possibly consider going back a second time, especially since they gave us these second time special service tickets.

My okuri: Yoshimi

Friends okuri Jo: