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i figured out that he works at OVER (the miyabi guy)

Dunno him. Judging solely by his host2 profile answers, he’s a douche but probably fun to play around with so I suggest not taking him seriously.

On the other hand he’s too minor to be mentioned on hostlove so maybe he’s not that fun after all…

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Hey, at your previous posts you answered that Ryoma Saegami owened club Clover, now it said he is executive player (what in the world is that mean ?)in Colors group. www(.)host2(.)jp/shop/colorsosaka/ryoma/index(.) html, do you know what's going on with him nowdays? And one more question, I heard you can just meet him in the street, do you know where in what aria I can meet him on a street?

I never stated that he was the owner of Clover, he was listed as the producer. Clover Group is completely owned by Gotou Kazuya.

As for Ryoma, yes he is still at Club Colors Osaka 1-bu as an executive player (it’s just having a higher rank/kanbu). As for meeting Ryoma in the streets… I have been in Osaka for years now and have NEVER seen him wandering around on the streets so I doubt what your heard is true. I also think he would freak out if he was approached by some random foreign girl on the street as well. If you want to meet him, the best way would be to shokai at Colors 1-bu. A friend of mine used to shimei him at Clover and said that he is very nice.

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What an intetesting Q/A is develiping here! talking about Colors Osaka, do you know something about Ko Hiragi, the owner? is he the owner of all Colors Group, or just Colors Osaka? www(.)host2(.)jp/shop/colorsosaka/ko/index(.)html (if somebody already asked this, please give me the link of the answer).

I have never been to Colors Osaka, nor do I know anything about the club in general. Being listed as the owner of Colors Osaka doesn’t necessarily mean that he owns the entire group. For example, Haruka ex-DeepSpeeD is opening a new club called Universe next month and he is listed as the owner but the club is actually part of Deep Group (DeepSpeeD, Genji, Ai For You, East-1, etc.)

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Hello I've been wondering if you have any information on MiA from Club ACQUA in Kabukicho? [www(.)host2(.)jp/shop/acqua/mia/index(.)html]

Please read the title of this blog: KANSAI BOYS