anonymous said:

I noticed on host2 that under some of the guys pics it says 指名本数 no.1, 2 or 3 is that in regards to how many customers they currently have? Or how many times that month theyve been shimeid?

It means how many individual customers they had the previous month.

anonymous said:

Who at parallel did you kiss?

Anon, asking me who I kiss isn’t something that I will answer. However, I would say that I don’t think it was anyone from Parellel. My friend and I are still confuse about Parellel and Magic. We looked on their host2 pages and don’t remember any of the guys from Parellel but we remember all the guys from Magic.

anonymous said:

Sooo... I live in Canada and am fluent in Japanese. Is it possible to communicate to your favourite host through LINE? Im so interested in finding out! Even if they don't respond lol. Thanks so much!! i immensely enjoy this blog! keep up the good work!

Yeah! If you have the Line app on your smartphone or even your computer, then you can just add their Line ID and send them a message. Whether they’ll respond or accept your friend request… I don’t know.

But most big time hosts have their Line ID’s listed on their host2 profile.

And thanks a bunch! :D

anonymous said:

Do you have info on souta from APITS and Kyo from APITS?

Yo can I just say I have NEVER seen more photoshopped images on a host2 page in my life? I mean… they look REALLY hot, but god damn that computer imaging.

I don’t know if my hostlove-fu has just dwindled in my time away or what, but it seems like neither of them have personal threads.

On the main thread Souta only pops up sometimes with little things like “I like him” or “He seems nice”. Kyo on the other hand has apparently stolen popularity out of nowhere and has been singing last song (meaning he sold the most that day) almost every day. Seems like he has quite the strong personality though because it’s pretty clearly either people who absolutely love him or people who can’t stand him.

anonymous said:

I sent in a sex story regarding mao from Parallel. He now works at Magic www(.)host2(.)jp/shop/magic/mao/index(.)html

Wow, I just signed into a real computer (I’d been browsing from my phone) and got on gmail and thought, “Shit I’m too late…” but you did me the trouble of sending in his new club. 8D Thank you! I’ll post it now!