Red Band Society - Or how the media is romanticising hospitals

I’ve been looking forward to this show because I thought it looked kind of cool. And right off the gate I see so many similarities to things I’ve already seen it boggled my mind. It looks like a kids version of Nurse Jackie, without the drugs. But whatever…that’s beside the point. Here’s the problem I’m running into.

I lived in a hospital, 2 to 3 weeks out of every other month I was sentenced to a hospital. I grew up knowing the nurses and knowing that there was some vampire that was going to come in, turn the lights on at 5am and make my life miserable. They force you to eat, even if you don’t want to. And there’s no gourmet chefs. They make you work your muscles and push against the wounds. There’s never a nurse that is that awesome. All the doctors are there to be paid but not a one of them makes you want to be friends with them. And that’s just the beginning.

In no hospital, did I ever, get to make my room the way I wanted it. The most I got was balloons, and those came from my dad. There was no cool guy who was a Woodstock performer there to make little quips and throw parties for you. They didn’t let you get out of the bed to go running through the halls and I don’t know a single person that wanted to KEEP their bands. And fyi, they’re only red if you have allergies and you only get one of them. The latex band is yellow, the hospital bands are white. And if you get out, you want them all off. You don’t keep any of them as a souvenir because IF you get to go home, you want to forget that you ever had to be there in the first place.

I’m trying not to get too pissy about this but I am pissed. And I’m hurt. Because this show is going to do to hospitals what media is doing to mental illness. It’s a cute little thing that makes you a better person and you never make the friends outside of a hospital that you do inside of it. You know what?

I made 2 friends, who after we left one another’s rooms, we never spoke again. And somehow I’m okay with that. Because when I look back on it now, the girl was more of a whiner than anyone else I knew. Having cancer, having an eating disorder, being in a coma, being a bitch with no heart and now needing a heart transplant? It’s not cute!

I was burned in a gas explosion when I was 6 months old. Yeah. 6 months. And for the vast majority of my life, I was poked, prodded, skinned and stitched together like some kind of new world Frankenstein’s monster! I have a mini foot and only one breast because the other one burned off. I can’t sweat properly, I have headaches and the weather can be the death of me if it’s too hot or too cold. I can’t see well and I’m only getting blinder. My left side of my body is so fucked up it’s lucky it works at all. I have a wound on my right side that has been open for 13 years because a doctor made a mistake, it used to be a hole the size of a golf ball and 3in deep in my side that oozed and had to be pumped until it was empty after every shower.

When I went to the Shriner’s hospital, I didn’t have any friends. There was no racing around in wheelchairs, and if you were a poor schmuck that had to have their birthday, or Halloween, or Christmas in the hospital, I hope you were prepared to have those days virtually ruined for you. I had a surgery on my birthday, where I lost the feeling in my left leg. Still don’t have it back and that was 20 years ago. Halloween in the hospital meant trick or treating through the OR. Oh yeah…if you didn’t find the operating room panic inducing to begin with, imagine some doctor’s sick joke of putting a bloody body on a slab and making you watch. And this was for kids. Christmas…I’m one of the lucky ones, I never had to experience that but I can venture a guess it was probably pretty miserable too. I pity the kids that had to stay there.

The worst ward, was where they had the babies. I went down there once, babies in a burn hospital…it was like Silent Hill’s hospital scenes, all the nurses were covered by yellow mesh things over their scrubs and they wouldn’t actually touch anyone. There’s no contact in there. When I finally got to the teen section of the hospital, the BEST thing we got was movie night on Fridays. But the only good thing about that was you got out of your room, if you were stuck in your bed, you had to go in the bed. And you didn’t get the chose the movie, or get anything good. I remember the one time I had that, no popcorn, we got ice cream and if you were like me, you got either blue or green jello. And the movie? Dante’s Peak. Yeah…let that one sink in for a moment.

There’s probably psychological scarring on my brain from the kind of shit I had to endure. Nurses aren’t nice and sweet and helpful. Oh sure, there’s the rare one in the bunch, usually they’re the ER nurses, but the real nurses, the ones that come into your room? They don’t give a shit about you. I’ve gotten into fights with nurses who have apparently known more about my body than I have. A few years ago I had to fight with one of them about my legs in braces that were causing more harm than good. This is the same nurse who didn’t want to believe that I couldn’t breathe out of the nose cannula. I have severe scar tissue inside my nose, not just outside. I can’t breathe through my nose. And they gave me a nose cannula. Who’s a fucking moron? Shriners weren’t much better. They will fight with you, they gave me a drug that caused hallucinations that I was screaming all night and wouldn’t sleep and then told my mother that I was probably just doing it for attention. I was watching the god damn walls melt. I have an allergy to morpheine. These are the people who make you sit in your bed and wait and wait and wait until you can barely hold it anymore before helping you go to the bathroom and if you’re like me who says fuck it and gets out of bed to do it yourself, they yell at you.

The ONLY good nurse I EVER had quit working because he was bullied out of his job. He used to bring me a ginger ale and a bowl of chicken noodle soup and sit with me and play cards until I wasn’t feeling sick anymore. But then he just wasn’t there anymore and when I FINALLY got someone to tell me what had happened to him, he quit because he was gay. And was bullied. No one would ever do the soup and ginger ale thing with me again either, I got ice chips. That’s it.

Doctors aren’t much better. When I was 6, a doctor looked right at me and said that because my left leg is twisted around, the best they can do is cut into my skin, break my bones and then realign them but I may never walk again. I cried for days. Later on in life, I had another one look at me and tell me that my cellulitis, with the 101 fever, was Mono. There was a doctor that almost killed my wife, saying for 6 months she had asthma. She had the bird flu. I’ve had doctors that make me cry, broke me down and made me scream and they were just doing their jobs.

And roommates? You’ll never get buddy buddy with your roommate. You’ll be counting the days until they go the fuck home or they’re gone to therapy just so you can sleep.

My life was HELL when I was in the hospital. I never had anyone come see me, I never had celebrities come down and spend time with me - and note I’m not angry that people like Chris Pratt or Chris Evans or Tom Hiddleston or any of those are going to hospitals to spend time with kids, that is awesome, but you know who we got? Tampa’s worst football team. And I don’t have a damn clue what they were actually doing there. I would have loved someone cool, but most of the time, it was clowns doing lame tricks.

This show is entertaining but there’s no way this is inspiring. You won’t find this kind of treatment in a real hospital.


They told us what they were going to do, how they needed to take her into a room to get stitches and Jake asked if we could go with. Well, it was more like demanded that we go with, but they told us we had to stay back.

Oh but they promised, they promised they would take good care of her. They promised she was going to be fine. And they promised they would keep us updated and let us see her as soon as we could.

And then they took her away. 

Linda Vista Community Hospital

Now closed, this hospital acts as a location to film horror themed movies, T.V. shows and music videos. Movies and T.V shows like Buffy, Insidious 2, and Suicide Kings have been filmed here. It has also become the subject of several paranormal investigations.


Abandoned Glenn Dale Hospital - Maryland

Glenn Dale Sanatorium opened in the early 1930’s to help shelter both adult and child tuberculosis patients in the D.C. area. The grounds were equipped with playgrounds, areas for sunbathing (due to the belief that sun exposure could help cure the disease), morgues, and rooms for quarantining patients. 

The hospital operated for nearly 50 years before closing in 1982.

According to one local legend, “The Goatman”, a half-man, half-goat experiment gone wrong roams the woods surrounding the abandoned Glenn Dale at night. 

Other, more gruesome legends say that in the 60’s, doctors locked the doors and left TB patients to die in their rooms due to a massive outbreak. Another claims that in the 1970’s, Glenn Dale was converted into a mental asylum until patients began murdering hospital staff.



There are 10 times as many mentally ill people in prisons than hospitals

A new report from the Treatment Advocacy Center says over 10 times as many mentally ill inmates are languishing in the nation’s prisons as are receiving treatment in American hospitals and mental health facilities. In 2012, a combined 35,000 patients were being treated or held in state psychiatric hospitals. But 356,000 of the mentally ill were in prison or jail. Forty-four of the 50 states, as well as the District of Columbia, have at least one jail that holds more inmates with severe mental illness in a correctional facility than they do in a treatment program.

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Israel launched a 7-hour campaign of intensive bombing of Gaza on Tuesday, destroying its only power plant. Gaza can no longer generate its own electricity. Without electricity, the water purification plants cannot operate and the drinking water ends up being mixed with sewage or salt water. Without electricity, patients on life support in the hospitals just die, even if Israel does not bomb the hospital, as it has in some instances.
on classist bullshit, part 2

Today I went to a new hair salon, where I met a charming beautician who had been in and out of the hair industry for years and years. During a recent out-time she worked housekeeping for the surgical wards at one of the local hospitals. 

She talked to me of the time and the care that it took to make everything clean. About how she hated the smell of MRSA. How it baffled her that not everyone could smell MRSA. Her scissors flew expertly as she detailed who she’d picked out to be her trauma surgeon, who would be her anesthesiologist, who was the best at small things like flu shots and IV access. She talked of who was nice, and who was not, and which wards had the best staff. Beautiful, detailed gossip as befits the barber’s chair. When I asked her why she left the hospital, the top problem on her list was the rampant classism she experienced. 

Despite the fact that this lovely woman was well educated in her field, with decades of experience in making people feel beautiful, despite the fact that she had owned a business prior to working in the hospital, despite the fact that she provided work that makes the hospital useable, people talked down to her. They called her names. They assumed she was stupid because she worked in housekeeping. They were inconsiderate. They pretended she didn’t exist.

You all know my feelings on classism by now, but let me reiterate why what I heard today is and will always be important: She is a human being. She was doing work she enjoyed at the hospital. Elitist dehumanizing techniques were a large part of what made her work so uncomfortable that she left her position. 

We can be the solution to this problem. Treat people as if they’re people, regardless of the position they hold in the workforce or the economy. 

The old 1910 quote starts the conversation we’ve all heard before:

He will show his goodness in the kindly consideration he shows those less favored than himself. It is the way one treats his inferiors more than the way he treats his equals which reveals one’s real character.

                                            -Rev. Charles Bayard Miliken

But the true end of this thought is that we must value people, regardless of their station in this class structure. All people have worth, and this worth is not dependent on the work that they do. 

Foreign Language Syndrome AU:

Character A was in a coma. When Character A comes out of it, they are speaking a different language and Character B is just nodding like they understand but they don’t really know what Character A is saying. Then a few days later Character A starts speaking normally again and doesn’t recall any of it.

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Did new dad capture ghost in photo taken at Coventry University Hospital?
Picture of empty ward shows mysterious figure at the end of long corridor

A spooky figure has been caught on camera in a deserted ward of the city’s main hospital.

David Deakin, 25, from Chapelfields, took this photo at University Hospital, in Walsgrave, at around 11.30pm on Tuesday – and reckons he’s caught a ghostly figure.

He insists he was alone in the corridor on the maternity ward at the time and now believes mysterious forces could be at work.

David, who was at the hospital while his fiancée Jo gave birth, said: “I think the figure is a woman. A ghost maybe, who knows?

“I took the photo in the labour ward main corridor.

“I was alone and the corridor reminded me of a game called ‘Fear 2’ which one level is set in a hospital and a crazy little girl attacks you.

“I looked at the photo an hour later when talking to the midwife and had to get everyone to check.

“Nobody believed me that I was alone but I wasn’t going to take a photo of a stranger in a hospital was I?

“I felt like someone was playing a prank on me and eventually laughed. It was still strangely unsettling.”

[Daniel Smith-COV, Coventry Telegraph]