You only have to climb a rickety ladder, balance yourself on a locker, weasel through a small opening in the ceiling, pull yourself up to crawl on two small boards that lift up if you move on them the wrong way just to see this. 

My girl is the most amazing person I have ever met. I don’t care this accident happened. I’m so happy and I really strive to be a better person cause she only deserves the best.
When she walks into the hospitalroom the entire room lights up and all the pain goes away for a while when I look into her beautiful eyes.
She is only 20 years old but she is taking this so well. This will only make us as a couple a lot stronger❤


by Hype Dragon

Kim Nam Joon sits alone on the roof of an abandoned hospital. This building has been empty for about four years now and stands forgotten. He sits at the edge of the building with his legs dangling off.

“Are you going to jump?”

A voice startles him and he turns to look at a girl approaches him.

“I thought I was alone up here. Where did you come from?”

“Oh, I’ve been here for a while," she replies with a shrug and sits beside the boy.

"What’s your name?" she asks as he watches her sit down.

"Nam Joon,” he replies.

“Nam Joon. That’s a nice name. I’m Ami. Are you from here?”

“No. I’m from Ilsan. I moved here a year ago,” Nam Joon answers looking out over the skyline view of downtown Seoul. The sun has disappeared, but the sky is still pink and blue and red over the horizon and the smog line, contrasting in a really pretty way, with the artificial lights of the skyscrapers.


The two sit in silence for a bit, before his thoughts echo into hers. His over-analysing of past mistakes and near misses, how much he knows he could accomplish if he wasn’t afraid to fail, the concerns he has with being away from his family. All the friends he’s lost since the talent scouts came looking for fresh blood. Now that he’s a trainee, he thinks less of himself.

Everything Nam Joon is worried about climbs inside her mind so suddenly as if he’s telling her out loud. He doesn’t know she can hear him, though. He thinks he is suffering in silence, but he’s all Ami can hear.

A foolish answer to his problems presents itself in her mind with such force that she flinches. He has considered what she had considered at one point and she prays to the powers above her that he doesn’t go through with it.

“Well, it was nice meeting you, Nam Joon. But I’m gonna leave for now," Ami says, standing up very carefully on the roof of a 14 story building.

"Hmm? Oh, see you later,” he says with a nod as she move out of his line of sight.

“Oh, Nam Joon!" Ami calls back to him, her voice echoes out through the building.

He turns around, looking for her, "Yeah?”

He can’t see her anywhere, but thats okay.

“Don’t jump. It’s not worth it. I should know. I did,” her voice reverberates through the foundation and echos out untill it subsides into the air.

He reads in the paper two days later, about Ami as a missing person being found outside that hospital. Earlier, the morning of the day he met her, she had jumped off the spot where he was sitting. If he had looked down, he would have seen her body.

I’m already done with my neighbour. She is Turkish. I’m not a racist. One of my best friends is Turkish.
So I know how they can be and this woman is not different.

I have 30-40 fractures. She has two. She arrived yesterday and she started moaning and crying the entire time. Like she would die. I was sleeping until she started screaming the entire time.
The only time I’m painless is when I sleep.
After that the room started filling up with family. Probably just 1/7. 17 people entered the room at the same time, screaming and shouting in their language. Someone actually tried to sit on my bed and pushed my car away with all my stuff on it. I was trying to sleep but it was impossible with people shouting and crying next to me.
If it happens again today, I’m gonna mention it.
I need a lot of rest to recover…
If it was some Dutch family, I would do the same.


Cheery Robot Helps Kids Cope With Pain During Hospital Procedures

A delightful-looking robot called “MEDi,” or Medicine and Engineering Designing Intelligence, is being used to help make doctor’s visits less painful – literally.

The Alberta Children’s Hospital in Canada purchased four of the MEDi robots earlier this year, CTV News reported. The bionic friends hang out with children in the waiting room and also accompany them during different procedures, according to RxRobots, the group that created MEDi.

See more of this robot in action here.