A little giftart to an amazing friend and artist!!

So felipone helped me out with my darling Minuet’s OTO and as a massive thank you for all her help, I decided to draw this for her! She had told me she was planning an update to Stella’s voice but due to recent events, she is now just on the back burners. Oh well, I still wished to finish this for her. <3

This is a teaser to Stella’s ACT 3 update where I tried to give her a more stellar look. She is the STARloid to me. <3 *giggle* I wanted to make her look very unique as Stella and felipone are my biggest idols. =D  I did the logo myself as usual and made a wee boxart for her to make it official. <3

I kept some colours from Stella’s original look and even used the long boots as well.  The cage skirt is removable is purely for aesthetic.  Well that’s all!! I hope you love this felipone and thank you for everything!! <3

Hoshine Stella © felipone

Art © musicrevu

Finally got the chance to retire Minuet’s ACT 1 VB!


Hey guys, just a couple of new uploads to celebrate Minuet’s newest VB. I wanted to cover -ERROR but couldn’t find a decent UST for it (might make one in the future if I can) and thanks to how much I’ve messed around in UTAU the last 2 weeks, I have some new ideal settings for my darling UTAU.

I had her sing Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu to show she didn’t want to disappear and she didn’t realise she was broken. She cries during her last song and hopes her Master will be happy again upon her disappearance. I was incredibly shocked when I loaded the VSQ for her and she managed to sing part of it considering the song is nearly 240bpm! So began about a week of working with ALOT of swearing. *sobs* I discovered something called Consonant Velocity when I was working on the song and when I typed in a value of 200 for the fast parts, she actually sang the song the way I wanted! I’m so happy with it and it’s the perfect way for me to retire this VB.

Why am I retiring her ACT 1? Honestly? Besides bad memories of when I made her, I felt her quality wasn’t great especially as I used a standard plug in headset and used a reclist that wasn’t that great sadly. Now that I have a brand new mic (me and my boyfriend chipped in on it together), more knowledge and an updated reclist, I am happy with Minuet’s ACT 2 CV to the point I’m planning out VCV appends.

I worked quite hard on the video as it was my first time use After Effects in nearly 3 years! So the glitching parts are deliberate!! XD Don’t worry it’s not your computer!! I used a few tutorials and used a free stock for the static at the end so credit to them!

Art, video, Minuet•Aoi ACT 2, & editing © MusicRevU
VSQ by Azuralunar
VSQ Download - www.mediafire.com/download/0xyy0vv…une_Miku_VSQ.zip
Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu -DEAD END- © cosMo@Bousou-P (cosMo@暴走P)


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Zansatsu/Ousatsu ft. Stella Hoshine - ok

Io venni dallo splendore

   E torno allo splendore.

   Cos'è questo?


—  Hoshin  - 101storiezen