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Tripwire Interactive - Killing Floor 2 - Horzine Biotech Confidential Specimen Footage


(P.S. - It’s coming to Steam’s Early Access according to PCGamer’s interview)


Killing Floor Maps: Aperture

Carrying Science Forward! With the new Aperture Science and Horzine Biotech partnership we can begin new ventures for testing our laboratory experiments! We can learn what the specimens are fully capable of by having them stand on buttons. Buttons that open doors! We can stretch them, smash them, bend them, break them - who knows what we’ll discover!”


Killing Floor Maps: West London

"Less then a month ago, the capital was thriving at the height of the tourism season. No longer. A light breeze carries distant screams and the scent of gasoline fires and rotting flesh. You and your squad have been assigned to this particular quadrant in the west end of the city, with orders to hold off a large number of Specimens reportedly heading east to a survivor enclave. Failure is not an option here."


Killing Floor Maps: Hellride

"Hellride begins near the exit with a mechanical ride, non-operational, that’s facing a bolstering heavenly path with angels, clouds, words on walls, and white-bluish coloring. Eventually, when the players follow the tracks, it will lead to all together a different path. Bats, demons with sadistic weapons, maniacal laughter, geysers of fire, and more dark-reddish path, Hell. Besides the mechanical ride and heaven and hell, there’s storage, operating and break rooms. As well, some shortcuts with stairs and long hallways."


Killing Floor Maps: Hospital Horrors

"The makeshift defences lasted no more than an hour. The lucky ones saved the last bullet for themselves…the unlucky ones were eaten alive. Clones poured out of the Horzine complex onto the streets of London. Situated next door was St. Filths General Hospital. This was no coincidence. Horzine had been secretly farming DNA from patients for the last 18 months. So it’s only natural that the clones wanted to ‘go home’. The handful of people who escaped spoke of a bloodbath and unspeakable horrors. They say the screams still haunt them. The first rescue team went missing after their helicopter crashed trying to land on the roof. Your team is attempting a land based extraction and is tasked to enter St. Filths and extract any survivors you can find. You will rendezvous outside the hospital. Good luck men. It’s now time to witness the horrors that are… Hospital Horror."


Killing Floor Maps: Suburbia

"The United States were keeping their eyes on Europe as it was overtaken by so called Specimens. As word spread that this attack had reached the United States panic set in, people began to board up their homes, businesses and even their dog houses fearing for the worst. Even though the warnings and the horror that devastated London they still weren’t properly equipped for the ensuring battle. The little time they had to set up defenses was not sufficient. The ‘Specimens’ were smart, they avoided the large cities and invaded smaller towns in the Eastern United States one by one. Now it’s up to the six of you to take the suburbs back!"

Only 3 more to go!