Painted wooden cippus showing Horus standing on crocodiles

Possibly from Memphis, Egypt
Late Period, after 600 BC

A cure for bites and stings

cippus was a type of stela that healed and protected against snake bites and scorpion stings. It was thought that water poured over the cippus gained healing properties. This example is surmounted by the head of the household god Bes, who protected the family from malign forces. Cippi typically show the infant Horus standing on crocodiles and holding dangerous animals such as snakes, scorpions and lions in his hands.

According to myth, the infant Harpokrates (Horus the child) was bitten or stung while in hiding with his mother in the marshes of the Delta. The lament of Isis stopped the celestial boat of the sun-god, who was supposed to be protecting the child. Re sent down his messenger Thoth, who cured the child by reciting a long list of spells. He promised that all that he had done for Harpokrates would be done for any human.

The spells first spoken by Thoth were inscribed on stelae to prevent and cure stings and bites, as well as many other complaints. All manner of conditions of unknown origin, such as convulsions, were attributed to poisoning of the blood. These were regarded as an intrusion of the forces of chaos into the ordered world; the spells were an attempt to combat the unknown.

Source: British Museum

  1. Lion El’jonson: The Lion
  3. Fulgrim: The Phoenician
  4. Perturabo: The Lord of Iron
  5. Jaghatai Khan: KHAAAAAAN The Great Khan
  6. Leman Russ: The Wolf King
  7. Rogal Dorn: The Emperor’s Champion
  8. Konrad Curze: The Night Haunter
  9. Sanguinius: Jesus, The Angel
  10. Ferrus Manus: The Gorgon
  13. Roboute Guilliman: The Battle King
  14. Mortarion: The Death Lord
  15. Magnus the Red: The Red Cyclops
  16. Horus Lupercal: Hourse Loops Warmaster
  17. Lorgar Aurelian: The Golden One
  18. Vulkan: The Lord of Drakes
  19. Corvus Corax: The Raven Lord
  20. Alpharius Omegon: them?

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