We are sick of his bullying, death threats and hate mail. He harasses children. Vegans. Nonvegans. EVERYONE who doesn’t subscribe to the same ignorant, intolerant and hateful philosophy that he does.

Please, if you have screenshots, links or proof that shows his blatant harassment of HUNDREDS of users, please contact me. We are rounding up reports to send to Tumblr.

He makes the entire Tumblr community unsafe. Please screenshot EVERYTHING you can, in case it gets deleted. 

“It makes everything a little more playful instead of just pressure,” Laura Graves said of her top five (!!!!) finish in today’s Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games Grand Prix freestyle. “When you’re at the bottom, and I feel like I’ve been at the bottom for a long time, there’s no pressure because no one expects you to do well. There’s nowhere to go but up.” 

source: https://www.facebook.com/chronofhorse/photos/a.150506730313.235823.82392280313/10154767181150314/?type=1&theater


3 minis - $250 each (West Liberty, KY) X

here are three minis for sale by someone who doesn’t sound like they know anything about horses at all. the seller says they purchased them about a year ago as pets. the two grays are mares and the silver dapple is either a gelding or a stallion, the seller doesn’t know. how do you have a horse for a year and not know if it’s a stallion or not? apparently the previous owner thought he was a gelding but wasn’t sure either? like wtf? anyway the seller says he acts like a stud but that could just be lack of proper training or something. seriously how hard is it to check if he has balls or not?

the lighter gray mare is about 30” and 4 years old. from what I can tell she has decent conformation. the darker gray filly is a yearling and the 4 year old’s foal, which is somewhat alarming because that would mean the older mare would have been only 2 when bred and 3 when she gave birth.

the filly is about 28” and is pretty badly toed-out in the front, possible sickle hocked in the back and a bit butt high, but she might grow out of that. the forelegs will have to be looked at but I’m not sure if they can be fixed.

the silver dapple is beautiful and from what I can tell has nice conformation. he’s about 32” and probably 2 years old. if he is a stud he’ll need to be gelded but he could be a jumper or a driving horse. all of them have the potential to be therapy animals, perhaps the dapple less so. 

they look like nice horses, someone save them from the stupid!