50x80 cm, watercolor and acrylics.
This is the final result of the amazing reference I have of Gabriela Danasova https://www.facebook.com/pages/Equine-Photography/1375623076057930?fref=ts
Thank you so much Gabriela! <3

Now I want to get serious for a moment. This horse you see here is called “Navarre” and is a great Canadian Horse. Yes, that breed exists! But unfortunately is endangered. They all got sold to the USA for the civil war and since that the number of this horses has never gotten up again! And now days people do not breed them anymore cause MOST people want sport horses :c They are amazing and spectacular horses. What we need to do is start admired for the beauty of horses instead of looking for muscles and we all can discover incredible breed of horses in this world :D
Have a really wonderfull day! The summer is near <3 Here in Spain makes a terrible heat, I hope your summer be cooler :D