Hi everyone! 

Right now I have 827 followers (thank you so much to everyone of you! ♥ ) so I think it’s the time to REVEAL my little SECRET: When I hit 1000 followers I’ll do a CONTEST for one HORSE PAINTING and a PRINT of a painting of mine (“Wind Whisperer”, “White Storm”, “Mighty”…) to choose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And like the painting will be for one of you I want you to tell me which is your favorite of the four horses that I show you here. You can tell me in this post or ask or DM. You need to tell me with these “codenames” to not mess me up please:

-”Hafliger Love” for the first one.

-”White horse” for the second

-”Spirit” haha for the third 

-And “Frisian” for the last horse.

Choose well because I will count the votes and the winner horse will be the choosen for go to the home of one of you in the BIGHORSE PORTRAIT CONTEST.

The drawing will be at a size of 20x30 cm (7,6” x 11,8") and the shipping of the portrait will be international and FREE so I want everyone to participate in the choose of the horse for the contest!

I made some calculations and in less than a month I will can reach 1000. You will have three weeks to vote the horse that you like and I will tell you wich will be the winner :)

(This is NOT the BIG CONTEST, this is to choose a horse FOR the contest. I will say the bases of the contest when I reach 1000 followers :D)

Thank you and tell me what horse you like the most! Kisses!  ♥