These are things we found cleaning out our storage unit yesterday which inspired us to announce:

The Tin Can Brothers Spring Cleaning Livestream Extreme
THIS Saturday, March 28, 2015 @ 12PM PDT. 

We’ll remind you of ALL THE THINGS that got swept under the rug, give you some updates, vacuum the carpet, answer some questions, dust the bookshelf, do some live commentary on Spilled Milk Parts 1, 2, & 3, polish the silver, and perhaps speculate on what’s to come in Part 4. Grab a mop and join us!


I think it’s the time to post my entire life drawing horses. I like horses since I have memory and I think them are the most beautiful creatures in Earth. I’m 19 years old (For silly people: of course that in all these years I’ve been drawing other things like people, dogs, food (yes, food), but horses for me always have something special)

Well, let’s go with an analysis of the photos:

First picture: me with 4-5-6 years old. omg that horse is scary (and not to mention the typical yellow sun in the corner hahaha) It reminds me the diary of a little girl who had a terrible ghost like imaginary friend.

Second picture: me with 6-8 years old. Look at that sassy horse. It’s seems like that typical preppy blonde girl in your high school.

Third photo: me with 8-11? years old. I loved Spirit and I wanted to tune it.

Fourth and Fifth picture : When I was 12-16 years old I just drawing with pencil. I think I was three or five years drawing with pencil. I loved the pencils. FINALLY here is the beginning to horses with high level. I don’t  know about you but I’m still scared of the first horse hahaha

Sixth and Seventh picture : My first time with watercolors. It was hard put aside the pencil because I had spent much time drawing only on grayscale and start with the color it’s really bothered me. But with patience and effort (and a few horses thrown in the trash) I managed to get to the Eighth and Ninth picture. 

The only advice I can give you is if you want to dedicate to this you need patience. A LOT. How you see, this takes years of experience and development. My horses have evolved as pokemon because I have not lost confidence in myself. I think this is a clear example that if you want something strongly, finally it’s get amazing results. I hope you liked it! ♥

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i love these kinds of facial markings — for some reason it always makes me think of a tortured villain?

Image from @simoneythepony- Whip proponents argue that horses are much larger animals and have thicker skin and a higher pain tolerance. There is nothing to support this claim. In fact, horses can feel even a single fly landing on their skin as evidenced by the characteristic shake called the “manniculus reflex.” It is rather naïve to assume being beaten repeatedly with a blunt object is a pain free experience. Find out more at