signs as memes
  • aries:rare pepe leak
  • taurus:horse e-books
  • gemini:dril
  • cancer:tfw no gf
  • scorpio:sausage song
  • pisces:sure jan
  • aquarius:Buy my silence. Permanently.
  • capricorn:the american educational system
  • leo:shitpost generator
  • cancer:white people
  • virgo:racists getting fired
  • libra:meninism

how is shitpostgenerator not just a person. didn’t this already happen with horse ebooks except horse ebooks was actually kind of funny

rejected bdb titles
  1. These Men All Bought Ceramic Jars. What Happens Next Will Amaze You
  2. The Guy With The Dragon Tattoo
  3. there’s not even anything to joke about, you’re literally gonna vomit, sorry
  5. Crazy but True? One Glove’s Incredible Secret, True?
  6. Captain Save-A-Ho Escapes the Phriendzone
  7. Jane Eyre
  8. Jane Eyre II: Mrs. Fairfax is Jacked, Son. Holy Shit
  9. Horse_ebooks
  10. After This Book, I’d Also Retreat Into The Wilderness to Die
  11. If I’m Totally Straight, and You’re Totally Straight, then Who’s the Gay Protagonist Flying the Plane?
  12. Wrath Thermopolis, President of Genovia
  13. *flicking lights on and off* Welcome to hell! Welcome to hell!

at one en dof the weezer spectrum you have one simple acoustic line playing in the background while rivers cuomo reads classical poetry with no other instrumentation except the sound of his own tears (butterfly) and on the other end you have rivers and brian and scott simultaneously screaming horse_ebooks tweets over three minutes of guitar hero hardmode (dope nose)

look me in the eye adn try tell me that this is not what franziska would do on twitter she probably followed horse ebooks and was very confused about the lack of actual horses

did anyone ever end up giving a shit about the weird arg thing that horse_ebooks and PronunciationManual ended up being