wowe @horse_ebooks was anounced to been controled by a human, jacob bakkila, since 2011 (he didn’t create the original acount, but took it over), and today it ends. more info here

ive said multple time that @horse_ebooks is my favorite contemporary poet, it did somthing very exciting with language, and released that language in a way that reached hundreds of thousands of people to make them laugh and smile. and it just kept going for so long, while everybody is saying various things about it, it just keeps on doing its WORK, keeps on puting out language that makes ppl laugh.. for years, every day !!! i apreciate that focus/ethic so much.. r.i.p. horse ebooks, maybe this means there can be a book collecting all the tweets now. as a poet i wil alway fight for @horse_ebooks's place in the canon of literture, one of the first great examples of internet poetry, inspration for many to folow

view a colection (not nearly comprehensive) of my favorite horse ebooks tweets

addendum: there is a lot to thinkn about in these anouncements, about how much credit is given to whom for this project. some articles make it sound like it was bakkila’s genius creation from the beginning, which i dont think is fair. it was already delighting a core fanbase before he took over. anyway i dont want to focus too much on that controversy, but insted celebrate what @horse_ebooks was to me and to thousands of others: a surprising, inspireing, prolific source of humor and beauty. thank u horse ebook !!!!!!