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Artist Sandy Cramer of Knot Just Rope in Rockbridge, Ohio, spent 2.5 hours with water-based white paint, a brush, and a Vet Tech anatomy book as a reference in order to transform her horse Raven into the awesome Skeleton Horse you see here. If you visit Sandy’s Knot Just Rope shop in Rockbridge, you might get the meet Raven in person.

Click here to learn more about the making of the Skeleton Horse.

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Gillian Higgins is a champion horseback rider who teaches horse anatomy to veterinary students, riders, and caretakers by painting the skeletal and muscular systems on the bodies of live horses. She uses water-based hypoallergenic paints and spends up to 4 hours painting a single horse.

“Painting the skeleton and musculature on the side of the horse really helps to bring the subject to life, she told the Daily Mail. “You can discover how to get the best out of your horse by seeing exactly what happens as it moves.”

The English horse-ring champion and sports remedial therapist got the idea for “Horses Inside Out” back in 2006 after completing a degree in equine business management. She understood why many riders and trainers were struggling to learn all those bones and muscles with incredibly long names, and started thinking about a way to better make them understand how the horse works.

Head over to Oddity Central  to learn more about Gillian’s awesome teaching program.

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anonymous asked:

How many horse skeletons could you buy for $17000?

For 17,000 dollars, you could theoretically buy 11 horse skeletons, but they wouldn’t be degreased or whitened and would probably be kinda gross if you didn’t know how to do that yourself.  You could buy 5 finished horse skeletons instead. [x]