Day 15- Put your iPod on shuffle: First 10 songs that play

1) Jet - are you going to be my girl

2) Jack Johnson - banana pancakes 

3) Municipal Waste - horny for blood

4) Frank Sinatra - New York

5) Imelda May - All for you

6) Metallica - one 

7) Avril Lavigne - i love you

8) McFly - point of view

9) Wham!- Club Toropicana 

10) Blondie - call me

im not lying when i say my music taste is tragic 

Day 12- How you found out about tumblr and why you made one

FACEBOOK … its how the world finds anything, folk were always posting things from here and i kinda went oh that seems like a good wee idea i want to do that … also it was another way to stalk mcfly, their my guilty pleasure ill always love xD

Day 11- Another picture of you and your friends 

so i know i dont look super cheery in this, infact none of us really do, but we were having a rather good conversation this lunchtime 

this is me with a snippet of the small ‘guys group’ in my class.

these 3 guys are all lovely and i dont think my college days would be the same without them.

theres me leaning on my dearest clement … its something i enjoy doing he is the best person you can lay onand i do at times catch myself drifting to sleep cos hes so cosy, i love how he is able to tolerate me, how he makes me feel, how he lets me be me yet dont take my shit he is just an epic guy 

robert in the white hat … hes a nut, talks shite and listens to my syco babble without judging me we honestly can talk about anything

and then finally theres richard … hes a total tit but hes epic for the fact he refuses to take my shit, he just takes the piss and tells me to shut up

Day 10- Songs you listen to when you are Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad

see i dont really have certain songs i listen too, i have too large of a music base for that … i love almost all music 

when i happy i can listen to almost anything really im easy to please and i like to just get my groove on  

when im sad i like to listen to things that make me think of folk who make me happy or good times … songs my dearest has sent me are a favourite though right now  

when im bored i just get folk to send me music or work my way through 80’s pop because its epicly entertaining 

when im hyper i listen to anything at all, even music i cant normally stand i will still jump about to what ever it may be 

when im mad i like angry music, some thrash or heavy metal can never fail it always gets my aggression out and sets me for some chill time 

but as i said i really do love almost all music xD