First private shoot photo from my Boxman cosplay from The Evil Within at PAX Prime 2014 this last weekend!

Boxman [The Evil Within / Psychobreak]
Cosplay by Inuki [FB | TUMBLR | COSPLAY ]
Photographer: Michael Devin Greenman

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Name: Feytaline
Birthday: 18 November (Scorpio!)
Gender: cis female
Sexuality: hmm, bi/panromantic, 85% het? I don’t really think about it much since I’m in a committed relationship I guess
Height: 5’4” but I feel shorter ;~;
Time Zone: EST but honestly my schedule is super messed up
Time and Date Where You Are: Friday, September 5, 7:03 AM
Average Hours of Sleep: ideally 8, reality 3-4 or 20 depending on my insomnia and how ill I am that day
OTP’s: Hisalisa, Junepei, Lunadio (DONT EVEN LOOK AT ME IT’S KIICHU’S FAULT!!! IT’S NOT MY FAULT!!!) destiel (fuck you cw and your goddamn effective queerbaiting tactics, fuck you hard), hinanami, kanji x naoto, naegiri, locke x celes (HATERS GON HATE) mei x koichi, me x pumpkin spice lattes, what do you mean you’re only supposed to have one
Last Thing I Googled: weather (wow I’m boring)
First Word That Comes to Mind: biscuits
Last Thing Said to a Family Member: when ya visiting
A Place That Makes You Happy and Why: THE KALAHARI in Ohio omfg best place ever
How Many Blankets Do You Sleep Under: sheet + comforter (this is a weird question lol) 
Favorite Beverage: pumpkin spice latte, black tea (milk x sugar because I’m a heretic)
Last Movie Seen In The Cinema: Um… gosh it’s been a long time… maybe Thor: The Dark World
Advice For My Followers:  Don’t give in to the temptation to publicly mock, disrespect, or belittle those you disagree with no matter who is encouraging it. Be aware of how others’ reactions affect you, and don’t let them dictate who you are. Learn to recognize when you are being rewarded for negative behavior, and get out of that situation. Especially relevant for tumblr. I used to—and can still be—an extremely negative and cruel person, and it makes me absolutely miserable. I absolutely regret every single instance I’ve been impatient and unkind to someone else, no matter how much of an asshole they were. I want to do better.

My Blogs: feytaplaysgames (silly gaming stuff, almost entirely original content!) feytaline (my cosplay) cosplayisforfun (positive, humorous cosplay) horrorcosplay (what it says on the tin—I DESPERATELY need another mod!) and I’m a moderator at the awesome fuckyeahnightmares , which is a place for people to share their encounters with the paranormal

Oh man I have no idea who to tag, I know some people dislike it but I really love learning about my followers!

In honor of National #Ghostbusters Day, my #ThrowBackThurday is when I met the #BoysInGrey in #Salem on #October 6, #2012! They were very sweet!! 💚👻💚 #GB30 #TBT #Autumn #autumnal #Halloween #WitchCity #horrorgeek #horrorhunks #ZombieWalk #horrorcosplay #TerrorVerse #OctoberDreams #TheOctoberCountry (at The Terrorverse)