The signs in a horror movie

Aries: The person that separates from the group and dies.

Taurus: The main protagonist trying to find the killer to get revenge.

Gemini: The restless person trying to cheer everyone up.

Cancer: The person crying in the corner who’s being cheered up by Gemini.

Leo: The loyal pretentious person that runs away when confronted with the killer.

Virgo: The skeptical hipster doubting all the plans to live, eventually dies.

Libra: The person that cares to much about them self to save anyone and dies.

Scorpio: the person making make-shift weapons, ends up killing someone and blames it on the murderer.

Sagittarius: The person internally freaking out and convincing themselves that they cant die.

Capricorn: The person getting shit done!

Aquarius: The murderer.

Pisces: The other person crying in the corner, shocked and broken by the situation.