the signs partying at the disco
  • aries:it depends on their ages. lambs are usually uncontrollable and have a lot of fun playing jokes on everyone. young rams are mature and may look kinda shy, and end up facepalming all night long. but it's just a phase, because older rams are those known as actual aries: they are the centre of the attention and, probably, the dj or the owner of the disco
  • taurus:brings some more food and drinks and for this reason receives a lot of gifts during the party, especially flowers. they have a very good sense of smell and immediatey notice if someone gets sick or something's going wrong, in both cases they leave the party at the speed of light
  • gemini:always shows up with someone because they're never alone. they usually wear sober clothes BUT are always up for a striptease, and get really irritated if people ignore them. they may occasionally make a scene and, when they get back to their old self (usually years after), always call their friends crying to apologise
  • cancer:enters the nightclub already drunk while singing and dancing. people try to avoid them but cancer, being clingy, insist until they get into an useless fight with someone. they run the risk of being robbed of everything (clothes included), but since they know it (because they've already experienced it) they get away before this happens. coming back home, they comprehend that the road to hell is paved with good intentions (but they always forget)
  • leo:during a party leo usually loses their common sense and becomes a wild animal. it's not rare to see them higher than a kite with red eyes while punching the wall a/o getting into fights. the only way for them to recover is doing something really bad and regretting it forever
  • virgo:doesn't really like the confusion and wears earplugs. their favourite thing to do is asking people if they lost their hearing and, if they ask "can you repeat please?", virgo is incredibly pleased. despite this, once they are on the dance floor they have no limits and will go wild
  • libra:here you have the soul of the party. while aries is the "material" leader, libra is the "spiritual" one, in the sense everybody looks up to them because of some shit they did in the past (usually winning a drinking contest, and aries may be involved as well). they are a sort of guru that everybody loves. libra usually thanks their faithful pupils with a striptease
  • scorpio:walks in thinking everybody is waiting for them and is usually in a guest list, so their entry will be a public event. being very suspicious, they control the situation while sitting in the reserved zone of the nightclub and go dancing only when shit gets real and their presence is needed
  • sagittarius:enjoys the party so much and whatever happens they die laughing. they have the special ability of annoying the most dangerous people in the club but also the rare talent of escaping from problems. at least during the party. because their hangover consists of waking up in the middle of an archaeological site with a baby in their arms
  • capricorn:often makes a gorgeous and dignified entrance, but more often ends up being overshadowed by attention-seekers like gemini or aquarius. they don't mind and act decorously, unless they see something gross/unacceptable. in this case capricorn totally loses their shit and starts twitching, screaming, running everywhere until the bouncer drags them away
  • aquarius:shows up wearing 80s clothing and claims to be the master of the dance. they dance and drink all night long (embarrassing their friends probably) until they decide to challenge someone for the ultimate dance master title. whether they win or not, they end up crying in the toilet. also, aquarius likes making prank calls to their mum at 5 am saying they're locked in a cold storage when in fact they're still crying in the toilet
  • pisces:never gets unnoticed for two reasons. they stand out because they're beautiful and charming. sadly, they also know infinite ways to bother people. they run the risk of being defenestrated so they've developed, like taurus, cancer and sagittarius, the ability of escaping from problems by going out in a blaze of glory before the party is over

I can’t draw anything serious lately cause I end up just getting more depressed. 

SO I decided to sketch some ideas for some keychains for my older brothers and I. I’ve wanted to draw something cute of this for a while or do some serious portraits but never got around to it. But my brother Stephen is coming home tomorrow and I haven’t seen him since New Year cause he lives across the country SO I’M STOKED *3*)/

It’s us with our horoscopes n zodiacs, and the time of day we’re born. 

Me: Scorpio and Monkey born in the morning (1992)

Stephen: Leo and Horse born in the afternoon (1990)

David: Pisces and Dragon born at night (1988)

I messaged my brother about tomorrow n this was his response n mine


this is what i sent him