Now that the author/artist match-ups for the DCBB have been revealed, I think I’m free to say what my DCBB fic is about! In case anyone wants to know.  It’s called The Deep Blue Void, and here’s a synopsis:

In 1801, Lieutenant Castiel Milton begins an assignment on the HMS Renown. He is delighted to serve under Captain Lucas Fallon, a legendary war hero. But he soon learns that Captain Fallon is a capricious man, a warped version of what he once was. Loath as Castiel is to violate the naval code, he soon finds himself with a difficult choice—support the captain and sink, or act against the captain and swim. He must decide soon, before the scheduled attack on the Spanish in Samana Bay. What happens will forever alter the lives of everyone on board, including three of the ship’s lieutenants: Dean Winchester, Sam Wesson, and Castiel himself.

This fic is quite heavily based on two films in the Horatio Hornblower miniseries, Mutiny and Retribution.

Notes: All the characters are from SPN, so no familiarity with Horatio Hornblower will be required to follow the fic. Dean and Sam have different last names because they’re cousins.

I’m excited! But also nervous. I’m afraid few people will read it, let alone enjoy it.


If fandom takes their ships more seriously than the navy, then the Age of Sail fandom takes their ships most seriously of all.


You three…  You are so full of yourselves, and of each other.