horanwith1d submitted:

ship please?(:

1. Australia or London

2. three

3. Hunger Games

4. singer/songwriter

5. umm… turtle or cheetah

6. one direction of coarse, they just accomplished so much and i can only wish to be as amazing as them. and they also made a huge impact on my life.

7. don’t really have one.. but probably a red jeep

8. my wedding would be simple but romantic. it would be at the beach or outside. my friends and family would all be there supporting us.

9. physical: i have no clue.. probably my smile or hair.. you tell me. personality wise: i’m pretty fun and somewhat childish.. and also i try my hardest not to let anyone down

10. how they are so down to earth and realistic. to me, they are still the teenage boys on the stairs. and also, like i said before, they changed my life for the best! xx

it was a complete tie between niall and harry, but in the end had to go with:


wait so i just realized his name is in your url, i promise thats not why i picked him haha!

Hi Adrienne, you’re gorgeous! I ship you with Hazza :) 


Why? Your personality would go along so well with Harry’s! You described yourself as fun, crazy, loud, and cheeky; all of which are qualities Harry has. You’re also a social person, just like he is! You also love music and singing, which Haz can obviously relate to :)

ship me please? my names Adrienne and I’m 16! i love to sing and play volleyball! I love to be around people lol thanks! xx


Omg. You’re so pretty :) x

Adrienne Malik.


Best friend: Niall Horan 

And you two meet while you’re with your friend at a tattoo parlor. Zayn comes in to get some new ink, sees you there, and forgets all about the tattoo. :)