horanlovesus asked:

*Walks out of the school and starts to walk home* *It starts to rain* *Sighs and covers my chest up, knowing my shirt is becoming see through* *Gets home eventually and walks upstairs* *Changes into a tanktop and a pair of your boxers* *Grabs phone and texts you* Hey look... I'm sorry about earlier... -Jojo

*texts back* don’t apologise. You just have to pay later ;)- Zayn


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1. Favorite music artist? Oh lord. Um… Probably Mayday Parade or Sleeping with sirens lol

2. Last thing you ate? Chocolate

3. Least favorite subject? Math for sure

4. Niam or Larry? Obviously Niam because we aren’t talking about it

5. One thing you regret not doing? Telling the person I was with I loved them Dx

6. Something you wish you could do over? My entire life lol

7. Favorite blog? That’s a secret

8. Tumblr or Twitter? Tumblr because less ratchet bitches

9. Cake or brownies? Both. Always both

10. If you could spend the day with ONE 1D member, who and why? You all expect me to say louis but you’re wrong! Lol I’d spend it with Niall just to have eating contests

Nadia’s(emawtson) questions:

Do you like yogurt? I love yogurt

Favorite place to go? Spain

Favorite hair style? Fringes are hot.

Favorite thing to wear? My red skinny jeans because they make my ass look great

Favorite thing about yourself? Lol nothing

Least favorite thing about yourself? Everything

Are you popular in school? Lol I was in high school. Not so much now

Are you nice or rude? I’m a bit of both

How many best friends do you have? Erhm.. Five? Not sure xD

Morning person or night? I’m nocturnal 

What makes you like a guy? If he has big….. heart

(mllngars) questions;

1. what’s your favorite pant style? Jeggins are the shit

2. do you like guys in polos or bro tanks? polos for sure.

3. if you could get it on with only one person in the world, who would it be? Louis because we’d just have sex all day

4. skinny dipping or streaking? I’ve done both and I say streaking

5. vintage edits or collages? Vintage.

6. full length mirrors or vanities? Vanities

7. Antarctica or Egypt? Egypt

8. Cats or dogs? dogs

9. sunburn or papercut?.Paper cuts/

10. do you honestly enjoy my questions? They were quite entertaining xD

My (Cuppyfeels) questions:

If you would get away with it would you murder someone? Absolutely

Hot tub or shower? shower. Shower sex

Blazers or bomberjackets? Blazers

Do believe that you have a good fashion sense? Lol I like to think so.

List five songs that describe you=  Bullet with Butterfly wings- Smashing Pumpkins, Weightless- All Time Low, King for a Day- Pierce the Veil,All Signs Point to Lauderdale- A Day To Remember, Reckless and Relentless- Asking Alexandria

Garden or house decor? Garden

Carpet or no carpets? No carpets

Favorite accents? British or Australian 

Cellphone or computer? Computer

Lucky number? 17

(maci’s questions)

1. Favorite ship that most people don’t ship: Lilo. I have no idea why nobody ships this but I swear its perf

2. Other fandoms: Dr. Who, Supernatural, Big Time Rush, 

3. Austrailian Accent or Irish Accent? Irish

4. 5 cities to visit before you die: Barcelona, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Venice, Rome

5. Jeans or Sweats? Sweats

6. Winter or Summer Fashion? Summer

7. Blondes or Brunettes (on crushes) Brunettes

8. Guys or girls (as friends) Guys. Less ratchet and basicness

9. First thing you notice about a person? (be honest) Eyes and Smile

10. Do you believe in love at first sight and/or soul mates? I used to.

Kiana’s questions

1. Favorite 1d Song

2. Android or Apple

3. Do the carpets match the drapes?

4. One thing you wish you could take back

5. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

6. Your OTP

7. Least favorite ship

8. Do you liek mudkips

9. Favorite childhood tv show

10. What’s the one thing you regret most?

horanlovesus asked:

*Nods* I thought you would have figured it out by now that I like being dominated.. *Bites my lip* But.. I mean have it in our relationship.. Not just the sex.. *Gets off the bed and walks behind you slowly* *Whispers in your ear* think of all the fun you can have with me... -Jojo

*smirks wider* I can just imagine. -Zayn

horanlovesus asked:

*Texts you back* You obviously know I do ;) *Sets phone down and takes off all of my clothes* *Grabs the kitten eats and puts them on, drawing whiskers onto my cheeks* *Fixes my hair and grabs one of the toys with a tail on the end* *Carefully slides one of the smaller butt plugs in and winces a little* *Texts you* Why do you have butt plugs.. Babe.. -Jojo

*chuckles* experimenting babe- Zayn

horanlovesus asked:

(FINE) *Opens it and gasps* *Texts you back* Zayn! This is so much.. Why do you have this? *Pulls out several dildos* *Pulls out some vibrators* *Takes out handcuffs and lingerè* *looks down more and sees a headband with kitty eats on it and a (idek) dildo and butt plug with fake cat tails on the end* *Texts you again* Zayn...? Why do you have a butt plug....? -Jojo

*chuckles and texts* Experiments- Zayn