promisedthegallows-deactivated2 said:

Blue, English, Kiss, Love, Oops, Picture, Teacher & Zoo (:

so many things to answer… Jk thanks for the ask

Blue: It depends really. Sometimes it’s something like “That’s What You Get” By Paramore or something by Nightwish. It could even be Savage Garden (Especially “Crash and Burn”)

English: I can speak English (obviously) and a bit of Spanish. Lots of love to my friends Zoi and Stasia for helping me with that.

Kiss: It’s a toss up between Carlos Pena from Big Time Rush because he’s just so adorable and energetic and Dylan O’Brien from Teen Wolf because he’s just sso funny and i love his facial expressions. I think arguing with him would be hilarious because of some of his facial expressions as Stiles.

Love: I DO believe in marriage. But my Pagan beliefs also want me to have a Handfasting ceremony. Nothing against the church i just don’t like organized religion. But I digress, Marriage is something i believe in.

Oops: I like having the experiences i’ve had. Although as far as changing something i’d probably change the fact that my right eye is like squinted normally. Not majorly but it’s closed a bit more than the other one. You can really tell in the picture i’m about to post.

Picture: Here is my face: 

Teacher: I want to be an Author. I love writing and i’ve been working on a story for a while now. It’s one of the few things i’m really proud of in my life. I love my characters and i want to share their adventure with the world :)

Zoo: Favorite Animal: I would have to say, Owls. They’re great. Idk why but i’ve always liked them. It might have something to do with Athena being the goddess of wisdom and them being her animal but Owls are just amazing.

hor1zons said: Good answers! I love that you like owls too! And cute picture (:

(I apparently fail with replies.) Thanks. Owls are just amazing. I’ve always liked them. Thank you, I usually take awful pictures. That’s one of my better ones.